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The GMAT exam measures a student’s verbal, mathematical, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning skills which are required for graduate business studies. Though everyone tends to look at the total score, it is necessary to look at the individual scores as well for a better understanding of skills and for the scope of future improvements. There are also looked at by the schools you may be applying for.

The result or total score of the GMAT varies from 200-800 marks. An average score lies between 400 and 600, based on the survey of marks done in which two-thirds of total test-takers lie in this range of score. The scored for GMAT are valid for five years and are available for reporting for up to 10 years after they are published.

GMAT Score Scale        

The GMAT exam measures a student’s verbal, mathematical, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning skills and all of them are equally important. Each one of them has a different scoring scale. The total scale lies between 200 and 800.

Analytical Writing Assessment

Score: 0-6

Integrated Reasoning

Score: 1-8

Quantitative Reasoning

Score: 6-51

Verbal Reasoning

Score: 6-51

How to Send GMAT Score Report        

GMAT score can be sent to as many schools as the candidate wants to. However, there are fees included which vary as per the institution one is applying to. There are two ways to send the GMAT score, one is free, and the other is paid.

  • If you have schools decided, you can send the scores for free on the test day itself.
  • If time is needed to select the schools, scores can be sent then too, but the candidate will have to pay.
  • Candidate can select names of five schools up to free at the time of registration.
  • One can also order for additional test results.
  • It costs USD 28.
  • You can also order your test reports via phone; however, it will cost an additional USD 10.
  • Candidate should send score report in advance since it takes at least two weeks to reach the admission office.
  • The score report is valid for five years only.

Additional GMAT Score Report

A candidate can send a score report to up to five colleges for free on the day of the test. If one wants to send a score report to other colleges, then additional score reports can be ordered online or via phone. It costs $28, and on-call, additional $10 is charged.

Steps to order Additional GMAT Score Report

Additional GMAT score report can be ordered either online or on call.

  • One must provide the name of the program they are applying to and pay a fee of $28.
  • The additional score report is sent within seven days after ordering.
  • Steps to send Additional GMAT Score Report
  • Additional GMAT score reports are sent in the same way normal score reports are sent.
  • They can be sent to the university via mail or call through GMAT portal.
  • An additional report ordered within 72 hours means that the online score cannot be canceled.        

Enhanced GMAT Score Report        

An enhanced GMAT score is very important and crucial to a person’s performance in the GMAT Exam. It gives a personal insight into a candidate’s performance based on the question type, pace, and area of focus.

  • The enhanced report gives enhanced performance ranking by the type of questions attempted.
  • It contains time management section, percentage of questions covered, etc.
  • It contains a systematic summary of all the four sections attempted by the candidate.

GMAT Score Cancellation        

To keep the GMAT score or to cancel used to be the decision a candidate had to take within 2 minutes after the results. But now a candidate also has 72 hours to decide whether they want to keep the score or cancel it.

  • A candidate can cancel a score within 2 minutes of receiving it for free if they are not satisfied with their score.
  • To cancel it after 72 hours, they will have to pay a fee.
  • They can cancel it after even four years too, but with additional fee too.

GMAT Score Reinstatement

The score reinstatement fee is $50 through the online application and $60 by the call. It is processed 5-6 days after the submission of the application, but the whole process of reinstating can take up to 20 days.

Average GMAT Scores         

In 2018, the average GMAT score was 556.04, which was evidently quite low and did not exactly match up to the expected score of many A-grade business schools like Harvard, Stanford, etc. The average percentile required for best business schools is 95%. It is, however, considered better to focus more on the score you aim for than the average score since it is not of much help and is quite low.


Average Score



Verbal Ability


Integrated reasoning


Analytical writing assessment





How the GMAT is scored?       

GMAT is scored both by computer and humans, depending upon the test type.



How is it calculated?

Quantitative Score


The section is scored on how many questions you answered, how and how many of them are correct.

Verbal Score


The section is scored on how many questions you answered, how and how many of them are correct.

Integrated Reasoning


This section is scored by questions answered and how.

Analytical Writing


Each section is scored once by computer and once by computer.

Total Score


The total score is calculated before putting in consideration quantitative and verbal score and then converted into scales of 10.


GMAT Percentile        

The GMAT Exam has four sections, and each section is scored according to the candidate’s skills and performance. This test is specially designed to predict the success rate of students and their performances in the first year of their studies. The percentile is the score through which you can get to know the number of students who performed better than you at the test. An 80% indicates that 20% did better than you and the rest 80% did not.


1. Is cancellation free?

Within 2 minutes of the result, yes, it is free.

2. Can I cancel my exam after 24 hours?

One can do so online or via call.

3. How to send GMAT score report?

It can be sent via GMAC portal.

4. Should we aim for an average GMAT score?

No, it is not advisable to do so since it is very low.

5. What is the average GMAT score?

The average score is 550.

6. What is the cost for additional score report?

It is $28, an additional $10 if requested via phone.

7. How many colleges can we send our reports to?

To as many colleges as one may want.

8. Can we send score reports for free?

On the day result is declared, scores can send to 5 colleges for free.


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