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MS in Computer Science from the USA is a long-term course offered by around 400 colleges the nation over. Worldwide Students hoping to seek a Master Degree in Computer Science from the USA need to have a 4 years four-year college education in the significant field of study. 

Why Study MS in Computer Science in USA?

The United States has long been the top option for international students studying abroad in computer science, with over a million international students residing in the country.

  • Top 15 colleges in the USA are among the main 50 software engineering schools far and wide, as per the QS World Ranking, 2020. 
  • Computer graduates in the US procure a normal compensation of 85,000 USD/Year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
  • As extended by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is assessed that new position positions in the field of software engineering and innovation will increment by 16% continuously in 2028.
  • Computer specialists are in great demand in states like New York, California, Michigan, and Massachusetts, with an average annual salary of more than 95,000 USD.

The USA is the center point of the greater part of the tech goliaths like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and some more, and in this way, the top software engineering schools in the USA giving Masters in Computer Science are among the best colleges on the planet. Referenced underneath are the top colleges that give MS in software engineering from the USA alongside their QS World Ranking, 2020, and charges structure.

MS in Computer Science in USA Admissions

MS in computer science from the United States is one of the most popular courses, so there are specific requirements for admission to the best institutions in the United States. There are worldwide proficiency examinations that must be passed to continue. These examinations also include the GRE and English Language Proficiency (such as IELTS and TOEFL).

Application Deadlines for Admission to MS in CS in USA

The following are the application dates for MS in Computer Science programs at the leading colleges in the United States:

UniversityApplication Deadline
Stanford UniversityDecember 7
Carnegie Melon UniversityDecember 9
University of California, BerkeleyDecember 8
Harvard UniversityDecember 1
Princeton UniversityDecember 15
University of California, Los AngelesDecember 1
University of WashingtonDecember 15

Eligibility for MS in Computer Science from USA

Although the criteria differ from one institution to the next, the general admission requirements for a master’s degree in computer science in the United States are based on a set of standard entrance tests.

Because the MS in Computer Science is a popular degree, it attracts a lot of applicants, resulting in stiff competition, which is another key consideration for entrance criteria.

The following are some of the fundamental eligibility:

  • Academics: Undergraduate degree comparable to a bachelor’s degree in computer science in the United States or a related technical discipline with a 3.0 GPA out of 4.0 GPA. This is the equivalent of 83-86 percent, and the grade is a B.
  • GRE: One of the essential factors is GRE score, which ranges from 292-328 on average.
  • Language: Students must perform well on ELPs such as the IELTS and TOEFL.

MS in Computer Science in USA Costs

The fees for each institution have already been mentioned in the preceding part. Still, it’s also crucial for an overseas student to understand the cost of living in the United States since it adds a significant amount to the whole budget.

Pre-arrival Expenses

Pre-arrival fees for overseas students also include the cost of a student’s visa to the United States, admission tests necessary to study in the United States, and travel costs.

CategoriesCost (in USD)
Visa Application Cost510
IELTS fee240
TOEFL fee200
GRE fee190
SEVIS fee180 for J-type visas200 for F-type visas
Travel Cost500-1000

Tuition fees for MS in Computer Science in USA

The average cost of higher education MS in computer science in the United States is around 78,000 USD for the total program, ranging from a minimum of 13,272 USD for the overall degree at the School of California-Berkeley to an absolute max of 141,000 USD for the whole program at Yale University.

MS in Computer Science in USA Scholarships

Education and living expenditures in the United States are relatively high, especially for individuals coming from countries with lower exchange rates. Despite the high cost of education, the United States provides scholarships for overseas students to help and support their studies financially.

Your living and tuition fees may be totally or partly covered depending on a few variables, as listed below:

  • The amount of your scholarship is determined by your Entrance Exam scores.
  • Recommendation letters, extracurricular activities, and accomplishments are also important.

A handful of the most well-known masters student scholarships in the United States are listed below:

  • Students with exceptional academic records via the Civil Society Leadership Award provide tuition, living costs, and a monthly allowance.
  • Only International Women applicants are eligible for the PEO International Peace Scholarship for Women, which awards 12,500 USD.
  • The National Overseas Scholarship covers tuition, healthcare coverage, travel costs, and other incidental expenditures for students who have earned a minimum of 55 percent in their undergraduate studies and are applying for masters or doctorate programs.

