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GMAT Exam Dates

The one factor that differentiates GMAT from standardized communications of the Republic of India is that the proven fact that there is no set exam date. You get an Associate in the Nursing choice to choose from several offered dates, which implies you get to make your mind up once to look for the GMAT communication. Because the communication is conducted around the year, you'll be able to seem for the communication as per your convenience. It additionally suggests that you get to make your mind up once to start out making ready for the GMAT so that you've got enough time for preparation. It's counseled that you register for the GMAT communication two months before the date on that you would like to look for the communication. Whereas choosing an Associate in Nursing communication date, you'll be able to select the time of either the morning slot or the afternoon one. This could vary within the next try. The provision of GMAT dates depends upon the native take a look at centers; thus, it's suggested to start out checking the dates beforehand.

Can I Retake GMAT?

Another necessary purpose to stay in mind regarding the distinctive GMAT exam is that it can be taken multiple times if one is not satisfied with their score. Or even in case, their score has been expired. There is a limit to the number of times the exam can be retaken, and in general, the fees are not refundable. There are certain rules and regulations about re-taking the GMAT exam which is as follows-

  • an associate degree cannot seem to be taken for this communication over five times in an exceedingly 12-month rolling amount.
  • Also, one will try this communication to most of eight times in an exceeding lifespan.
  • The fee deposited for the communication isn't refundable
  • It is pertinent to ensure to schedule the communication after you area unit full-prepared to and ready to take it.
  • Except this, the fee for rescheduling the communication is US$50.

Finding test dates

Unlike bound tests, the GMAT doesn't have specific check dates. Rather, the GMAT, just like the GRE, may be taken at any time that you simply area unit prepared and you're able to reserve a spot at a close-by testing center.

  • Therefore, the solution to you ought to do after taking the GMAT is: you aim to require it after your area unit is ready.
  • It is in time for the appliance point of the programs you're inquisitive about.
  • The recommendation of the check manufacturers is to schedule your GMAT for a date that's “at least twenty-one days before your application point.”
  • You can realize a testing center close to you to check convenience or register on this page. Weekend dates tend to top off quickly as application deadlines approach.
  • Usually, you’ll need to register for the GMAT communicating somewhat before, or rather be ready to require every day removed from work Associate in drive a ways to an accessible date at a testing center.


1. What if I need to reschedule my test date?

You can do that via the take a look at the appointment booking system on computer network.mba.com. If you schedule your appointment a minimum of seven full days before your original appointment, then you will-ought to pay a schedule fee of US$50. If you schedule, but seven full days before your original appointment, then you'll be charged the total registration quantity.

2. What if I have to cancel my test date?

You can do that via the take a look at the appointment booking system. If you cancel a minimum of seven full days beforehand of your appointment, you may receive a partial refund of US$80. If you cancel but seven full days beforehand of your appointment you may forfeit your entire registration fee.

3. What if I need to reschedule my test dates?

There is a GMAT schedule fee of $50 if you schedule over seven days before the particular GMAT check date. However, if you schedule among seven days of the regular check date and time, there's a $250 fee. You can't schedule among twenty-four hours of communication.

4. What is the best time to take GMAT?

The ideal time to convey the take a look at is a minimum of twelve months before Associate in Nursing Master in Business batch starts. That means, if you would like to start a Master in Business in Fall 2015, it's best to possess your GMAT score prepared before August 2014. Most colleges have 3-4 application cycles. The first cycle sometimes in Sept/Oct 2014, second cycle in Dec 2014,

5. Can I retake GMAT?

If you would like to retake the GMAT examination, you'll do thus when sixteen days. You'll take or retake the GMAT examination when every sixteen days. You'll seem for the examination most of 5 times in an exceedingly year. Ideally, you're counseled to register yourself 2 to a few months before the examination date.

6. For how many years it is valid for?

GMAT Score is valid for 5 years.

7. How am I able to modify the dates of the test?

It will price you $50 to schedule your GMAT to check up to seven days before your original appointment date and time. Once your GMAT examination date is one week away or less, no refund is going to be granted, to vary your check date, time, or location can price you the complete fee of $250.

8. What are the important dates?

There are no specific dates which are considered in such types of tests. The dates will be acknowledged at the time of registration.

9. How to take the GMAT exam date?

You can retake the GMAT up to five times in any 12-month amount, however no over once in any 16-day amount. You'll be able to request to GMAC in writing if you would like to require it over that. However, applications square measure solely thought of once you've got truly taken the fifth check. You'll be able to take the check once each sixteen calendar days solely.

10. How much does the GMAT costs?

GMAT costs US$250 globally.


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