Top Universities in Canada for MS in CS (Updated 2019)

There are many Indian students who are interested in pursuing Computer Science in Canada.
Considering the easier access to Canada in terms of visa and educational opportunities,
international students favour the country over any other.
1) University of Toronto is a name to reckon with in Canadian higher education. The
university boasts of a large faculty and a culturally diverse student body. Many students
choose this university for pursuing MS in Computer Science because the course gives them
plenty of desired exposure. The department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto
holds a special place in Canadian higher education not only because of the carefully
preserved environment for start-ups; Toronto is famous for being a major centre of
information and communication technology in North America.
2) University of British Columbia has two campuses in Vancouver and Okanagan which
house more than 60,000 students. The university boasts of a considerable number of
international students. The Computer Science-department of this university was established
in 1968 and offers a research-oriented interdisciplinary course. Students can choose from
over six major programs, two honours programs and other degree programs.
3) University of Waterloo ranks high in the list of top Computer Science departments in
Canada. The Computer Science department in this university is career-focussed and offers a
strong program. Moreover, students can make use of the advantage of the opportunity of paid
internships after graduation. The number of international students has drastically increased
over the years. The graduates of Waterloo have gained a reputation for being innovative.
Initiative such as Open Text which happens to be Canada’s largest software company was the
brainchild of graduates of the University of Waterloo.
4) University of Montreal houses one of the first Computer Science departments of Canada
and receives grants worth $4 million for research. Students have many options of housing and
eateries available near the campus. Department of Computer Science and Operations
Research (DIRO) has four bachelors’ degrees, four masters’ options, two doctorates and three
graduate diplomas to offer to students.
5) McGill University is often referred to as the ‘number one student city’. The Computer
Science program here involves theory and application and offers ten program options and
three degrees. An internship program offered by the university helps students get a practical
experience in a formal set-up.
6) University of Alberta houses the largest Computer Science department with a program
revolving around Artificial Intelligence, Computer Games and Bioinformatics. Enrolment of
international students in the Computer Science program has increased rapidly over the last
few years. The speciality of the department lies in the fact that students can combine
mathematics or business graduate degree with any degree in Computer Science.

7) McMaster University – The department of engineering hosts the Computer Science
program in this university. The program focuses on information systems designs and database
development. The students are given the freedom to choose their own schedule and subject
combinations. The graduates are provided with the assurance of getting employed soon after
they complete their degrees which has made this a favoured destination for domestic and
international students alike.
8) Simon Fraser University – The department of Computer Science is intertwined with three
departments-the Faculty of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering Science and the School
of Mechatronic Systems Engineering. The students who enrol for the programs are very
satisfied with their experiences. The university has a lot of collaborations with foreign
universities which provides the students with the opportunity to gain more exposure in life.
Canada is a country where students can get admitted in the fall, winter and summer sessions.
Students can choose their subjects of choice for pursuing a Masters in ranging from the
conventional subjects which are taught with a twist to the more relevant subjects. Many
students choose the country for fulfilling their dreams of studying management.

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