MS in Computer Science from USA Jobs

A computer science graduate’s usual professional function is around computer and software innovations, such as AI, virtual reality, software engineering, networking, and extensive data management. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a Computer and Information Scientist earns an average annual income of roughly 118,000 USD. In contrast, a Hardware Computer Engineer earns an average yearly salary of around 114,000 USD.

MS in Computer Science graduates in the United States may anticipate a salary increase of roughly 9% every 15 months. According to a recent analysis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for specialists in this industry is predicted to expand by roughly 16 percent between 2018 and 2028. A work permit is required to work in the United States.

For an overseas student considering what to do after studying in the United States, the following are some of the most common employment positions and their typical pay:

DesignationAverage Yearly Pay (in USD)
Android Developer75,200
Artificial Intelligence Specialist91,000
C++ Developer88,200
Information Security Manager111,000
Lead Developer91,500

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MS In Computer Science In USA Syllabus

Students need to finish the core curriculum. The core curriculum includes a five-course concentration or five general electives. The minimum passing grade for a course in the graduate program is a C (2.0). An average grade of B (3.0) is also a must for good academic standing and for a student to be eligible for graduation.

One must have 10 courses amounting to 40 credits is required, they are the following:

Core Curriculum (five courses/20 credits)

  1. Computer Networks 
      Database Management
  2. Analysis of Algorithms
  3. Operating Systems
  4. Computer Language Theory
  5. Software Engineering

Understudies who have finished seminars on main subjects as a feature of their college degree program or have important business-related experience may demand consent from the Department of Computer Science to supplant the comparing centre courses with graduate-level software engineering electives.

General Electives (five courses/20 credits)

Understudies who are not picking a concentration must choose five general electives. In any event, three courses must be at the 600 level or above. While picking electives, understudies should ensure that they have all essentials needed by the chose course. 

  • Computer Graphics
  • Foundations of Analytics with R
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with R
  • Financial Informatics
  • Biomedical Sciences and Health IT
  • Health Informatics
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Biometrics
  • Web Application Development
  • Server-Side Web Development
  • Advanced Programming Techniques
  • IT Project Management
  • Software Quality, Testing, and Security Management
  • Network Media Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Design and Patterns
  • Database Security
  • Data Science with Python
  • Mobile Application Development with Android
  • IT Security Policies and Procedures
  • Network Design and Management
  • Web Analytics and Mining
  • Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse
  • Network Security
  • Digital Forensics and Investigations
  • Mobile Forensics and Security
  • Enterprise Cyber Security
  • Data Mining
  • Rich Internet Application Development
  • Network Forensics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Secure Software Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Advanced Database Management
  • Advanced Health Informatics
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Cryptography
  • Special Topics in Cybersecurity
  • Advanced Cryptography

Master’s Thesis Option in Computer Science (8 credits)

Understudies studying software engineering may choose a proposition alternative, to be finished inside a year. This alternative is accessible to MS in Computer Science competitors who have finished in any event seven courses toward their degree and have an evaluation point normal of 3.7 or higher.

Understudies are liable for finding a proposition counsellor and a main peruser inside the office. The guide must be a full-time employee; the key peruser might be low maintenance personnel with a PhD.

  • Master’s Thesis in Computer Science Concentrations

Declaration of More Than One Concentration

Understudies in the Master of Science in Computer Science program have the choice to gather in more than one territory for their MS program. Every fixation must be done before the understudy authoritatively moves on from their program.

No extra focuses might be added after graduation. On account of certain courses covering at least one fixations, just one course may tally toward the two focuses. If more than one-course covers, the understudy must take an elective in its place so every fixation is finished. Understudies may look over the accompanying focuses Computer Networks, Data Analytics, and Security.

Best Universities In USA For MS In Computer Science

Here is the list of best Universities in USA for MS in CS:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Regularly found at the highest point of the subject rankings tables, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is positioned first for software engineering and has additionally been the world’s driving college in the general QS World University Rankings® for five sequential years.

MIT’s software engineering office joined with electrical designing, is the biggest office at the foundation. The college is notable for its creative examination here, with its software engineering workforce and analysts having made crucial commitments to artificial intelligence, man-made brainpower, codes, AI, mechanical technology, and cryptography.

