BDS to MBBS Bridge Course

The most pursued medical science courses include Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) and Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

A candidate needs to appear for the National Entrance cum Eligibility Test, commonly abbreviated as the NEET Exam. Both the courses are undergraduate level, but there are some differences between the two. The basic difference lies in the duration and curriculum of the respective courses.

While the BDS program is of 4.5 years, the MBBS course runs for 5.5 years, including the internship period. On the whole, the Medical Council of India is responsible for the regulation of the MBBS program, while the BDS program is regulated by the Dental Council of India.

Each year, thousands of students give the entrance test while only a few make it to the government institutions. However, there are private institutions providing the same course but with a higher tuition fee.  

What is a Bridge Course?

Each country has some basic admission criteria for different courses and programs in the wide-ranging private and public universities.

The basic criteria need to be fulfilled in order to secure an admission in the called course. If a student who has completed the course doesn’t have the knowledge which is required after the completion of their course, these courses help in preparing the candidates for a course with the next level of learning.

The loss of one year of the full undergraduate duration course can be compensated with a bridge course.

BDS to MBBS Bridge course – List of top courses

A BDS to MBBS Bridge course has been recently recommended by the Dental Council of India. The objective of the three-year program is two-fold.

The first objective that gets fulfilled through this bridge course is that it will benefit the BDS graduates looking for full-time employment opportunities.

The second objective is since it is an innovative program, it will provide an opportunity for the Dental Aspirants to take up a different career path after completing the degree program.

Thus the program has a huge potential helpful in filling the lacuna which is created by the low penetration of skilled professionals in medical sciences currently in India. 

  1. Ear, Nose, and Throat
  2. Paediatrics
  3. Forensic medicine including toxicology
  4. Gynaecology
  5. General medicine
  6. General surgery
  7. Anesthesiology
  8. Introduction to Humanities and community medicine
  9. Biochemistry
  10. Radiotherapy
  11. Ophthalmology
  12. Psychiatry

BDS Bridge course – List

BDS to MBBS Bridge is a course having a distinct approach. It allows the graduates in Dental Sciences to practice in the role of general physicians in organizations, hospitals, clinics, etc.

After the successful completion of the course, the graduates need to spend a minimum of three years working in rural areas. The full list of the BDS Bridge Course is listed in bullet points below –

  1. Histology, Bio-Chemistry, Physiology and Anatomy.
  2. Physiology, Micro-biology
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Neurology, Pediatrics
  5. General Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Cardiology, Emergency Medicine

What is a BDS to MBBS Bridge Course?

Efforts are being made in the country to improve the education system of the country.

This is the most recent development when it comes to improving the education system further by providing the best medical education in the country.

The proposal is to start a BDS to MBBS ‘Bridge’ Course, with the MCI, DCI and Ministry of Health reviewing the curriculum for the same. The proposal may help in allowing the dentist to practice just as the general physicians.

Although the full curriculum has still not been released or finalized, here are some aspects which might be covered later on by the Bridge Course, as and when it is released.

  1. Dental Council of India has proposed that the bridge course pst BDS will run for three years. 
  2. The students can secure admissions either by cracking the common entrance test or according to the cumulative score secured during their BDS.
  3. It may happen that the admission criteria consider scores from the entrance as well as the cumulative score of BDS. 
  4. The curriculum, examination scheme, method to evaluate, registration and degrees – all these are the criteria which will be the same as recommended for MBBS.

BDS to MBBS Bridge Course – Eligibility Criteria

The admission process is yet to be finalized by the Dental Council of India. The Dental Council of India has proposed a process for the aspirants from the BDS program who want to become practitioners or physicians.

The BDS-MBBS Bridge program is for the students from the Dental Background who want to switch and enter the medical field working as a physician.

The course is expected to increase the number of professionals and thus has the potential to fill the lacuna in the medical field in the country. The DCI along with the MCI and Ministry of Health is expected to regulate the admission criteria as well as the curriculum.

  1. The applicant will have to give an entrance exam or,
  2. Candidates cumulative score in the BDS program will be considered.
  3. The admissions may be granted by considering both the above criteria. 
  4. Even though the curriculum has still not been framed, the possibility of the course following the same syllabus and certain modifications with it will be followed. 

How to get admission in Bridge Course after BDS

Bachelor of Dental Sciences who wish to pursue the bridge course to become general physicians have to make sure that their final cumulative score is high.

They also need to prepare for the entrance test, which may include syllabus from both BDS, as well as the MBBS program. Sample papers from different entrance tests can be practised in order to be eligible for cracking the exam.

It is expected that the syllabus of the entrance test would be such that the ones who wish to apply for the course don’t have to face an alien syllabus.

The subjects that may be a part of the Bridge Course include Paediatrics, Forensic medicine including toxicology, Gynaecology, General medicine, General surgery, etc.

BDS to MBBS Bridge course in India

The Medical Council of India (DCI) along with the Dental Council of India (MCI) recently announced their decision to review Bachelor of Dental Surgery to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Bridge Course in India.

The curriculum in this regard is being reviewed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare along with both the councils. The basic idea behind this is to make sure that the lacuna in the medical field and physicians working in the country is filled.

Let us consider the following bullet points highlighting a little about the BDS-MBBS Bridge Course –

  1. Public Universities will be starting with the course.
  2. Later on, the private universities will also be allowed to provide the option of a Bridge Course.
  3. The course is expected to be three years in duration after the completion of BDS.
  4. The syllabus is expected to be similar to that of MBBS, however, there might be certain changes.
  5. The Bridge Course is expected to increase the number of professionals in the medical field.

BDS to MBBS Bridge course – Duration

A BDS to MBBS Bridge course was recently recommended by the Dental Council of India.

The basic idea behind such a course is to increase the number of practising professionals in order to fill the lacuna in the medical situation of the country.

The course is also expected to benefit the BDS graduates in taking up or looking got full-time job opportunities in all the areas where currently the MBBS Graduates are given an opportunity. 

  1. One objective is to increase the scope for the BDS Graduates who are or have been aspirants of MBBS.
  2. The other objective is that it will help build an innovative program providing opportunity equally for all the BDS and MBBS Aspirants.
  3. The third objective that it is expected to fulfil is filling the gap in medical education and thus the lack of medical professionals.
  4. There will be options available in public universities first, post which private universities will also get an option to provide the bridge course.

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