MBBS in Canada (2020) – Top Universities, Fees, Eligibility, Scholarship, Admission

Canada is one of the most preferred countries for education for Canadians as well as for students all around the world. It is one of the most searched places for MBBS programs also as well as for any other course.

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The country has a very high academic standard with the best universities and institutions with a high reputation around the globe. There are more than 60 reputed institutions in Canada that have the MBBS program and are in the top 100 lists in the world according to the QS Ranking association. With high-quality teaching styles, infrastructure, experience, etc.

  • Colleges and Universities in Canada do not provide Undergraduate courses in Canada.
  • The program is generally for 3 to 5 years.
  • Students who want to enrol in the 4 years UG Program should have a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • The duration of the course varies with the Universities.
  • The graduate score for Bachelors should be 6.5.

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MBBS in Canada 

On the off chance that you are a hopeful clinical understudy, Canada is one of the most moderate alternatives to concentrate abroad. MBBS in Canada for worldwide understudies accompanies a bunch of advantages and necessities, and it isn’t at all a perplexing cycle to concentrate in Canada and seek after a clinical calling. 

MBBS represents the lone wolf of Medicine and the single man of medical procedure. At clinical Universities in Canada, there are no immediate MBBS courses. The degrees are not quite the same as different countries, and for clinical investigations, there are no single men or college degrees. The degrees granted toward the finish of the projects are MD (Doctor of Medicine). 

MBBS in Canada for Indian Students

Many Indian Students aim for getting admission in Canadian colleges for MBBS program. Many Medical students after their Bachelors Degree for further studies opt for Canadian universities.

Indian students mostly choose Canada as a priority because it is less competitive, reasonable price and high accommodation. With high infrastructure and teaching quality, Indian students prefer Canadian Universities.

MBBS from Canada is recognized worldwide and has a great reputation around the globe.

  1. Less Competitive.
  2. Recognized by all over the world.
  3. High infrastructure and teaching quality.
  4. Students should have a Bachelor Degree.
  5. TOEFL and IELTS score should be 90 out of 100 for Indian students.

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MBBS in Canada Fees in Indian Rupees

Canadian Universities are very affordable with high placements and high-quality teaching. After the Bachelor’s course, most of the Indian students who are interested further in MBBS opt for Canadian universities and colleges.

The fees structure offered is thus affordable with other amenities such as accommodation fees and transportation fees etc. The environment in Canada is also very cultural and about 23% of the country have Indians.

The universities and colleges in Canada have less competition and thus is easy for their admission.

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Top Universities for MBBS in Canada 

University of Toronto 

The University of Toronto is a public establishment that was established in 1827. Around 80% of its understudies learn at the undergrad level. The school has three grounds – St. George, Mississauga and Scarborough – situated in and around Toronto.

University of Toronto

Approximately 95 percent of the college’s alumni understudies learn at the midtown St. George grounds, as do upward of 60% of its students. A great many unfamiliar understudies from in excess of 160 nations and districts go to the University of Toronto. In an ongoing year, the top nations of cause for non-Canadian understudies were China, India and the U.S. Educational cost is higher for global understudies. 

McMaster University 

McMaster University is a public establishment that was established in 1887. The Canadian college’s primary grounds are in a rural neighbourhood of Hamilton, Ontario, close to the western edge of Lake Ontario and not a long way from the U.S. fringe. Different grounds are situated in downtown Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener-Waterloo and Niagara.

Macmaster University

The college’s global understudies hail from in excess of 75 nations, and its full-opportunity employees originate from more than 55. Educational costs are higher for non-Canadian understudies. College worked understudy lodging is accessible, with choices including themed living networks, for example, an all-female network, a solid dynamic living network and a worldwide viewpoints network. 

University of British Columbia 

The University of British Columbia is a public establishment situated in the Canadian region of British Columbia. The college was set up in 1908 and opened in 1915. It has two primary grounds – the Vancouver grounds and the Okanagan grounds situated in Kelowna.

University of British Columbia

The Vancouver grounds is the bigger of the two, obliging in excess of 85 percent of UBC understudies. In an ongoing year, 23 percent of understudies at the Vancouver grounds and around 13 percent at the Okanagan grounds were worldwide. 

