MBA in USA without GMAT – The Top 6 B-Schools for 2020

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GMAT is an admission requirement for MBA programs. It is a kind of score that tests the ability of a student for business administration. The full form of GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test. This test is conducted on the basis of English grammar knowledge, skills including analytical, critical writing skills, and reasoning, verbal, quantitative skills. Read here to know more about GMAT preparation.

Most of the universities and colleges demand GMAT as an admission requirement for Master programs including MBA. GMAT was started 64 years back, in 1953. Nowadays, a number of institutions are running for MBA programs without GMAT all around the world. These colleges give admission without GMAT score.

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What are the Top B-Schools in the world For MBA without GMAT?

Here is a list of B-schools offering MBA where GMAT is not mandatory:

1. UCLA Anderson School of Management

UCLA Anderson School of Management is a business institution offering the top MBA course without GMAT score. This institution was founded in 1935, located in Los Angeles, CA in the United States. At the starting four years, this institution was an under graduation school but after this time period, it was accepted as a business school for Masters Degree.

What are the degrees offered at UCLA Anderson School of Management?

This business institution offers other courses like full-time MBA program, Ph.D., Accounting minor for undergraduates, Fully-Employed MBA, Executive MBA, Global EMBA for the Asia Pacific, Global EMBA for the Americas, Master of Financial Engineering and Post Graduate Program in Management for Executives. MBA program is offered for international students without GMAT score.

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2. New York University Stern School of Business- One of the best MBA Without GMAT

New York University Stern School of Business is a business institution for MBA courses which is located in New York in the United States. This institution was established in 1900 for graduate and undergraduate students.

What are the degrees offered at New York University Stern School of Business?

The school was settled for Commerce, Accounts, and Finance study. After some time it was turned into a business institution and now this is one of the top institutions of MBA programs. The students willing to have admission in the MBA program are not needed to score GMAT as the MBA course doesn’t require GMAT score.

3. Kellogg School of Management- One of the Most Sought-after MBA without GMAT course

Kellogg School of Management was founded in 1908. This institution is located at the Evanston, Illinois in the United States. The partner branches of Kellogg are France, India, Thailand, Israel, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Germany, Canada, and Spain.

This school has been ranked as the top institution of business around the world by BusinessWeek, The Economist Intelligence Unit and U.S. News and World Report. The school is offering MBA program without GMAT for all students around the world.

What are the degrees offered at Kellogg School of Management?

Kellogg School of Management offers MBA, PPh.D.and MSMS courses as well as dual MBA/JD, dual MBA/MDI, and undergraduate courses.

4. Fuqua School of Business

Fuqua School of Business is located in Durham, North Carolina in the United States.What are the degrees offered at Fuqua School of Business?

The programs, offered by this university are; the Master of Management Studies, the Weekend Executive MBA, the Master of Quantitative Management, the Global Executive MBA, the Cross Continent MBA, Foundations of Business, Master of Management Studies. Other faculties of education are running in the fields of law, environmental studies, public policy, nursing, and medicine. The students all around the world are not needed to give GMAT score for MBA programs.

5. Florida International University

Florida International University is located at University Park, Florida in the United States. This business institution was established in 1965. What are the degrees offered at Florida International University?

There are many graduate and undergraduate programs running in this institution for international students. The university is offering programs in engineering, law, architecture, medicine, business administration, and many other courses. The MBA program is free from GMAT score and all a student needs is a good academic profile for admission in business administration.

6. University of Maryland, College Park

University of Maryland, College Park was established in 1856. This institution is situated at College Park, Maryland in the United States. This school also does not need a GMAT score for MBA programs and students are free to take admission without GMAT but they must have a good academic profile for that.

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What is the ranking of the Top B-Schools in the world For MBA without GMAT

University NameRanking
UCLA Anderson School of Management25 ( national )
New York University Stern School of Business23 ( national )
Kellogg School of Management12 ( national )
Fuqua School of Business19 (national)
Florida International University187
University of Maryland126

These are the best schools of business in the USA. They are the top rankers in the business field and they do not require GMAT score for MBA programs as they evaluate the skills by the academic records. Although these institutions do not ask for GMAT, yet the students are supposed to have an overall good academic profile. Read here to know about resources for your test prep. Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions, and feedback.

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