2. Stanford University

Positioned second both for software engineering and in the general World University Rankings this year, Stanford University’s setting close to the acclaimed Silicon Valley in California makes it remarkable among these top colleges in the USA, with huge numbers of the world’s biggest innovative companies directly close to home. Stanford’s software engineering division was established in 1965 and is important for the college’s School of Engineering. 

3. Harvard University

Harvard University is positioned fourth on the planet in the most recent software engineering positioning. Its software engineering office is essential for the John A.

Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Renowned innovation magnates to have learned at Harvard incorporate Microsoft organizer Bill Gates and Facebook author Mark Zuckerberg (both of whom broadly ‘exited’ to seek after their professions in tech).

4. Carnegie Mellon University

The following of the top colleges in the US for software engineering is Carnegie Mellon University, situated in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Inside the QS World University Rankings by Subject, Carnegie Mellon University accomplishes its most grounded score in the field of software engineering, positioned fifth on the planet in this field.

Its School of Computer Science is based at the Gates and Hillman Centers, a US$98 million complex that opened in 2009 and has accomplished LEED Gold affirmation for its elevated levels of maintainability.

5. University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

The University of California, Berkeley is positioned seventh on the planet for software engineering this year, and like MIT joins its software engineering school with electrical designing.

The Turing Award, known as the ‘Nobel Prize in registering’ has been granted to 11 graduated class and 10 over a wide period of employees of Berkeley, including Douglas Engelbart, the innovator of the PC mouse.

Top Universities in USA For MS in Computer Science with GRE Score and Fees

UniversitiesAverage Verbal ScoreAverage Quantitative ScoreTuition Fees
New York University15316324,600
North Carolina State University16216519,500
Michigan State University13315622,000
SUNY Stony Brook14915818,350
Boston University14214444,000
Arizona state University15516025,300
SUNY stony brook14915818,350
Boston University14214444,000
University of Missouri, St. Louis14915415,200

Top 5 MS in Computer Science Programs in the USA

USA is a great destination for pursuing MS in CS. There are also several scholarship aids available to the students studying abroad there. Read here about the scholarship programs in the USA. These are the best 5 programs for MS in computer science in the USA:

1. Master of Computer Science

Master in Computer Science program will help you get a rock-solid technical education. You will get an opportunity to develop innovative solutions for business clients.  The main topic covered in this master’s program are Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Security & Privacy, Computer Vision, HCI, Systems (Computer) etc.

It is a course that will enable a student to achieve and take up good posts and designations in a company. In this increasingly competitive world, students get the apt knowledge and skills to be at the top.

2. Masters in Applied Computer Science

Applied computer science is a course that will provide you with a solid base for becoming special application developer. This course will help you master all technologies that are used in the development of website mobile applications, computer games etc. It helps you to keep pace with the rapid t development in the field of technology.

Student and will learn skills required s scientific and analytical and analytical skills for being a professional in this field. As the requirements for professionals who are aware of technologies for digital photo and video mobile applications and computer games is increasing this course will open many doors of opportunity for a student.

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3. Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering is another Masters program when many students opt for technically demanding careers in industries as well as other areas. This Masters program is designed for a student who has completed bachelor’s degree program in a related field.

Students with a bachelor’s degree or a background in Electrical Engineering or other related areas can opt for this course. This is a specialized course that enables a student to enhance their knowledge and learn and advanced phase of electrical engineering.

4. Master of Software Engineering

The Master of Software Engineering is a systematic application of Engineering techniques for the development of a software. This course equips a student with the essential practical knowledge of the systematic application scientific and technological knowledge. It also includes implementation, testing, and documentation of software. 

For becoming a software engineer knowledge of computer program is a must.  A number of universities in the USA have software engineering programs. There is a huge requirement for software engineers as of today. Students pursuing this course will have a career boost as it will increase their chances of employment.

5. Master of Engineering in Computer Science Source

A lot of students take up engineering in today’s time. Engineering is a field that attracts many students. Master of Engineering in Computer Science is a course that is specially designed for students from an engineering background who wish to have a deeper understanding of Computer Science. This course will help you take up good posts in companies. This course can widen up career and cause rapid growth in the field. This course will give detailed information and equip you with the necessary skills.

