1 Year PG Diploma Courses In Canada (2020) – Admission, Fee, Eligibility, Courses, Benefits

Then Canada might be the right option you can rely upon. Canada, which has a population of 37 million, is ranked as one of the best places to live in the world by the UN. The country provides high-value education in terms of standards of teaching and research. Another amazing fact is that there are 18 Canadian universities in the top 500 of the 2019 Quacquarelli Symonds – QS World University Ranking!

To name a few highly placed Universities include the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of British Columbia, Université de Montréal, University of Alberta, etc.

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When it comes to the fee structure and financial aspects of studying in Canada, it is found to be less expensive than similar universities in the US, the UK, and Australia. Moreover, compared to the strict immigration policies of its neighbor, Canada is renowned for its friendliness towards immigrants, a fact accentuated by the large international part of its population.

Indeed, along with Germany, Canada has risen through the ranks of popular educational destinations.

1 Year Courses In Canada

The rising popularity of 1 year courses in Canada among international students in recently is due to the short duration of the course, job-oriented curriculum, affordable tuition fees, and less stringent entrance criteria. 1 year courses help to apply for a work permit in Canada.

Helps in fulfilling the 16 years study requirement for admission to a master’s degree. It helps in covering gap years taken by students. Helps in building a skillset. 1 year courses are diplomas that can be pursued after 12th or under-graduation from recognized universities.

Diploma Courses for International Students in Canada

In view of the region of your enthusiasm, there are various momentary courses, i.e., 1-year courses that can be sought after in Canadian colleges. Perhaps the most ideal choice would be certificate courses. Such courses gave worked top to bottom information in the specific field of study. 

Based on the area of your interest, there are numerous short-term courses, i.e., 1-year courses that can be pursued in Canadian universities. One of the best options would be diploma courses. Such courses provided a specialized in-depth knowledge in the particular field of study.

Popular fields for Diploma in Canada: 

The undergrad diploma courses in Canada are regularly 4-semester courses which shift between a span of 1-2 years and an essential of a base 19 years old structure models in numerous colleges.

How is Canada for International Students?

Canada is one of the most desired destinations by international students for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. There are certain schemes like ‘Express Entry’ (Skilled Immigrant), Atlantic Immigration Pilot, etc. that support the students of foreign nationalities to study and work in Canada.

According to Times Higher Education, there has been a 11% rise in the number of international students at Canadian Universities in the year 2017. The employability and is much higher in Canada and students get placed within six months after graduation.

This is, in fact, a result of the courses being industry-oriented. A useful online tool has been developed by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) which helps the students to estimate the cost of studying at different places in the country.

In addition to this, the Canadian government provides a myriad of scholarships and tools of financial aid to international students. According to the National Occupational Classification (NOC) system, jobs in Canada are classified by the Canadian Government based on a) the job duties b) work a person does.

For immigration purposes jobs are grouped as follows:

  • Skill Type 0 (zero): Management jobs (Restaurant managers, mine managers, etc.)
  • Skill Level A: professional jobs that usually call for a degree from a university (doctors, architects, dentists, etc.
  • Skill Level B: technical jobs and skilled trades that usually call for a college diploma or training as an apprentice (electricians, chefs, plumbers, etc.)
  • Skill Level C: intermediate jobs that usually call for high school and/or job-specific training (industrial butchers, truck drivers, etc.)
  • Skill Level D: labor jobs that usually give on-the-job training (fruit pickers, oil field workers, etc.)

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Cost of Studying in Canada

The average tuition fees for international students in 2017/18 in Canada is CAD 25,180 (i.e. USD 20,540) per year for undergraduate courses. The courses in engineering, technology and medicine are much more expensive than those compared to courses in Arts and Humanities.

Business and Management courses cost lesser than the national average. In the case of Post Graduate courses, according to Statistics Canada, the average tuition fees comes to CAD 16,252 in 2017/18, which is approximately USD 13,250. In management courses, Executive MBAs cost much higher than regular MBAs throughout the globe.

The Canadian student-visa requires that the international students must possess at least CAD 10,000 per year. But the actual living expenses might tend to extend beyond this range. The living expenses which includes food, accommodation, course supplies, books, phone charges and other miscellaneous expenses.

