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GMAT Preparation Tips

PBPiyush Bhartiya
Updated OnDec 3, 2021

GMAT Preparation Tips

GMAT score becomes an important one if you wish to take admission in top B – schools abroad. It is not only important for your admission criterion but it also makes your application package stronger. Many students go for coaching classes for GMAT while some of the study on their own. The best way to prepare for GMAT is to get to know about the selection criteria and decide accordingly. As this exam is held throughout the year, students can choose a perfect month when they’re completely ready. What tips to follow, what should your study plan, and there are plenty of other questions. Check out our article exclusively dedicated for GMAT exam and steps to prepare for it.

Tips for GMAT Preparation

Here are some tips for GMAT Preparation you can follow. You need to be consistent with your GMAT syllabus, through which you can excel in the topics. The number of concepts asked in GMAT is finite; hence make a list of these concepts for your ease. Try to solve as many sample question papers as possible; it helps you to manage your time. Let us look at some of the top tips to follow:

Consistency over Intensity

You can compare GMAT preparation for learning chess. It is not significant to use all the concepts and tricks, but also be confident and quick to use them. It means doing a quick calculation in the quantitative section. To improve your speed, it is important to practice daily training sessions rather than going for long ones. It increases your intelligence and speed.

Train to use laminated drawing board during GMAT preparation

Many test centres and coaching classes offer laminated drawing boards for calculations and sketches during the test. It can lead to irritation who's not used to an erasable marker. Especially left-handed people who often tend to erase their notes. Hence, you should practice this to avoid any kind of surprises during your preparation phase. 

Redo GMAT Prep tests

You can get various sample GMAT prep tests online and other sources. The good thing about these prep tests is that they use an adaptive question algorithm. It is very similar to the original test papers. Hence, it is a useful method to use the same prep test multiple times. It helps you to improve as the questions you will face are different each time. So practice them as much as you can.

Create a learning diary

The number of concepts and topics covered in GMAT is finite. Hence, a good method to improve and reduce your weak areas is to keep a learning diary. It means one should write down every unknown question and try to get its right answer. If you work on your weaknesses during the preparation phase, you will see your list getting shorter each day. It helps you to grow over your mistakes as well. 

Do not overestimate GMAT prep test results

There are two prep tests that are available at the official website of GMAT. It is cited by many sources and a good way to train in real test conditions. But, you should take care not to overestimate the results one gets from these prep tests as they are not real and empirical results. Although it helps a lot to let you know where you stand but don’t consider yourself ready if you’ve reached your target in these tests. Try and practice as much as you can.

Set an exponential GMAT prep timetable

GMAT preparation needs a lot of time and practice. It is recommended that you take an exponential approach in prep time planning. The closer you get to our booked test date, the more time you must spend on the GMAT preparation. So, if possible choose a date that is at the end of the holiday so that you get more time to prepare for it. As you have the choice of opting for an exam date, use it wisely.

Focus on your weaknesses … but in a measured way

The candidate should always know their weakest spots of GMAT. It is a weakness to work on only one weakness for a longer period of time. A good method can be to step up a base level of questions to solve each day. It helps you to keep track of your knowledge and skills. Through this, you can focus on your other weaknesses as well.

Set time milestones during the GMAT test

It is a common incidence that happens to most of the candidates – shortage of time. The candidate usually runs out of time in the end. A simple way to avoid this chaos is to set and stick to certain milestones. For example, in the quantitative section, the candidate should know immediately that with 1 hour on the clock, they should reach Q7. Such a strategy helps you to run on schedule and recheck your answers.

Practice educated guessing

The best way to conquer a question in GMAT is an ‘educated guess’ if you don’t get its answer technically. It means to quickly list 5 answers that are suitable and then exclude the wrong ones. One can easily save time by eliminating two or three wrong answers. It is important to choose the right answer but sometimes due to time – constraint an educated guess works.

Try to overshoot your target GMAT score

To reach a good GMAT score is important; hence candidates keep a high target score. It is beneficial for you as you may reach 500 or 600 if you’re aiming for a score of 700+ score. Mostly 500 to 600 is the cut off scores in universities and colleges. Your preparation target of GMAT should be 50 higher than what you need. It is not uncommon if you get 30 scores more or less than you were expecting. 

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GMAT Preparation Tips for Beginners

GMAT Preparation Tips for Beginners will give you a fair idea of where to start with. To start with there is a lot of study material available online and in bookstores, libraries. There are many coaching centres excelling in providing assistance to students who want to get a good score in GMAT. They also help you to go through the entire registration process of GMAT.

Let us look at some of the books for GMAT:

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GMAT Verbal Preparation Tips

GMAT Verbal Preparation Tips will help you excel in the verbal section of the paper. It evaluates the candidate’s reading and comprehending ability. It also tests the ability of the candidate to understand logical concepts.

Let us see some tips for this section:

  • Read the question before reading the passage, it helps you to focus on the right content.
  • The answer is critical reasoning is to write a logical extension of the argument in the passage.
  • Make sure there are no grammatical errors in the sentence correction section

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Q. What is the best way to prepare for GMAT?

Try to make a fixed timetable, practice as many sample questions as possible and focus on our mistakes and weaknesses.

Q. How much time do you need to study for GMAT?

It is suggested to study 100 to 170 hours over the span of 2 – 3 months. However, you can tailor your study time according to your capacity and skills.

Q. Which book is good for GMAT preparation?

The Official Guide For GMAT Review 2020 is a good book to start with. It publishes a new version each year.

Q. Can you self study for GMAT?

Yes, you can study for the GMAT exam on your own. You can purchase or lend GMAT books from a library for concepts and sample question papers.

Q. How do I prepare for GMAT verbal?

It is important to practice reading comprehension and sentence correction questions. It gives you an insight into the section and the questions.

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