Evaluate your profile to find the best universities

What Are The Subjects In MS In Computer Science In USA?

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intricate and interdisciplinary field of software engineering that joins the standards of human knowledge and thinking into figuring frameworks. You will manage rationale, likelihood, and programming language(s).

Computer-based intelligence settles on discerning choices dependent on the contribution from outer sources. The target of AI is to make PC frameworks (and programming) with the capacity of arranging, computerized thinking and allowance. The frameworks ought to likewise adjust to various circumstances, secure human-like detects, and react to the climate.

While having some expertise in AI, you will cover information portrayal, consistent thinking, AI, advanced mechanics, common language handling (NLP), probabilistic displaying and induction, and cognizance science. Computer-based intelligence has different applications across various enterprises and spaces going from protection, banking and the stock trade to IT, web-based business and medical care.

2. Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is another hot field that applies the standards of software engineering and insights to make measurable models. These models are then utilized for future expectations and distinguishing and finding designs in the information.

AI is itself a kind of man-made reasoning that permits programming applications to turn out to be more precise in anticipating results without being expressly modified. 

3. Data Science & Analytics

Information Science is another interdisciplinary field about logical techniques, cycles, and frameworks to extricate information or bits of knowledge from information in different structures, organized or unstructured, like information mining. Information investigation is the way toward examining this information.

Large information combined with information examination can assist organizations with enhancing operational proficiency, figure whole danger portfolios, explore the basic reasons for disappointments, and understanding customer conduct in minutes.  

4. Robotics

Mechanical technology is another interdisciplinary and energizing part of software engineering that applies computerized reasoning and designing ideas to make and program mechanical gadgets (robots), which can play out an assortment of dreary and risky assignments by supplanting people. The field of mechanical technology manages the exploration, plan, producing, tasks, programming advancement, data preparing and use of robots in different modern and business measures. A definitive goal of mechanical technology is to assemble machines that can substitute people. 

The utilization of advanced mechanics can be found in atomic science, sea investigation, space-investigation, mining, medication (low-intrusive medical procedures, high-throughput research and diagnostics), agribusiness, producing industry, military fighting, perilous circumstances like defusing bombs, discovering survivors in shaky destroys or wrecks, and so on, and even in the family unit.

5. Software Engineering            

Programming designing includes the investigation of the plan and gathering of programming frameworks. The field applies the nuts and bolts of software engineering, PC innovation, the board, and designing financial aspects. Programming designing is one of the most conventional but ever-developing fields of software engineering that spins around composing codes and programming. 

6. Human-Computer Interaction

Human-PC collaboration (HCI) is a profoundly specific area of software engineering and UI plan (UI) and experience (UX). The field includes progressed processing, data picturing and client-driven and gadget viable plan thinking and techniques. The target of HCI is to get purchaser (client) needs, delivering and envisioning data, and streamlining interface plan and client communication.

7. Information Science & Management Information Systems (MIS)

This interdisciplinary field incorporates the PC uses of information preparing and critical thinking, with the point of improving authoritative proficiency through the improvement of frameworks for information stockpiling, information recovery, information handling, and examination for the plan of choice emotionally supportive networks.

This field ranges across broadcast communications, software engineering, semantics, theory, science, brain research, and humanism. The specialization covers creating applications for information base and data frameworks, framework plan, engineering, and data set administration by applying calculations and progressed procedures like information mining and AI to examine gigantic informational indexes.

8. Cloud Computing

Distributed computing is the act of conveying processing administrations, for example, workers, stockpiling, information bases, organizing, programming, investigation, and different administrations over the web (through far off workers – cloud). Distributed computing makes it conceivable to utilize online administrations like sending messages, alter reports, watching recordings, sharing documents, facilitating sites and websites, conveying programming, dissecting information and so forth.

Distributed computing has become a multi-billion dollar industry and covers both frameworks (IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service) and improvement (SaaS – Software as a Service). Distributed computing specializations ordinarily incorporate cloud design, cloud security, cloud framework the executives, cloud application advancement and administrations, information stockpiling and the board, information perception, programming for information examination, and exploration and business techniques in processing. 

9. Theoretical Computer Science

Theoretical software engineering manages receptive frameworks, programming language hypothesis, and calculations. This field is fairly like programming designing however marginally more unique.

