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Recommendation Letter Format

Format for Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

First Paragraph
It is the introduction paragraph. Your name, the name of the person you are recommending and
your relationship with him/her. Explain your designation and position and the
company/university you are working at. You should also mention how long have you known the
candidate and if you are still in touch with him her.

Second Paragraph
It is the main body: This includes the different hard and soft skills that the candidate possesses,
and you admire the most. Also, write about the various accomplishments that you recognize on
a personal level. Some examples of fantastic work always help and add to the flow. Mention
about the work ethic too.

Third Paragraph
This paragraph continues the main Body. Mention the experience of working with the person.
The reason as to why you enjoyed his professional company. Mention about him/her being
value to the team and hence bring out the leadership and team building skills.

Fourth Paragraph
Mention any other relevant information about the candidate. This should include any other
activity or extra contribution that the candidate must have made. It scores brownie points for the

Fifth Paragraph
Fifth paragraph should explain the reasons for recommending the candidate. This could include
his abilities that match the course and which can help him in the future.you need to mention why
the candidate can be deemed fit for the position he/she is eyeing for.

Sixth Paragraph
It is the conclusion paragraph. You can mention anything else that you like and then end the
letter of recommendation. The completely structured LOR will help the admissions committee in
getting an idea about the candidate. You should also sign in the end.

How to write an introduction in LOR

It is in the first paragraph that the one who is recommending should introduce himself/herself,
which should be done by stating the designation he is working in with a mentioned workplace
next. This can be the company name, college name, or the city name.
Next in line comes the details of the person whom the recommender is recommending and
where and how exactly did the both of them come in contact. Mentioning the duration of
acquaintance is highly professional. The point to be noted here is that the recommender should
be a senior level to have the ability to judge the aspirant, and hence can be a professor/faculty
or a direct charge/supervisor.

Body of the LOR

The body of the LOR may have two or three paragraphs which should mention at least three
unique qualities of the aspirant. Ideally, a university would ask for three separate LORs which
can have three distinct qualities of the person. While an instance can be repeated twice, no
attribute should be repeated.
For example, in case you are mentioning a group project, you can recommend the research
skills involved in the project in the first instance and then move on to mention the team working
capabilities in the next instance. The third instance can further elaborate on leadership skills.

How to write a conclusion in LOR

This is the last paragraph where the LOR confirms the recommendation of the aspirant. A line or
two about the feelings the recommender has knowing the candidate personally can be
mentioned, which leaves a deep impact and showcases how much of trust bond they both
share. The letter of recommendation should end in a proper way. A structured LOR helps the
admissions committee by bringing clarity.


Ending with a greeting like “Best Wishes,” “Yours Sincerely,” “Yours faithfully” in the bottom left
corner is highly recommended. This should further be followed with the name of the
recommender, his designation, department, the name of the institution, a contact number and
email id. The closing is necessary since it provides a proper ending to the Letter of

How to highlight qualities in LOR

Highlighting qualities is the most important part of the LOR. It is done to increase the confidence
of the new recruiter about the credibility of the aspirant. The qualities can be written by the
recommender according to his/her experiences during the time he/she was an acquaintance
with the candidate in whose name the LOR is being written. The following are some of the
qualities and how it can be written :
● Leadership: Can be included in the body along with certain specific instances.
● Team Building: Can be highlighted in the body along with the same instance but in the
way of highlighting this particular quality
● Patience: This would help the new appointee in knowing the core skills of the candidate.
● Humble and Punctual: Can be included in the penultimate paragraph.
● Hard working: Can be written in the starting paragraph while introducing the candidate.

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University of South Florida


Monash University

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Swinburne University of Technology

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RMIT university

Prateek Biyani

University Of Sydney

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University College Dublin

Varun Garg

University College Dublin

Varun Garg

University College Dublin


Aston University

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University Of Glasgow

Nitya Singh

James Cook University

Vishal Sharma

University of Mannheim
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