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Recommendation Letter Sample

A recommendation letter is very helpful in describing the qualities of a person and his/her skills
as they have in employment and education. It describes, in brief, the qualities and capabilities of
a person for a given college or graduate school program. This can be typically requested on an
individual basis and hence be written directly by the employer, or the head of the department of
the previous institution.

LOR Templates

Template 1: For writing a LOR, it is necessary to follow a particular format. It should be kept in
mind that the LOR should be divided into different paragraphs such as introduction, body and
conclusion. You can include different accomplishments of the candidate along with your
experience with the candidate. Any other important information can also be included.

Template 1

Dear [Insert name here],
Introduction (1 paragraph): Your name, the name of the person you are recommending and your
relationship with him/her
The main body: This includes the different hard and soft skills that the candidate possesses,
and you admire the most. Also, write about the various accomplishments that you recognize on
a personal level. Some examples of fantastic work always help and add to the flow. Mention
about the work ethic too.
Continuing the main Body: Mention the experience of working with the person. The reason as to
why you enjoyed his professional company mention about him/her being value to the team and
hence brought out the leadership and team-building skills. What was it like to work with this
person? What I enjoy most about working with this person? How did they provide value to my
team? What did they bring to the team dynamic?
Conclusion: In this, you need to mention why the candidate can be deemed fit for the position
he/she is eyeing for.
[Insert your name along with your contact information]

Template 2: A Letter of Recommendation can be written by a former/current teacher, called 
the academic LOR or by an employer as well and that is called as Professional LOR. Students
generally require both the LORs but if the candidate does not have work experience, he/she
may just submit the academic LOR from two professors or teachers. All LORs should follow the
format and should be properly structured. They should contain the introduction of the person
writing the LOR and then his experience with the candidate. The LOR should be concluded
properly as well.

To Whom it May Concern: Mr. XYZ

I am Jonathan Coach, the head of the content writing team and marketing at VisionCSE. I have
an experience of 10 years as a working editor and marketing expert and have seen a lot of
young professionals throughout these years. Mr. Nitish Singh is an individual who has shown
his outstanding capabilities with all the job he has been allocated. I have worked with him since
the past 2 years and he has shown outstanding performance.
During the time we were together in the professional capacity, Nitish displayed great talent in
content management and used to write quality content that was the requirements of the firm.
When we first met, I was impressed with his verbal and communication capabilities. Her
understanding of search engine optimized blog writing is outstanding.
It’s not just his content writing skills that have a hold me on, however. He was always a joy to
work with because of the amazing ability to fill the environment with a lot of positivity and
eagerness to learn something from new challenges/ He always stuck to the deadlines.
I am very confident in recommending to you, Nitish, and vouch on his skills that can be helpful in
the Masters of Arts in English Program at your university. Not only will he bring with himself a
lot of talent, skill, and experience, but he will also deem to be an asset and take the university
to new heights.

Jonathan Coachman
Head, Content Writing Team

Introduction of the LOR

In the introduction section of the LOR, one is required to introduce themselves. In this section,
the person writing the LOR should mention their full name, designation and current place of
working or the university where a professor is teaching. The person should then define his
relationship with the candidate and briefly explain the capacity in which they have worked with
the candidate. The should also mention the time duration in which they were with the candidate.
The introduction paragraph is primarily to establish the credibility of the person writing the letter
of recommendation. It defines the authority of the person and makes it clear to the admissions
committee about the person recommending. The LOR makes it clear to the admissions
committee that the candidate is a reliable person and so it is important for the recommender to
introduce themselves properly.

Body of the LOR

The body of the LOR explains in depth about the candidate and his abilities along with his past
performance which he/she had shown. In an academic LOR, it is usually about the projects
undertaken by the candidate, his class performance along with his/her performance in the
activities and extracurriculars. The recommender must explain the role of candidate in his class
and how his presence impacted other students. They should also add any other relevant details.
In professional LORs, it is usually the supervisor who writes the LOR. They should explain their
experience with the candidate and his performance in his department and at his job., They
should mention about any other responsibilities that the candidate must have undertaken. It is
worthwhile to mention any extra work that the candidate has done or any extra contribution to
the organisation.

Phrases that can be used in LOR

Following are some key phrases that can be used in writing the Letter of Recommendation:
● I am honored to support his/her as a candidate
● first came to my attention when
● am pleased to provide a reference for
● am happy to recommend
● can offer only the highest recommendation for
● his qualifications and performance

● have been his supervisor since
● first became acquainted with
● am delighted to be called upon
● am pleased to write a character reference for
● am pleased to write an endorsement for
● I am elated to be called upon as a reference for
● have no hesitation in recommending
● has been a pleasure to supervise
● am pleased to comment on
● have had the opportunity to
● has worked under my supervision for
● has worked directly under my supervision
● have known Ms…. for
● her performance as a
● in the past two years

LORs of students studying abroad

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Pradyut Bhatnagar

The University of Hong Kong

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Prateek Biyani

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Varun Garg

University College Dublin

Varun Garg

University College Dublin


Aston University

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University Of Glasgow

Nitya Singh

James Cook University
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