McGill University 

McGill University is a public organization that was established in 1821 and is situated in Quebec, Canada. The college has two grounds: the midtown grounds in Montreal and the Macdonald grounds in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. The two grounds are around 20 miles separated.

The essential language of guidance is English, in spite of the fact that in an ongoing year around 20% of college understudies said French was their first language. Indeed, around half of the number of inhabitants in Montreal communicates in French as a first language. Around one-fourth of the understudy body is global, with understudies hailing from in excess of 150 nations. 

University of Montreal 

The University of Montreal is a public foundation that follows its underlying foundations back to 1878. At first a part of the Université Laval de Québec, it turned into an autonomous establishment in 1919. The college is associated with two different schools: Polytechnique Montréal, a designing school, and HEC Montréal, a business college.

The college and its partnered schools are situated in Montreal, Quebec – one of the most crowded metropolitan territories in Canada. Around one-fourth of the understudy body over each of the three organizations learns at the alumni level. 

University of Calgary 

The University of Calgary (U of C or UCalgary) is a public examination college situated in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The University of Calgary began in 1944 as the Calgary part of the University of Alberta, established in 1908, before being initiated into a different, independent college in 1966. It is made out of 14 resources and more than 85 examination establishments and focuses.

The principal grounds is situated in the northwest quadrant of the city close to the Bow River and a more modest south ground is situated in the downtown area. The primary grounds houses the greater part of the examination offices and works with common and government research and administrative organizations, a few of which are housed close to the grounds, for example, the Geological Survey of Canada. The fundamental grounds covers roughly 200 hectares (490 sections of land). 

University of Alberta 

The University of Alberta is a public organization that was established in 1908. Situated in the area of Alberta in Western Canada, around 80% of the college’s understudies learn at the undergrad level.

The college comprises five grounds, four of which are in the city of Edmonton, including the principal North Campus, which covers around 50 city blocks. The college’s fifth site, the Augustana Campus, is found approximately an hour from Edmonton in the rustic city of Camrose. 

University of Ottawa 

The University of Ottawa (French: Université d’Ottawa), regularly alluded to as uOttawa or U of O, is a bilingual public examination college in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The fundamental grounds is situated on 42.5 hectares (105 sections of land) in the core of Ottawa’s Downtown Core, near the private neighborhood of Sandy Hill, contiguous to Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.

The University of Ottawa was first settled as the College of Bytown in 1848 by the primary cleric of the Catholic Archdiocese of Ottawa, Joseph-Bruno Guigues. Put under the heading of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, it was renamed the College of Ottawa in 1861 and got college status five years after the fact through an imperial contract. On 5 February 1889, the college was allowed an ecclesiastical sanction by Pope Leo XIII, raising the establishment to an ecclesiastical college. 

Western University 

The University Of Western Ontario (UWO), corporately marked as Western University starting in 2012 and usually abbreviated to Western, is a public exploration college in London, Ontario, Canada.

The fundamental grounds is situated on 455 hectares (1,120 sections of land) of land, encircled by private areas and the Thames River bisecting the grounds’ eastern segment. The college works on twelve scholarly resources and schools. It is a member of the U15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada.

Laval University 

Université Laval is a French-language, public examination college in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The University was established by imperial contract gave by Queen Victoria in 1852, with establishes in the establishing of the Séminaire de Québec in 1663 by François de Montmorency-Laval, making it the most seasoned focus of advanced education in Canada and the main North American organization to offer advanced education in French.

The college, whose grounds was raised from the 1950s forward in the rural ward of Sainte-Foy–Sillery–Cap-Rouge, is positioned among the main 10 Canadian colleges regarding research financing and holds 4 Canada Excellence Research Chairs. Like most foundations in Quebec, the name (Université Laval) isn’t interpreted in English.

Medical Colleges in Canada

There are ample of colleges in Canada which provide MBBS Degrees which is recognized by the world. With high-quality teaching and infrastructure, the universities provide all the equipment which are needed in this field for better knowledge and experience.

Students gain experience and knowledge. There are universities that provide high-tech placements not only in Canada but around the world. Many successful doctors around the world have passed from these universities.

