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GMAT - Result and Scores

You will obtain five scores after taking the GMAT 2022 exam: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal, and Total. The sum of your Verbal and Quantitative GMAT scores determines your overall GMAT score. The GMAT total score is unaffected by your Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning results. You'll also get a percentile score, which informs you how you fared in comparison to the other 100 people who took the GMAT. If you score in the 90th percentile on the Verbal portion, for example, you are ahead of 90 other applicants out of 100 taking the GMAT 2022.

GMAT result 2022

The GMAT Score Report, unlike other examinations, is provided immediately after completion. The GMAT AWA grade will not be released after the exam is completed. Candidates would have the option of accepting or rejecting their GMAT score. If the applicant accepts the score, GMAC will send the score report to the institution right away; if the applicant rejects the score, no one will be able to see the GMAT result.

The GMAT score is available online.

Five free score reports are included with the GMAT online results. The 5 free mark reports must be utilized within 48 hours after the official online test result is made accessible at Score reports may be purchased for US$35 apiece.

Over 7,000 institutions throughout the globe recognize and trust the GMAT exam, which may be taken online or at test centers all over the world.

Following the completion of the test, candidates may receive a non-official GMAT score report. Within 20 days of taking the exam, candidates will receive their GMAT result report and AWA score. You may download, see, and print your official scorecard at any time.

GMAT score

Integrating your subscores from the GMAT Quantitative Interpretation and Verbal Reasoning portions yields your total composite GMAT score. Each component is assessed on a range of 6 to 51 points, with the overall result being evaluated on a scale of 200 to 800.

Because the GMAT is an adaptive exam, your score isn't exclusively influenced by how many questions you get right. The difficulty of the questions you miss determines your GMAT section subscores, not the number of questions you miss.

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment - Score: 0-6
  2. Integrated Reasoning- Score: 1-8
  3. Quantitative Reasoning- Score: 6-51
  4. Verbal Reasoning- Score: 6-51

GMAT score band

Every one of your five GMAT scores, consisting of four GMAT sections and a total score, is provided on a predefined scale.

These are the results that show on your GMAT Score Report as official. These scores will be sent to the people you've chosen to receive them. Always keep in mind that the GMAT Total Score Report only takes into consideration the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the exam.

Each section's lowest and maximum score ranges, as well as a mean average, are shown below:


Score Range

Mean Scores*

Analytical Writing Assessment



Integrated Reasoning












GMAT score validity

Scores on the GMAT are valid for five years. You must submit your GMAT results from five years ago or less than five years ago to your selected business school in order to enrol for a program in business and management. If the GMAT test was taken in November 2019, for example, the validity of the GMAT score will last until November 2024. If you want to apply for Fall 2020 admission, your GMAT grade should be from January 1, 2015, or later.

GMAT Score Calculator

Unofficial results are available just after the exam and it contains a Verbal scaled score, Quantitative scaled score, Total score, Integrated reasoning. The score of the Analytical Writing Assessment is not present in the unofficial score. Although due to computer adaptive testing, the scores are scaled, and the total score which is out of 800 is based on scaled scores of quantitative and verbal sections. 

  • Unofficial results are available just after the exam
  • The score of Analytical Writing Assessment is not present in the unofficial score
  • Due to computer adaptive testing, the scores are scaled and the total score which is out of 800 is based on scaled scores of quantitative and verbal sections.

How the GMAT Score Is Calculated?

The GMAT score is calculated on various aspects, it is not a simple addition or subtraction of marks, instead, it is a bit complex combination of quantitative and verbal section scores which are scaled together and thus lie between 200-800 as a total score. Also, scores are available in percentile. The score depends on the questions answered correctly and their level of difficulty. 

  • A complex combination of  quantitative and verbal section scores
  • Scores are also available in percentile
  • The score depends on the questions answered correctly and their level of difficulty. 

How is GMAT Scored

GMAT Section

Scaled Score

Quantitative (out of 60)


Verbal (out of 60)


Integrated Reasoning


Analytical Writing Assessment


GMAT score percentiles 


Percentile Ranking




























Que. How reliable is the GMAT score?

Ans. Your GMAT grade is valid for 5 years, and according to, it is also accessible for reporting for a 10-year period.

Que. Is getting a 600 on the GMAT difficult?

Ans. Achieving a score of 600+ is not simple; it takes a lot of effort to obtain this level of achievement. To get a score of 600 or above on the GMAT, make sure you use the proper method and follow a thorough study schedule.

Que. What is the procedure for paying the score reinstatement fee?

Ans. A $50 fee is charged to restore a GMAT score. You may either log in to your MBA account or contact your town's customer care to get a canceled score reinstated.

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