Most of the reputed universities in the country estimate the cost of living expenses to be around CAD 15,500 per year, excluding the medical insurance which might add up to say around CAD 864 per year in the case of University of British Columbia.

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Admission Criteria in Canada

In spite of certain variations in the admission requirements between the different provinces of Canada, there are some common and mandatory criteria for admission to international students in universities of Canada.

One of the important requirement is the 12-13 years of minimum formal education for a Bachelor’s degree course. School Reports and other documents of previous education and achievements form the next criteria along with the grade system details followed in the previous school.

Other language documents must possess their English translations. There are also minimum score criteria in tests like TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, etc.

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Additional mandatory requirements include Letters of Recommendation from people of professional level, Statement of purpose, valid passport and photographs. In addition to this, it is essential for students to prepare for visa interviews and take into consideration any changes in the visa process.

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Best Colleges Providing Diploma Courses in Canada

These are some of the top short-term diploma courses in Canada:

Centennial College

  1. Business Graduate Certificate Programs
  2. Communications, Media, Arts and Design Graduate Certificate Programs
  3. Community and Health Studies Graduate Certificate Programs
  4. Engineering Technology and Applied Science Graduate Certificate Programs
  5. Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts Graduate Certificate Programs

Humber College

  1. Developmental Services Worker
  2. Military Arts and Science
  3. Police Foundations – Part-time
  4. Police Foundations Leadership program
  5. Social Service Worker

Lambton College

  1. Advanced Health Care Leadership Ontario College Graduate Certificate program
  2. Advanced Project Management & Strategic Leadership program
  3. The Advanced Teaching – E-Learning and Instructional Design, Ontario College Graduate Certificate (1 year)
  4. Autism & Behavioural Science Program  (1 year)
  5. Big Data – Science & Informatics (2-year)

Durham College

Fast track programs in

  1. Biotechnology (Advanced)
  2. Chemical Engineering Technology
  3. Environmental Technology
  4. Law Clerk Advanced
  5. Mechanical Engineering Technician
  6. Pharmaceutical and Food Science Technology
  7. Police Foundation
  8. Protection, Security, and Investigation

Algonquin College

Graduate Certificate Programs in

  1. Accounting and Finance Practice
  2. Advanced Care Paramedic
  3. Autism and Behavioural Science
  4. Autism and Behavioural Science
  5. Brand Management
  6. Building Automation System Operations
  7. Building Information Modelling – Lifecycle Management
  8. Financial Services
  9. Energy Management
  10. Human Resources Management

Short Certificate Courses in Canada

  1. Culinary Arts Certificate from Thompson Rivers University. This course Is suitable for students looking for a career in the food preparation industry.
  2. Project Management and Professional Communication Certificate from MacEwan University, School of Continuing Education – to enhance and improve organizing, delegating, motivating, time management and budget management.
  3. Software Construction – Data Abstraction Certificate by University of British Columbia.
  4. Global Logistics Management Certificate from MacEwan University, School of Continuing Education in association with the Supply Chain Management Association of Alberta (SCMA AB)
  5. Business Analysis and Professional Communication Certificate by MacEwan University, School of Continuing Education

Benefits of Diploma Courses in Canada

With a very transparent and quick PR system, Canada provides wide opportunities to settle down in the country. The foreign student’s master degree must be recognized by Canada as a Master Degree, adding to which a one-year program would be of great benefit to the candidate in terms of opportunities.

PR process is the same for someone who is already in Canada as for someone outside of Canada. The only advantage is that it will fetch you points for Canadian work experience.

When it comes to the cost of education, taking up courses in Canada could become a heavy burden after employment too. This is when the short-term courses are much sought after. Moreover, for a person looking for highly specialized study in a particular field, such courses come in handy.

This is, in fact, the best choice for people preferring a short student life and easy access to the Canadian job market.

Future Job Prospects

It is important that the student wishing to pursue courses abroad must be well aware of the market trends and opportunities that are abundant in the country that he or she plans to go to.

This is as well applicable in the case of Canada too. With the current demand for technical skills in the job market, especially the fields of Data Analytics and Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, there seems to be a huge demand for Engineering and technology-based careers.

Apart from these fields, the research and development in the fields of Medicine, Environmental Science as well as Management have always provided wide scope and opportunities for students in the recent past and is speculated to continue even in the future.

