Letter of Recommendation - LOR - Complete Overview

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What is a Letter of Recommendation?


A letter of recommendation is a kind of testimony, which is written by the previous colleague,
employer, client, teacher, or a person who can in his/her capacity recommend someone’s
academic performance or work. The goal of the letter is to affirm the achievements, skills,
ethics, and aptitude of the person who is being recommended. This acts as a confidence-
building measure for the new employer who can trust the written testimony without going in a
personal capacity to confirm it for himself/herself.

Who needs a Letter of Recommendation?

Any student who is pursuing higher studies to a foreign country can add more weight to his/her
candidature in the university/college if he/she has a letter of recommendation, preferably from
the Head of Department from his previous institution. A candidate who wishes to fulfill his/her
dream of being able to gain access to a renowned research facility and work with the best in the
research field can always wear a formal letter of recommendation down his/her collar to be able
to gain some confidence of the new scholar under which he/she will be working.

Why LOR?

It validates your resume, be it academic or professional experience. It helps give a third person,
who is a potential recruiter, an impression of your candidature. It, in a way, adds more insights
into the different qualities you vouch upon, like leadership skills and ability to work in a team.
The most important aspect of the Letter of Recommendation is that it also helps the new
recruiter know about your weaknesses if any.

Types of LOR

A letter of recommendation is a written testimony that offers valid information about your
characters and skills. It generally includes the details ranging from the candidate’s personality,
work ethic and academic achievements. There are different types of letter of recommendation
depending on different occasions such as Academic Recommendation Letters, Character
References and Employment Recommendations.

How to Write a LOR

In case you have been asked to be a reference for someone seeking a letter of
recommendation, you can write it by following a specific format. In the introduction paragraph,
you should include our name, the name of the person you are recommending and your
relationship with him/her. The main body includes the different hard and soft skills that the
candidate possesses, and you admire the most. You can conclude by stating why a person is
recommended by you.


LORs of students studying abroad

Prateek Biyani

University Of Sydney

Prateek Biyani

University Of Sydney

Prateek Biyani

University Of Sydney

Varun Garg

University College Dublin

Varun Garg

University College Dublin

Varun Garg

University College Dublin


Aston University

Gourav Chhabra

RMIT university


Monash University

Pradyut Bhatnagar

The University of Hong Kong

Ishaan Goenka

The University of Hong Kong

Shrinivas S

University of South Florida

Vahini Goyal

Swinburne University of Technology

Swapnil Shah

University of Massachusetts

Abhishek Jaiswal

University of Southern California

Saloni Goyl

University Of Glasgow

Nitya Singh

James Cook University

Vishal Sharma

University of Mannheim
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