Some of the famous and reputed universities of Canada for Medical students are as follows:

  1. Queen’s University
  2. University of Alberta
  3. University of Victoria
  4. University of Waterloo
  5. University of Fraser Valley
  6. University of Western Ontario

Top 10 Canada Medical Colleges

Here is the list of top 10 Medical colleges in Canada:

  1. University of British Colombia
  2. University of Alberta
  3. Cumming School of Medicine; University of Calgary
  4. College of Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan
  5. University of Manitoba
  6. Northern Ontario School of medicine
  7. Western University; Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
  8. McMaster University
  9. University of Toronto
  10. Queen’s University at Kingston

Why Study MBBS in Canada?

MBBS in Canada is certainly not a four-year certification, yet is a globally acknowledged MD degree. Here are a few points of interest in contemplating MBBS in Canada: 

  • At the point when you learn at clinical Universities in Canada, you are seeking after your clinical degree at not many of the world’s best colleges on the planet, which is acknowledged everywhere in the world. 
  • Canada’s clinical colleges for MBBS are additionally known for their exploration yield. 
  • Canada is encountering a high inflow of instructive movement and the variety offered is something to encounter for each worldwide understudy. 
  • Another favorable position to concentrate in Canada is Study abroad grants and awards accessible. Then after examination openings are extremely rewarding after the clinical investigations. 

MBBS in Canada Fees

In terms of fee structure of MBBS, Canada is one of the most affordable countries for the students who are interested in MBBS. With all the educational facilities and with accommodation and transport facilities, the country is one of the cheapest for education and also reputed around the world.

The cost of most of the Universities is around $55,000 to $70,000 every year. Other than the fees structure the country is affordable for accommodation as well as for transportation also.

College NameFees Structure
University of Toronto$24,835 Per Year
University of Manitoba$32,360 Per Year
Dalhousie University$23,000 Per Year
Trinity Medical College$18,000 Per Year
University of Ottawa$40,680 Per Year

MBBS in Canada for Indian Students Fees

Canadian Universities are very affordable with high placements and high-quality teaching. After the Bachelor’s course, most of the Indian students who are interested further in MBBS opt for Canadian universities and colleges.

The fees structure offered is thus affordable with other amenities such as accommodation fees and transportation fees etc. The environment in Canada is also very cultural and about 23% of the country have Indians.

The universities and colleges in Canada have less competition and thus is easy for their admission.

Top Universities for MBBS in Canada Fee for Indian Students:

University NameFee Structure
University of TorontoRs 1,782,407 Per Year
University of ManitobaRs 2,322,477 Per Year
University of OttawaRs 2,919,603 Per Year
Trinity Medical CollegeRs 1,291,860 Per Year

PG in Canada after MBBS in India

For International Students, there is no option for a Bachelor’s degree or course from Canada. Students who have Bachelors Degree thus can apply for universities and colleges in Canada.

Therefore Indian students or students from any other nationalities who are interested in doing MBBS from Canada should have a Bachelor’s Degree. Therefore, all the students who opt for the course the majority of them opt for PG courses.

With high-quality teaching facilities and with fully equipped labs and theatres, students are likely to get an overall experience that is positive and needed for their career.

There are ample of colleges for MBBS in Canada and there are a total of 17 Medical Schools in Canada.

  1. Bachelor Courses for International students are not available.
  2. PG Courses for International as well as for Canadian students are available.
  3. Direct Admission for PG Courses is available.
  4. Students are likely to get placements and internships after their PG Courses.
  5. There are a total of 17 medical schools in Canada for PG Courses and more than 50 Universities and colleges.

MBBS in Canada After 12th

Canadian Universities and Colleges do not accept international students who have graduated in 12th grade. They only accept those students who have completed their Bachelor’s Degree. Canadian students can be accepted after the 12th, but for international students, the need for a Bachelor’s Degree is very important.

Canadian Universities believe in experience, after their offered course, the universities provide the students with placements and internships to gain experience. Thus they only select those students who thus have prior experience of more than 4 to 5 years and who is capable of understanding the human body and the course.

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MBBS Scholarship

International students, as well as Canadian students, are provided with generous scholarships. Government and Non-Government institutions do provide scholarships that are beneficial for the students and give them support and motivation to do better in the future.

There are 2 main Government Scholarships for the Medical Students which are: Canada Graduate Scholarship and NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship. Some of the Non-Government Scholarships are Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation Scholarship, Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships.

