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Best Jobs after MBA in Canada

Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Tue, November 16, 2021 10:55 AM   Updated on Fri, August 26, 2022 9:03 AM   9 mins read
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Canada is a North American nation and the world’s second-largest country. Canada has a booming job market for MBA experts and provides world-class business education. At the same time, the country is well regarded for the world-class business education provided. Due to the country’s immigrant-friendly policies and comparatively lower college tuition has become a favourite study abroad location. The presence of excellent MBA-related opportunities in the country is one of the key reasons for Canada’s popularity amongst many MBA programs. So, those looking for jobs are in the right place because job opportunities after MBA in Canada are numerous. 

In Canada, after the students are done with their graduation, all the international students can easily get a work visa; these visas are known to last for up to three years. Whether the student has done his/ her MBA in Canada or is looking for a job after doing MBA in Canada, prefers settling in the country forever. 

MBA careers in Canada are similar to those in other nations, with executive-level roles paying the most; however, SMEs have a dominant job market in this nation. This is why an individual looking for a job after an MBA in Canada is most likely to work in small/medium-sized companies rather than Multi-National organisations. 

Jobs after MBA in Canada for International students

Studying and working in Canada has several advantages for international students. When compared to other developed countries, obtaining a work visa in Canada is rather simple. This is something that has made jobs after MBA for international students a big deal!

Amongst the other reasons students choose to work in Canada after completing their MBA degree is that their work visa can be extended for up to three years and further leads to a permanent residency in Canada. Canadian colleges aid students with career services; these further assists students in finding jobs after MBA in Canada. 

Highest Paying jobs after MBA in Canada

There are a variety of choices offered by MBA programs to international students in Canada. Like any other country, students are most interested in finance and consulting after getting their MBA degree. Nevertheless, when the day comes to an end, students’ decision regarding jobs after an MBA in Canada is heavily influenced by the state of the employment and the requirement in the market.

Here is a list of a few MBA roles that are in demand in the Canadian sector: 

  • Investment Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operations Manager

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Highest Paying Universities in Canada

According to the QS News Ranking for 2021, there are around 18 business schools in Canada that are listed among the best institutions in the world that offer MBA programmes. It is due to the high-quality education that pupils get. These colleges are proud of the wage packages that its alumni have received from various major corporations around the country, in addition to delivering good education.

A list of the top ten such colleges is provided below:

UniversityAnnual Tuition Fee (CAD)Average Annual Salary (CAD)
McGill University46,00083,000 – 118,000
University of Toronto 59,000116,000
York University51,30093,100
Queen’s University99,500140,000
Concordia University41,500117,000
Western University117,500101,000
University of British Columbia61,600120,000
University of Alberta28,28194,000
Saint Mary’s University43,000100,000
HEC Montreal52,000168,000

Is work experience necessary for MBA in Canada?

Work experience as a part of one’s MBA application may include any full-time job that you may have undertaken in a related profession following graduation. As a supplement to your employment experience, you may highlight any internships or voluntary work you’ve done. Eligibility criteria of the best business schools in Canada sometimes include a mandatory 2-3 years of job experience. But, at the same time within the nation, certain business schools may admit students to MBA programs even if they have no prior job experience.

How much work experience is required for MBA in Canada?

On average, the MBA students in Canada may have an experience of 6 years, which is twice more than the minimum experience criteria. The top B schools of the nation require a minimum work experience of 2-3 years of work experience for an MBA in Canada. However, certain universities require a total experience of 4-5 years for an individual to pursue the program

Another mandate is that the experience of the candidate must be in a field relevant to the course. 

MBA jobs in Canada with salary

The salary of MBA graduates in Canada varies completely on the specialisation they have pursued and their job role. The amount of salary paid to an individual in the field also depends upon the province they are located in. Each province may have a little variation in the sum they provide to an MBA individual compared to the other province. Salary after MBA in Canada is around 13,000-15,000 CAD per month.

Here’s an MBA salary table for your reference:

Job RoleSpecialisationAverage Salary in CAD
Vice President- Head of Technology and OperationsMBA Operations175,000- 200,000
Operating Officer- AdministrationMBA Operations157,680
Operations Officer-AdministrationMBA Operations219,000
Operations SupervisorMBA Operations55,000
Facility Operations ManagerMBA Operations280,320
Vice President- Financial, Communications, and Other Business ServicesMBA Finance250,000 to 450,000
General ManagerMBA Finance438000
CFOMBA Finance140,000
Finance and Control ManagerMBA Finance55,000 to 66,000
Human Resources CoordinatorMBA Human Resources350,400
Human Resources DirectorMBA Human Resources100,000
HR CoordinatorMBA Human Resources47,227
Senior Human Resources ManagerMBA Human Resources105,560
Human Resource ManagerMBA Human Resources71,208
Marketing AnalystMBA Marketing51,000
Marketing CoordinatorMBA Marketing70,000
Manager-Sales and MarketingMBA Marketing359,160
Marketing ManagerMBA Marketing84,900 – 141,400
Business Development OfficerMBA International Business75,000
Consultant, BusinessMBA International Business85,000
Business Management ConsultantMBA International Business69,000
Business ConsultantMBA International Business50,000 – 56,000
Administrative ManagerMBA International Business376,680

