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GMAT for USA: Best Universities Accepting GMAT Scores in USA

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Thu, December 7, 2017 2:08 PM   Updated on Mon, December 16, 2019 6:40 AM   6 mins read

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Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT, is a test that all students who aspire to get into Business School are required to attempt. The GMAT is focused on assessing the verbal and analytical abilities of a student. This is because, every potential student who wishes to have a career in business, must possess these qualities. Most B-Schools, require candidates to produce their GMAT scores in order to be considered as a viable student at their university.

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What are the GMAT Colleges and Universities in USA?

The USA is an ideal destination for study abroad aspirants as they have a number of scholarships available for the students.  Also, the presence of reputed B-Schools makes it even more favorable for career growth.  Also, you can achieve a great score in GMAT if you are on the right track of preparation. 

Now that you’ve understood what the GMAT is all about, let’s have a look at the best universities accepting GMAT scores in the United States of America (USA).

List of Universities accepting GMAT scores In the USA

1. Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business- Evanston, Illinois

Kellogg School of Business not only equips its students with the theoretical ability of a workplace but also, on how to command and take charge of it. This university empowers its’ students to be leaders of tomorrow. This university offers two kinds of full-time MBAs that aspiring candidates can choose from. The one-year MBA, gives students with prior experience in business, the opportunity to dive head-first into the honing their skills as leaders. It allows these students exemptions from certain core subjects and is more focused on the vocational training itself.

The two-year MBA course, however, is more detailed in its structure. It inculcates all aspects of the industry and fuses all vocational and theoretical training. This course teaches students enrolled, all that is required for an undergraduate who is looking to work in the field of business. It offers multiple electives, which gives the student the option to choose the core subjects most relevant to his/her end goals with this degree.

This wing of Northwestern University also has a large group of alumni, all well-versed in different aspects of the business industry. They allow current students to communicate with these distinguished alumni to understand their interested field better. More importantly, students of Kellogg School of Business, emerge out of the universities as capable, distinguished innovators of tomorrow. Does this sound like your perfect fit? Find out more details about the application process, here.


All candidates are required to complete an introductory course in calculus and statistics, to be considered. Additionally, those who apply to the one-year MBA program need to have prior work experience and education in business and economics.

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2. Tuck School of Business- Dartmouth College, Hanover New Hampshire

Located in Hanover, New Hampshire, the Tuck School of Business trains their students to be effective leaders, team-players and entrepreneurs. Their key goals with the MBA program include imparting values such as collaboration, teamwork, and innovation within limited resources to all of their students. The Tuck MBA translates almost perfectly from college to workplace. All students who graduate from Tuck School of Business, with their MBA program, find themselves thriving in the ever-expanding industry of business. Do you consider yourself a leader? Then apply for a tuck MBA!

Enjoy what we’ve written for you so far? Consider checking out the homepage for more useful material by clicking here. 

3. Fuqua School of Business, Duke University- Durham, North Carolina

The Fuqua School of Business, welcome students from all over the world with open arms. Their detailed list of programs within the MBA bracket allows for potential students to pick the best option, which will most suit their educational and professional desires. They offer three types of MBA programmes: The Daytime MBA, The Global Executive MBA, and the Weekend Executive MBA.

1. The Daytime MBA which is for 22 months, focuses on creating a leader out of the student. The curriculum focuses on vocational training with added theoretical expertise that can really shape the entrepreneur and CEO in you. With over 14 different options to choose from, you can customize your MBA right to the tee! They also encourage students enrolled in the daytime MBA to explore their co-curricular life and focus on work experience outside of the classroom. Find more details about the application process here.

2. The Global Executive MBA which is taught for 17 months, is designed for an active professional in the field of business. This programme focuses on finessing the leadership skills of these individuals. If this is just right for you, check out the application process for the Global Executive MBA here.

3. Fuqua Business School Weekend Executive MBA is a goal-oriented MBA designed for active executives. This course, which extends over 19 months, and reduces time spent in a week for 3 days. This is especially effective for people who do not have the time to do a full-time MBA. If this is appropriate for you, take a look at the application process here.

4. The University of Michigan, Stephen M Ross School of Business- Ann Arbour, Michigan

Recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top schools for Business, the Stephen M Ross School of Business has a reputation worldwide for their experienced faculty, state of the art resources and curriculum. While other colleges focus on creating leaders, the goal of Ross School of Business is slightly different. They believe and propagate the idea of “…being the change you want to see in the world.” Their two-year MBA program certainly reflects this ideology. This full-time MBA offered by them is carefully crafted to ensure the best out of every individual. They achieve this by fusing hands-on training, with theory and giving students the freedom to customize their MBA based on their interests.

The Ross School of Business also offers a one-year MBA course, which focuses on core principles that executives or those with work experience in this field can study, to finesse their skills.

Does this seem interesting to you? Take a look at the application process here.

These are our hand-picked suggestions for applying if you have your scores under the GMAT. Please do comment if you have any queries or suggestions.

If these don’t seem like your ideal university, you can choose from our large inventory of options available in the USA!

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