1-year Undergraduate Courses for International Students

There are few UG courses in Canada that vary between duration of 1-2 years, depending upon the subject or field of study. Most of these courses are offered by community colleges in Canada which are run by government-regulated post-secondary institutions.

These institutions offer one to two-year academic programs as well as pre-professional certifications and diplomas. But in choosing to pursue a 1 year UG course, one may have to consider taking up an internship or co-op experience in order to gain Canadian work experience.

A 1-year course would provide only a one year stay-back period, whereas 2-year courses can provide 3 year stay-back period, which might be suitable for an international student to find a job of his passion.

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Master’s Degree Programs in Canada in the field of Economics

  1. The Master of Applied Economics at Saint Mary’s University SOBEY School of Business. It is a 1-year (12 months) program, with the flexibility of part-time option as well.
  2. MA International Economics and Finance at Ryerson University program. A 12 months program that requires entrants to have passed the Mathematics and Statistics Review Course.
  3. Economics graduate program by The Department of Economics, University of Manitoba is also a 12-months program.
  4. Economic Policy by McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada – 1-year program
  5. Home Economics Education by University of British Columbia – 1-year program
  6. Business Economics by Brock university – 1-year program
  7. Economics course by the University of Windsor – 1-year program.
  8. What are the Master’s Degree Programs in Canada In the field of History?
  9. MA program in History by Concordia University Montréal – 12 months program
  10. M.A. in History by University of Northern British Columbia – 18 months program
  11. M.A. in History (Thesis)-Development studies by McGill University – 12 months program

Master’s Degree Programs in Canada in Finance

  1. Financial Management Diploma from University of Winnipeg – 12 months program
  2. Master of Finance (MF), offered by Schulich School of Business, York University – 1-year program
  3. Sobey School of Business Master of Finance (MFin) at Saint Mary’s University- for strategic financial skills – 1-year program
  4. Master of Financial Risk Management (MFRM) by the University of Toronto. It is a course that is designed for people who are good at finance and quantitative analysis. – 8-month program
  5. MA International Economics and Finance at Ryerson University program – 12 months program
  6. M.Sc. in Finance by HEC Montréal École de Gestion – 16 months program.

Master’s Degree Programs in Canada in pharmacy

  1. M.Sc. in Pharmacy by Memorial University of Newfoundland – 2-year program
  2. M.Sc. in Pharmacology by Dalhousie University – 2-year program
  3. M.Sc. in Pharmacy by University of Manitoba2-year program

Master’s Degree Programs in Canada in Engineering

  1. The Technology-enhanced Learning and Design program offered by the Royal Roads University – 1-year program
  2. Learning and Technology (Blended) Post-Graduate Diploma program by Royal Roads University is a 12-month, 18-credit program.
  3. The Master of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Saint Mary’s University – 16 months course


What are the Master’s Degree Programs in Canada?

Ans. When you think about pursuing a Master’s level program in Canada, you might just busy thinking about the subject of specialization! A few subject domains and the respective short-term (1-year) courses are detailed as follows.

What are the Future Job Prospects?

Ans. The current demand for technical skills in the job market, especially in the fields of Data Analytics and Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, there seems to be a huge demand for Engineering and technology-based careers.

What are the benefits of 1-year courses in Canada?

Ans. Canada provides wide opportunities to settle down in the country. The foreign student’s master’s degree must be recognized by Canada as a Master’s Degree, adding to which a one-year program would be of great benefit to the candidate in terms of opportunities.

What are the details of Courses in Canada?

Ans. Courses and university rankings are not provided officially by the Canadian government. Hence it is important that a candidate seeking admission to the institutions in Canada must research upon the course popularity and scope of the subject that he or she is willing to take up, as well as the reputation of the university. This is vital especially in cases of short-term courses as it is important for the courses to be recognized globally.

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Comments (51)

  1. Abhinav :

    What are 1-year courses?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      1-year courses are diplomas that can be pursued after 12th or under-graduation from recognised universities. It helps in covering gap years taken by students or building a skillset.

  2. Anurag :

    What is a Postgraduate Diploma?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      A Postgraduate Diploma in Canada also called a Graduate Diploma, are programmes offered to students that have completed their undergraduate studies. Master’s Programme is of three years’ duration, while a PG Diploma’s duration is of 1-2 years. It is often divided into two or four semesters.