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List of Salary depending upon the province:

ProvinceJob Role + Average Salary in CAD
British ColumbiaExecutive Assistant- 54,000
British ColumbiaProject Manager- 76,000;
British ColumbiaOperations Manager- 67,000;
Nova ScotiaOffice Manager- 44,000
Nova ScotiaProject Manager- 69,000
Nova ScotiaExecutive Director- 60,000
OntarioChief Financial Officer- 148,000
OntarioProject Manager- 85,000
OntarioMarketing Manager- 73,000
AlbertaOffice Manager- 56,000
AlbertaOperations Manager- 78,000
AlbertaProject Manager- 87,000
ManitobaOffice Manager- 47,000
ManitobaOperations Manager- 67,000
ManitobaProject Manager- 68,000
QuebecFinancial Analyst- 59,000
QuebecProject Manager- 68,000
QuebecOperations Manager- 62,000
New BrunswickExecutive Director- 58,000
New BrunswickProject Manager- 63,000;
New BrunswickOperations Manager- 61,000;
North West TerritoriesOperations Manager- 75,000
North West TerritoriesExecutive Director- 81,000
North West TerritoriesProject Manager- 76,000
Prince Edward IslandMarketing Manager- 46,000
Prince Edward IslandExecutive Director- 53,000
Prince Edward IslandProject Manager- 70,000
NunavutOperations Supervisor- 78,000
NunavutRetail Store Manager- 55,000

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Which companies hire MBA graduates in Canada?

Since the Canadian market has a dominance of SMEs rather than MNCs, graduates get jobs after MBA in Canada in small and medium-sized companies only. Most of the jobs by the graduates are secured in companies which require individuals to for functions like Finance, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Sales & Development, and Consulting. 

The top companies which provide jobs after MBA in Canada are namely: 

  • Rogers Group Inc
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Thomas Reuters
  • Amazon
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • HSBC
  • TD Canada
  • RBC Asset Management
  • EY
  • RBC Asset Management

Work permit after MBA in Canada

Following 180 days of completion of graduation from university in Canada, overseas students are permitted to go and apply for a PWGP (Post Graduate Work Permit), provided by the Canadian government. This work permit allows the international students to lawfully stay and work in the nation for a duration of up to three years.

However, the candidate must have a valid Canadian student visa and permit to be considered for the work permit. The university from which they are graduating must be Canadian, and the degree must be full-time, lasting at least eight months.

Government jobs after MBA in Canada

In various countries, while looking for jobs after MBA, many students are willing to go for jobs in the government sector, which they avail being a part of PSUs in a managerial job role, or as a bank employee amongst others. Likewise, even in Canada, there are various job roles available for the MBA graduates to apply; some include Program Sponsor, Senior Director, strategic planning and policy officer, etc. 

Note: Freshers looking for a job in the Canadian government after MBA might only get entry-level jobs rather than higher authority ones with good salaries. Therefore, to get good government jobs, it is suggested to look for some experience first. 

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How to get a work visa after studying in Canada?

The procedure of availing of a work permit in Canada is quite simple. This is the only reason many students come attracted to the nation, making it one of the biggest hubs for pursuing an MBA. The students apply for a work permit after their graduation from the course has been completed. The work permit they get lasts for 3 years, post which there would be other procedures to be followed by the candidate. However, a candidate must meet certain rules and criteria to be eligible for a work permit in Canada.

The candidate must have/ or fulfil the following for being eligible for a work visa:

  • official letter from their school
  • degree or diploma
  • Transcript, even a copy of the same from the website of your uni too would work.
  • The candidate should be a student of a Canadian university
  • The duration of the degree or diploma should be eight months or more
  • The candidate should have a study visa and permit

Note: A time period of 180 days is given to the candidate to apply for a work permit after graduation. 

jobs after mba in canada


✅ Can I work in Canada after MBA?

Ans: All international graduates of the Full-Time MBA program are eligible for a 3-year Canadian work permit, a major advantage not offered by other international and one-year MBA programs. Once you complete your MBA, you’ll be eligible for a Canadian work permit, even if you don’t have employer sponsorship or a job offer.

✅ What is the average salary after pursuing MBA in Canada?

Ans: The average MBA salary in Canada is $60,379 per year or $30.96 per hour.

✅ What are the highest-paying MBA specialities in Canada in terms of average income after graduation?

Ans: Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, International Business, Operations, Supply Chain Management, and other MBA specialties have the highest average pay in Canada.

✅ What are the most popular jobs in Canada following an MBA?

Ans: Business Analyst, Financial Manager, Project Manager, Operations Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Investment Analyst, and other positions following an MBA are some of the most common in Canada.

✅ What job I can get after MBA in Canada?

Ans: Career options after MBA in Canada
Financial Analyst.
Marketing Analyst.
Recruitment Specialist.
Sales Manager.
Operations Manager.
Marketing Coordinator.
Human Resource Director.
Business Consultant.

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