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How to register for the GMAT?

Candidates can register for GMAT through 3 modes, via mail, phone or online. It is recommended that a candidate for GMAT examination must register themselves at least three months before the preferred date of examination; it can be done six months before too. In India, Passports are strictly necessary for candidates to register for the GMAT. The online GMAT account is used to fulfill all the requirements of registrations and to check the score.

Eligibility Criteria to Register for GMAT

  • There is no restriction about the nationality of the candidate.
  • A bachelor’s degree is required to give the GMAT.
  • A candidate can attempt GMAT many times, but there must be a gap of at least 16 days before each test.
  • A candidate cannot appear for the GMAT exam for more than five times a year.
  • A candidate should be 18 years of age or above. If they are not, a written consent form by parents or guardians will be required.


GMAT Registration        

GMAT Registration can be done at any time of the year and can be done both offline and online. It can be done via three modes, through the mail, phone or online. A candidate is advised to prepare and follow a proper timeline at the time of registration to complete the process without any problems.

  • Registration by phone can be done on specific numbers.
  • Students can choose their preferred location for the test
  • They can also choose a preferred date accordingly.
  • Students should choose the date and location of the test carefully.
  • Candidates must read the GMAT Handbook before completing the registration process.


GMAT Online Registration

  • A candidate must register themselves on mba.com first. The website adjusts to the location of the candidate automatically.
  • Click on ‘Register Today.
  • Click on ‘Find a Test Centre’ and see for which location might best suit you.        
  • Complete your profile by carefully adding your personal information to it.
  • Then fill the ‘Optional Information’ form. It is not compulsory to fill it.
  • Verify your profile. All the information must match your ID card which you will take along with you on the day of the test.
  • Save your profile and then choose the location for your test.
  • After you put in your location, all test centers near you will appear for you to select. Select the one most convenient for you.
  • Choose a date and time slot. The test happens in both morning and afternoon. One should choose the option most comfortable for them.
  • After all, this is done, click on ‘Check Out’ once the payment is completed.


GMAT Phone Registration

Registration for the GMAT can also be done through the offline process of calling on the phone.

In this process, there is not much that the candidate has to do themselves.

  • Call on the GMAT number and the service provider will fill the registration form for you as per your instructions.
  • There are different phone numbers for distinct regions in the world and can be found on the GMAT website.        
  • An extra fee of $10 must be paid if you register by calling.


GMAT Mail Registration                

  • A candidate must first fill up the GMAT Appointment Scheduling Form.
  • The payment can be made either by filling up the credit card information
  • or by enclosing a money order, cashier’s check or a personal check.
  • The amount must be filled in the US dollar ($).
  • All the documents shall be compiled properly and mailed to the address:

Pearson VUE

Attention: GMAT Program

PO Box 581907

Minneapolis, MN 55458-1907, USA


GMAT Fees        


The fee for GMAT is USD 250 all over the world.

GMAT Rescheduling Fees

The fee for rescheduling your test is USD 50.

GMAT Cancellation Fees

There is no cancellation fee for GMAT. USD 80 is refunded if cancellation is made at least seven days before the exam.

Rescheduling GMAT Exam        

Rescheduling of the GMAT Examination must be done at least seven days before the exam or earlier if possible as a fee is imposed for all those who reschedule the test.

  • Rescheduling can be done at mba.com or via call. Extra charges may apply for rescheduling by the call.
  • Rescheduling cannot be done via mail or fax.
  • If the test is rescheduled seven days before the exam date a fee of $50 is to be paid.
  • If the test is rescheduled within less than seven days from the examination, full fees must be paid.
  • Rescheduling is not that difficult and can be done easily via the official website or call.


Canceling GMAT Exam   

A candidate who wishes to cancel their GMAT exam, must go to the official website and do so as early as possible. A partial fee is refunded if the candidate cancels in time.

  • To cancel, the candidate must go to the official GMAC website.
  • There they can choose to cancel their test.
  • There is no fee for cancellation.
  • Those candidates who cancel the test 7 days before the test are entitled to a partial refund of $80.
  • Those who cancel later are not entitled to any refund.


GMAT for Differently Abled        

Differently-abled candidates can fill out the GMAT Exam Accommodations Request Form and send their medical documents with it through fax as a hard copy; email is not allowed.

  • Candidates can send all their documents and form through fax or mail after registering online first.
  • Everything must be sent as hard-copy. No soft copies are allowed.
  • The postal process can take up to 6-8 weeks to complete.
  • It is advisable to read the GMAT handbook in advance.
  • The candidates are given an extra 50 minutes to finish their exams.



1. Where can I take the GMAT exam?

One can take the GMAT exam at the location of their choice which they get to choose from the location list provided on the official website.

2. When can I take the GMAT exam?

One can take the GMAT exam throughout the years on the date and slot provided.

3. What is the fee for the GMAT exam?

The fee for the GMAT Exam is $250 globally.

4. Can I reschedule my GMAT exam?

Yes, the fee for rescheduling is $50.

5. Can I cancel my exam?

Yes, one can cancel their exam.

6. Will I get a refund when I cancel my GMAT Exam?

If you cancel seven days before the test a refund of $80 will be provided. Otherwise, no refund will be provided.

7. How often can I take the GMAT Exam?

One can take GMAT five times a year.

8. Can I retake GMAT?

Yes, you can take the GMAT as many times as you want.

9. Where do I register for the GMAT exam?

One can register themselves online or through call or mail.

10. Can I choose my location for the GMAT test?

Yes, you can choose your location from the list provided as per your convenience.