It’s an extraordinary specialization for the understudies who are keen on the numerical parts of software engineering and the computational parts of science. The field educates about the constraints of processing, the common sense of calculations, and different regions.

10. Cyber Security

Network safety is the strategy of ensuring the PC, network projects and information from harm and unapproved access. It’s an incredible field for the people who need to get into moral hacking as well as systems administration frameworks.


Discover more universities in the USA

Today we live in a world that has numerous technology-driven start-ups. The role of technology is to meet human needs and solve human problems and hence the need for engineers and computer scientists who understand it better is increasing.

Pursuing a Masters’s program in Computer Science is a great option worth considering for those who are aspiring to be in great positions. What are the best colleges in your opinion for MS in CS? Do share in the comments below. Also, do not forget to give your suggestions and feedback.

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Which cities in the US have a very high cost of living?

Ans. In the US, there are a couple of urban communities that have a significant expense of living and a couple of urban communities where the typical cost for basic items is much less.
Subsequently, if your University is situated in these costly urban areas, the all-out cost you bring about for your MS program will increment. Then again, if your University is situated in more affordable urban communities, your costs will diminish. The majority of the urban communities in the territory of California have a significant expense of living.
The accompanying urban areas in the US are very exorbitant dependent on everyday costs like condo lease, lodging, power, staple goods, food, transportation, clothing and another day by day expenses:

1. New York
2. San Francisco 
3. Washington DC
4. Boston
5. Los Angeles
6. San Diego

Which cities in the US have a very low cost of living?

Ans. In the US, there are a couple of urban areas with amazing ease of living. On the off chance that your University is situated in these urban communities, the all-out cost you acquire for your MS program will diminish, regardless of whether the University is private. The majority of the urban communities in the territory of Texas have a minimal effort of living.

The accompanying urban areas in the US are incredibly conservative dependent on everyday costs like loft lease, lodging, power, staple goods, food, transportation, clothing and another day by day expenses:

1. Brownsville – Texas
2. Pueblo – Colorado
3. Fort Smith – Arkansas
4. Springfield – Illinois
5. Ashland – Ohio
6. Austin – Texas

How to cover costs while you are doing MS in the US?

Ans. Students can work for 20 hours a week. Pay for students usually range from 6 – 12 $/hour. You should also try to get fee waivers. TAs, RAs, GAs will cover some part of your fee and you will be paid monthly.

What you can do is either do a Master’s program in India and then go for another one in States?

Ans. One can transfer their credits to another college/university they are interested in at the end of the third year. They can study one more year as an undergraduate and then apply as a fresher for a Master’s programme.

What is the difference between Master in the engineering program and the CS Master of engineering program?

Ans. The MEng program is two semesters in length and requires an enormous venture, though the MS program is four semesters in length and requires a composed postulation. The MS program is likewise completely supported (educational cost + allowance). The two projects just concede understudies with extraordinary scholastic records.

Be that as it may, the MS program just concedes understudies who have dominated as undergrad TAs and who have an exhibited affinity for free exploration. Contrasted with the MEng program (around 100 understudies) the MS program is a lot more modest. There will normally be around 10-15 MS understudies at any one time; which means conceding a class size of 7-8 understudies for each year.

How does this program relate to the CS PhD program?

Ans. The CS MS isn’t viewed as a venturing stone to the Cornell CS PhD program. Students who are keen on PhD work at Cornell are in an ideal situation applying to that program legitimately.
In any case, we know that there will be MS understudies who find after a semester or two that what they truly need is a PhD. By taking thorough courses and composing a solid Master’s proposition it is conceivable to assemble a solid PhD application during the second year of study as an MS understudy.

Can I graduate in fewer than 4 semesters or use one semester for a co-op/internship?

Ans. No, It is the approach of the Graduate School that Graduate understudies must be taken a crack at 4 semesters to acquire an MS degree.
One point of the program is to set up a first-class centre of heavenly TA’s staffed by understudies who are keen on both educating and exploration. Ought to your “focal point of gravity” move towards the examination end, at that point you ought to just choose a 12-credit theory which would give you an entire term to give towards research. Painstakingly executed, this can make way for PhD concentrate in a top program after the MS.


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