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GMAT Test Centres in India

The GMAT examination is obtainable in the Asian nation on demand and round the year on all dates. However, once you register for GMAT, you want to check whether or not the date and time of your convenience are obtainable at your chosen take a look at the center. The GMAT is run on-demand at testing facilities in 100+ countries around the world.

In India, you'll be able to try the GMAT at thirty-nine locations in thirty-four cities. It's advisable to book a GMAT take a look at the center a minimum of 2-3 months before, as this ensures that your required date and slot are obtainable. All GMAT takes a look acting centers area unit operated by Pearson VUE - a world test administration company. As of December 2015, GMAT is being offered around the year, and on-demand at the subsequent thirty-two GMAT examination centers unfold across these twenty-eight cities in the Asian nation.

State-wise List of Test Centres in India


  1. EduPro
  2. Pearson Professional Centre


  1. Ansal University


1. Thapar University.

2. Winsoft Computer Centre.

Uttar Pradesh

1. Pearson Professional Centre.

2.UPTEC Computer Consultancy Limited.


  1. SakarEdutech Private Limited


  1. A1 Professional Assessment Centre.
  2. HL Centre for Professional Education.

Andhra Pradesh

  1. KL University.
  2. GayatriVidyaParishad College of Engineering.


  1. Unisoft Technologies.
  2. Pearson Professional Centres.


  1. Assam Don Bosco University.


  1. Pearson Professional Centre.
  2. Edu-Kinect.


  1. Indira Institute of Education.
  2. Rajagiri College Of Social Sciences.

 Tamil Nadu

  1. Vellore Institute of Technology.
  2. Pearson Professional Centres.


How to Choose GMAT Test Center?

To select a GMAT check center, candidates need to register themselves on the official website of GMAT. GMAC offers them to pick a minimum of 3 or most five check centers. Registering on the GMAT web site is freed from value whereas US$250 is liable for taking down the check.

  • Navigate to pick and book GMAT check Date and Centre.
  • If you have already got an associate master's degree.com account, you'll be able to log in. If not, you'll be able to produce an associate account and proceeds any.
  • Follow the link to search out a checking center close to you and think about the market dates and slots.
  • Here you'll be able to filter check centers by Pin Code, city, state, etc. and choose up to three check centers to check on the market dates and slots.

What you should know about GMAT test centers in India:

Every year, around a pair of large integer aspirants in Bharat, try the Graduate Management Admission check. It's obvious for the candidates to unfold across the state to like finding check centers highest to their places. This text can assist you to find your nearest GMAT check Centre. Since this test is tried any time throughout the year, you get enough time to form your study calendar and accordingly opt for the date and placement as per your convenience. Whereas booking slot for your GMAT, you would like to confirm that the date and time you decide on is additionally offered at the checking center of your selection.


1. How to reschedule my GMAT exam?

The candidates can schedule their exams online. Candidates can schedule their communication before seven days of the scheduled date by paying a $60 fee. Also, if the candidates want to schedule their communication among the seven days of their communication date, then they will be charged $250 for it. Further, the communication cannot be rescheduled on the take a glance at the date. If the candidates unit is rescheduling the communication by phone, then they have to pay $10 surcharge beside the $50 rescheduling fee.

2. Which documents do I need to carry to the test center?

The candidate should carry a sound passport with a recent photograph and appointment confirmation letter that you bought whereas registering for the communication.

3. What is the cost of taking the GMAT test?

GMAT test prices the US $250. Also, if the candidate desires to cancel or schedule the test, then they'll be charged for it. The cancellation fee for the GMAT test is the US $80, whereas, for rescheduling, the candidate has got to pay a further fee of people $250.

4. Do schools use GMAT for the Admissions process?

Quite ONE thousand and Nine hundred Master in Business programs uses the GMAT as a neighborhood of the applying method.

5. What all can be taken into the exam room?

Nothing at all, you'll not be allowed to require any things into the communicating area with you, together with pens, paper or drinking water. You'll run a little locker outside the room during which you'll store your personal belongings.

6. Can I use a calculator in the GMAT test?


7. Will I be given anything to write on during the exam?

You'll tend five dry wipes, notepads to write down on at the beginning of the take a look at, and you'll be able to request additional throughout the take a look at. These should tend back to the administrator at the top of the take a look at. You'll not be allowed to require any of your writing materials into the test room.

8. What if I need my cellular phone at the test center?

You'll not bring your cellular phone into the room, nor could you check or use your phone throughout breaks. You'll store your phone in a very locker throughout your test. However, the check administrator isn't liable for lost or purloined things. If you are doing access to your cellular phone at any time throughout your test time, your test is going to be off, and your test fee is going to be forfeit.

9. What can I access from the storage locker during the break in the test?

You're permissible to access snacks and necessary things, like medication that should be taken at a nominative time. You'll not access study aids, phones, or alternative electronic devices throughout breaks.

10. What if I need more break time than given in the test?

Breaks are regular, and any time beyond regulation taken is subtracted from the time you're given to finish the succeeding section. Testing accommodations are accessible for check takers WHO meet bound eligibility criteria and properly document their request.


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