  3. Achal :

    What are the top 1-year courses offered in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      1. Business Management
      2. Hospitality Management
      3. Health Science
      4. Science & Engineering
      5. Information Technology

  4. Disha :

    What are the top 1-year courses offered in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      There are a variety of courses offered by various universities in Canada. A few programs are Artificial Intelligence, Business Management, Hospitality Management, Data Analysis, Science and Engineering, Mechatronics and Robotics, Information Technology, Wireless Networking, Information Systems, Computer Science, Health Science, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Nursing and Midwifery.

  5. Sidhu :

    What are the colleges that offer PG 1-year courses in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      1. University of Toronto
      2. Fanshawe College
      3. McMaster University
      4. Centennial College
      5. Fleming College
      6. Red River College
      7. College of New Caledonia
      8. North Island College
      9. Georgian College
      10. Algonquin College
      11. University of Alberta
      12. Durham College

  6. Karan :

    What is the eligibility for the PG 1-year Courses in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      For a 1-year PG program, universities need students to have a high ranking undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.
      For a one-year diploma or certificate, the conditions may vary between achieving a higher secondary qualification (10+2) to an undergraduate based on the subject.
      Some of the top colleges in Canada may have a few additional criteria for the admission process. The general application package requires Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letters of Recommendation (LORs), GRE/GMAT scores (optional) and English language test (IELTS/TOEFL).
      Students require a Visa as well to stay in Canada.

  7. Agrim :

    What is the scope of a PG 1-year Diploma in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      A postgraduate diploma will enable you to start of your career, especially if it is in Canada. Skilled workers and professionals like Engineers, Doctors, Nurses, etc are in demand in Canada. Thus, your educational background and practical experience along with a PG Diploma in the relevant field will help you bag your dream job

  8. Parth :

    Is there a 1-year PGDM course in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Yes, there are various Postgraduate programmes in Canada with one-year duration. Colleges like Humber, Fanshawe and George Brown offer PGDM courses.

  9. Meru :

    Will I get a work permit in Canada after doing a 1-year diploma course from a private college?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      You might gain a work permit in Canada after pursuing a diploma. The course must be full-time and the duration should be at least eight months to be eligible for PGWP. If you have studied for a course duration of one year then you can apply for work permit up to one year, and if you have studied a course of two years duration then you can apply for work permit up to three years.

  10. Guneet :

    What are the benefits for the PG 1-year Courses in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      The advantages are as below:
      Helps in fulfilling the 16 years study requirement for admission to a master’s degree.
      Teaching-based course offered by SPP College helps in adjusting with the teaching techniques.
      The fee is cheaper as compared to other institutes.
      After completion of the course, students can apply for the work permit.

  11. Ansh :

    What are the future job benefits for the PG 1-year Courses in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      The student wishing to pursue courses abroad must be able to understand the market trends and opportunities that are available within Canada. With the current demand for technical skills in the job market, especially the fields of Data Analytics and Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, there seems to be a huge demand for Engineering and technology-based careers.
      Apart from these fields, the research and development in the fields of Medicine, Environmental Science as well as Management have many opportunities for students in the recently and is projected to have even in the coming years.

  12. Trisha :

    Are 1-year Undergraduate Courses for International Students in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Few UG courses in Canada vary between duration of 1-2 years, depending upon the subject or field of study. Most of the courses are offered by community colleges in Canada which are operated by government-regulated post-secondary institutions.
      These institutions offer one to two-year academic programs and pre-professional certifications and diplomas. But in choosing to pursue a 1-year UG course, one may have to consider taking up an internship or co-op experience to gain Canadian work experience.

  13. Bruce :

    Is 1-year Masters valid in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Masters degrees are entirely recognised by coursework (similar to Canadian Masters degrees). They are recognised for gaining jobs and not recognised as adequate to pursue a PhD.

  14. Brandon :

    Is there Free Education in Canada for International Students?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      There are no universities in Canada which are tuition-free for Domestic or International students. You can study for free by getting a complete tuition scholarship or completely funded scholarships. Although, there are very affordable universities in Canada for international students

  15. Bhavya :

    What are IELTS and TOEFL?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      IELTS and TOEFL are English Proficiency Exams. If you want to study internationally and do not originate from an English-speaking country, you will need to give one of the exams to apply. It is needed for both undergraduate and graduate programs and a high score on the exams is desirable.

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