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Computer Science and Engineering is a course which has always been in high demand because of the opportunities they provide in the market, both in India and abroad. Considering this, the number of people who opt for Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering is increasing day by day. It is a 3-4 year long professional course which can be pursued after class 10+2 level of education in the Science stream. While most institutes ask for a minimum score of 50%, it can also increase to more than 60% for some government colleges. Also, ITI qualified professionals have the advantage of pursuing Diploma going directly into the second year of institute.

Top Institutes providing Diploma in Computer Engineering

While the average tuition fee charged in India ranges from INR 10,000 to 5 Lacs for three years, most institutes abroad may cost anywhere between 4 Lacs to 9 Lacs for the first year, excluding the other expenses.

The technical course offers candidates with Engineering, Computing, Mathematical techniques, English communication, and Science.

Computer Science is thus an interdisciplinary field considering how it incorporates important and diversified subjects and the requirement of professionals in fields ranging from Science, Medicine, Music, Art, Business, Law and Administration.

Jobs to the professionals depend on the capacities of the individuals, and hence they are employed in positions like Computer Engineering, Project Assistance, Senior Technical Assistant, Technical Staff, Network Engineers, Computer Hardware Engineering, Quality Control Engineer, etc.

The annual salary of the professionals in India ranges from anywhere between INR 3 lacs to 20 lacs, which increases according to the experience of the professional and skillset.

What is the Diploma in Computer Engineering all about?

The basic subjects that students enrolled in the course include Engineering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Fuzzy Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, VLSI, etc.

This course includes subjects like Data Structure, Digital Logic, Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithms, Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, Web Technologies.

What is the syllabus and Course Description of Diploma in Computer Engineering?

Semester ISemester II
Applied Mathematics IApplied Mathematics II
Applied PhysicsApplied Physics II
Applied ScienceEnglish Communication
Applied Physics LabApplied Physics II Lab
Introduction to computer conceptsProgramming with C Lab
Basic electronics labMultimedia Lab
Basic computer skills labDigital Electronics
Semester IIISemester IV
Data Structures with CDatabase Management System
Data Structures LabSoftware Engineering
Computer OrganizationLinux Lab
Lab on Web DesigningDatabase Management System Lab
PC Hardware and Networking labOOP with C++
Graphic User Interface LabOOP with C++ Lab
Computer NetworksOperating System
Semester VSemester VI
Critical Appraisal Skills ProgrammeNetwork Security and Management
Programming with JAVASoftware Testing
Web ProgrammingSoftware Testing Lab
Web Programming LabNetwork Security Lab
Basic Management of Constitution around the worldMobile Computing
Programming with JAVA LabMini Project II
Mini ProjectMajor Project

Following colleges provide for Certificate of Diploma of Computers in Computer Science & Engineering in the UK

  1. Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool, UK: The course is a three-year course which is aimed at providing with high-quality graduates to the field and hence pursue secondary teaching in later parts of the career. The course is aimed at providing Computer Science programming with Information, Education, Technology, and Communication is the focus area. The course fully integrates Initial Professional Development along with subject-specific pedagogy and learning focused on schools that will help students and teachers to apply their theoretical knowledge into the field work.
  2. Tuition Rs 9.55 Lakhs
    Other+ Rs 6.66 Lakhs
  3. 1st-year total fees= Rs 16.51 Lakhs

Entry Requirements

IELTS: 6.5

PTS: 51

2. Newcastle College, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: The college provides for a one and a half year long Diploma honors in Applied Computing. The subjects incorporated in the course allows the students to be able to choose from a range of modules which allows them to specialize in the area of general computing, networking, programming areas and so on.

Fees and Expenses :

  • Tuition Rs 8.12 Lakhs
    Other + Rs 3.94 Lakhs
  • 1st-year total fees= Rs 12.06 Lakhs

Entry Requirements

IELTS: 6.5

3. Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, London, UK

In this college, the students can opt for Level 5 HND Diploma Computing and Systems Development which is a one year Bachelors in Diploma Level course. The program will help students gaining a wide range of skills from management to technological skills. The program is highly beneficial for a range of career prospects ranging from IT sector to designing information system and management.

Tuition Rs 5.41 Lakhs

Entry Requirements

IELTS: 5.5

4.  Uxbridge College, Middlesex, UK

The college provides you with a Diploma in Computing and Systems Development which is a 1-2 year long Bachelor’s in Diploma level program.

  • The course is meant for those students who wish to gain and develop high-end technical competence for careers in database management, software skills, system analysis, network engineering, database analysis, technical support, business management, and software engineering.
  • The following are the mandatory units in the course :
    • Computer Systems
    • Business Skills for electronic-commerce
    • Professional Development and Employability.
    • Designing and Implementation, Evaluation of Products.

Who can opt?

The following candidates are eligible to apply for the course :

  • Who has a sound knowledge of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering related to real-world problems?
  • Have a generalized perspective to be able to review the organization that they will holistically be part of.
  • Who has good technical knowledge about functional business skills?

Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering: Career Prospects

Professionals in Computer Science and Engineering are employed in the following sector :

  • Database management
  • Embedded Systems
  • IT and Multimedia
  • Computer Hardware & Software Implementation
  • System Testing
  • Software Design
  • Gaming
  • Web Designing.
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Graphics Animation
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming

Computer Science Engineers are responsible for:

  • handling software equipment
  • Making effective use of modern engineering tools.
  • I am designing gainful techniques for engineering practices.
  • I am working with a variety of technical and software applications.

Such Computer Engineers are hired across IT organizations for job roles such as:

  • Software design development.
  • Manufacturing of software systems
  • Assembling and maintaining software systems.
  • Web development and programming.
  • Specialization in E- commerce
  • Telecommunication and  Aerospace maintenance.
  • PC production, networking, and equipment system designing/development

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