Scholarships for MBBS students

  1. 2 main Government Scholarships for the Medical Students which are: Canada Graduate Scholarship and NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship.
  2. Non-Government Scholarships are Canadian Rhodes Scholars Foundation Scholarship, Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships.
  3. Government and Non-Government institutions both provide scholarships to the Medical students.
  4. Many of the universities offer Merit-Based Scholarships.
  5. Financial Awards are also given to the students.

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Medical Schools in Canada

There are a total of 17 Medical schools in Canada that are famous all around the globe for their high-quality teaching and infrastructure. These schools provide internships and placements in the future for experience for the new students.

But all the schools, only accept those students who have completed their Bachelor’s Degree. MBBS Degree is very important and needs experience, thus these schools believe in perfection and only accept and mould those students who have completed their Bachelors Degree.

Some of the Medical Schools are as follows:

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Medication in Canada Requirements

To consider medication at the University of Toronto, and in Canada for the most part, you should have some past college experience and can’t enter a program legitimately from secondary school. The most punctual you can apply is the start of your third year of undergrad considers. There are distinctive scholarly necessities relying upon your instructive foundation: 

Central issue for Indian understudies:

  • Understudies must have finished an undergrad (3/4 years) degree in science or science. 
  • Canadian Medical Universities don’t take direct application after 10+2 capability. 
  • Indian understudies should clear NEET-UG test. 

Direct Admission in MBBS in Canada

There is a systematic process if students want to take admission to MBBS in Canada. Only those students who have completed their Bachelors Degree can apply for colleges and universities in Canada.

Candidates must pass the 10+2 with marks above 60% and should be a student of Physics, Chemistry or Biology stream. Students who are interested need to give MCAT which is the Medical College Admission Test and must qualify in this specific exam. English Proficiency Exam either TOEFL or IELTS should be given by the candidate and the candidate should gain at least 90 out of 100 marks.

The process is as follows:

  • Students need to qualify for the MCAT exam.
  • Students need to qualify the admission criteria which are set by the particular University or School.
  • Students need to qualify for the English Proficiency Exam.
  • Students who qualify for all the exams and give the exact documents are eligible to get direct admission.
  • Students who have a Bachelor’s Degree are only allowed to apply for Canadian Universities.


✅ How much will it cost to study MBBS in Canada?

Ans. Students are likely to spend around C$20,000 and C$30,000 per year, which covers both tuition fees and living expenses. The cost of living is affordable. It is easy to live a quality life while studying in the country.

✅ Is Canada good for MBBS?

Ans. Canada is counted among the few top countries in the whole world thus Canada is always a significant option of studying MBBS.

✅ Is Neet required for MBBS in Canada?

Ans. MBBS admission in Canada was without NEET for Indian students but from this year every Indian candidate is required to qualify in NEET to be eligible for MBBS Admission in Canada.

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  1. Ansh :

    What is the cost of examining medication in Ukraine?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      It is the subject of each clinical wannabe. In Ukraine, clinical projects are educated in English language. Educational expenses shift from 2600 to 3700 Euros/year with convenience of 700 Euros/Year.

  2. Shivam :

    Is the entry level position additionally remembered for the span of the MBBS course?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Truly, the length of MBBS course in Ukraine is 6 years alongside temporary job. The degree granted after consummation obviously is Doctor of Medicine.

  3. Vishesh :

    Is the temporary position likewise remembered for span of MBBS course?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Indeed, the term of MBBS course in Ukraine is 6 years alongside temporary job. The degree granted after finishing obviously is Doctor of Medicine.

  4. Pragya :

    Is the NEET Examination Mandatory for applying MBBS in Ukraine?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Truly, it is important to clear NEET entrance test for seeking after MBBS in Ukraine. It is significant for screening test directed by Medical Council of India (MCI).

  5. Charul :

    Is Ukraine ok for the global Students?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Indeed, totally. Ukraine has gotten a one of the exceptionally organized place for Medical understudies. Ukrainian specialists concocted unmistakable principles and guidelines to oblige wellbeing for global understudies.

  6. Ravi :

    Would you be able to assess the best clinical colleges in Ukraine?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Here are the some of best Medical Universities:
      1. Bogomolets National Medical University
      2. Kharkiv National Medical University
      3. Kiev Medical University
      4. Ternopil State Medical University

  7. Subhankar :

    Are Medical Colleges in Ukraine MCI endorsed?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Truly, the Medical Colleges in Ukraine are MCI affirmed. Following are some MCI perceived clinical colleges.

