List of Top 5 Media & Communication Colleges in Canada (Updated 2019)


The world of journalism has swelled so much in recent years and is indeed on the path of active growth. Primarily due to the rise of digital media and technology, there are fresh jobs popping up, with many of them never even existed in the past. If you grab a degree in journalism, then it can work effectively for moving ahead in this competitive industry.

Although the number of journalists in Canada has stayed virtually unchanged over the past 20 years, the present scenario does offer some boost. Canada possesses some impressive j-schools and it is quite important to take them into consideration if you wish to set your career goals in this sector. Below is the list of top five Journalism Schools in Canada:

List of Top 5 Mass Media and Communication Colleges in Canada

1. Ryerson University

Ryerson is proud of its systematic setup which works to polish students in the best manner. In the undergrad program in journalism, the professors send students to visit the streets on assignments on the very first day. This task is basically to get into the feel of what a real-life journalist has to face.

Do you know: At Ryerson, the professors are often working journalists from the industry who cherish sharing their passion and knowledge with aspiring students.

How is the communication program at Ryerson University?

The studies here are managed under a four-year program which allows the students to gain valuable skills through different media platforms. Also, Ryerson launched its Master of Journalism program in the year 2007. This hands-on curriculum, the intense course lasts for two years, offering students with training and preparation which proves useful while entering the professional media industry.

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2. Carleton University

Carleton provides a Bachelor of Journalism and follows a more traditional approach for its undergraduate program. The offered curriculum is intense and provides a mixture of professional course work along with traditional academic studies.

How is the communication program at Carleton University?

Carleton holds two different Masters of Journalism streams: a two-year program for non-journalists, as well as a one-year for experienced journalists or candidates with degrees from this field. Both streams merge practical skills with academic theory and later branch into print, broadcast, and journalism studies.

3. University of British Columbia

How is the communication program at the University of British Columbia?

UBC manages a fantastic Graduate School of Journalism, which offers a full-time program that is covered in five semesters, with the inclusion of a summer internship. The one-on-one attention at this university proves quite beneficial for the students.

Moreover, they have access to professors and resources during their media studies. Every student at UBC gets an equal opportunity to gain valuable skills, from video and audio production to long-form writing.

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4. University of King’s College

The King’s Bachelor of Journalism program runs for a duration of four years and consists of collaborative tasks in deadline-driven environments. The best part is that students learn to produce content successfully across platforms. Moreover, the students also have the option to pursue a Combined Honours Degree, merging journalism with another area of interest.

How is the communication program at the University of King’s College?

King’s provides a 10-month graduate degree program which includes a capstone project placed in the final term. Interestingly, this project will be completed with the help of a leading journalist mentor from the media field.

5. Concordia University

Concordia provides a three-year undergraduate program which consists of three different options, that is, a 60-credit specialization A in journalism, a 45-credit major in journalism as well as, a 72-credit multiplatform specialization B in journalism.

How is the communication program at Concordia University?

Also, Concordia’s two-year graduate degree program targets more on the theoretical analysis of various trends in journalism methods. Concordia has worked in the past few decades to acquire a status of a recognized journalism institution and has successfully attracted numerous students to wish to form their career in media and communications.

The above-mentioned colleges are the best in Canada to build a career in the media sector. “Education is the key to success in life”, so consider a good media and communications college to succeed.

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