      1. Bogomolets National Medical University.
      2. Bukovinian State Medical University.
      3. Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.
      4. Dnipropetrovsk State Medical Academy.

  8. Harjeet :

    What amount of time does it require to get a Ukraine Visa?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      On the off chance that your documentation is clear, at that point it takes scarcely 2 to about a month to get an Invitation letter from Ukrainian Universities.

  9. Garvit :

    Is the MBBS degree from Ukraine substantial in India?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Truly, very nearly many understudies seek after MBBS in Ukraine. Just indeed understudies ought to need to clear MCI Screening Test for rehearsing in India.

  10. Kritika :

    What are the application expenses needed for Student Visa?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      For understudy visa, the application charge is around US $160 and for Work and Religious Visas it is about US $190.

  11. Chhavi :

    Are there any work open doors for International Students in Ukraine?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Indeed, the global understudies need to have work grant or habitation license to work in Ukraine. The normal compensation goes from 200 to 250 USD every month for working in Ukraine.

  12. Vaishnavi :

    Requirements for MBBS Admission in Canada for 2019-20

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Notwithstanding the qualification measures, the MBBS competitors need to qualify some different necessities too, to get their induction into the clinical universities of Canada.

      Here you can peruse all such prerequisites for your thought.

      1. Global MBBS hopefuls need to have a legitimate identification and Visa to look for their confirmation.
      2. Students need to introduce legitimate and authentic duplicates of the instructive evidence at the hour of affirmation.
      3. 2 visa size photographs would likewise be required.
      4. NEET test is obligatory for the Indian MBBS applicants alongside the endorsement declaration from the MCI.
      5. On the off chance that any up-and-comers have any criminal record, at that point such applicants won’t be considered for the affirmation reason in Canada.

  13. Anushna :

    How to Take Admission in Canada MBBS

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Well in the event that you need to contemplate medication in Canada, at that point you need to make your confirmation application for it in a precise way. Here in this segment, you can see the MBBS affirmation strategy in Canada.

      1. Most importantly, students need to fit the bill for the base confirmation models with regards to instructive foundation.
      2. After that students need to apply for the Medical College Admission Test which is the confirmation placement test of the Canadian clinical organizations.
      3. The students additionally need to take the language capability test, for example, ILETS or the TOEFL.
      4. Students who qualify both the tests and present the substantial capability records will be shortlisted with the end goal of confirmation.

  14. Angana :

    Advantages of MBBS in Canada?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      Canada clinical school affirmation may carry numerous focal points to the applicants, who will embrace this program.

      1. Thus, on the off chance that you are searching for some particular favorable circumstances of this MBBS program from Canada then you can get it from here underneath.
      2. The norm of MBBS schooling in Canada is simply top notch which is viewed as extremely premium over the Globe.
      3. MBBS in Canada centers fundamentally around clinical exploration work where applicants will learn much than the desires.
      4. You will get variety and a rich culture in Canada as there are various understudies who originate from various pieces of the world to consider.
      5. The extent of clinical grant in Canada is more than some other nation as there are numerous sorts of grant programs where you can apply for the examinations.
      6. Understudies who finish their MBBS from Canada get extremely good open doors in Canada itself to push their vocation forward.

  15. Asmita :

    Why Choose Canada for MBBS/Medical Studies?

    • Piyush Bhartiya :

      The wannabes who need MBBS confirmation in Canada have an extremely normal question to raise, which is concerning why they ought to pick Canada for their MBBS schooling.

      1. Here noting that inquiry of them we will list down some particular focuses, which will legitimize why MBBS from Canada is a fair decision.
      2. Most importantly the clinical schooling arrangement of Canada is considered as a part of the couple of top nations in the entire world accordingly Canada is consistently a critical alternative of contemplating MBBS.
      3. The other explanation is Canada is probably the best nation on the planet to live with all the basics of life.
      4. Canada is the mix of the multicultural society where the applicants can will learn numerous things over the span of their examinations.
      5. The MBBS or the other clinical degrees from Canada are perceived over the Globe along these lines you can work anyplace on the planet in the wake of having the clinical degree from this nation.

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