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Student CV - CV Format

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read

Student CV - CV Format

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read
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CV Format 

A CV means Curriculum Vitae which is a Latin term, it translates to “course of life.” It is a written document which carries the overall view of the work someone has done in their life. It is also known as vita, in some places. CVs can be extensive as they often carry a complete record of all the work done by an individual in their lifetime. A CV or Curriculum Vitae format is of utmost importance as one minor mistake can lead to a bad impression on the minds of the admission board of the institution one is applying to.

How to format a Curriculum Vitae

  • Formatting for CV is often an important yet difficult task.
  • CV Formats are often easily available on web however few things still need to be taken care of.
  • A CV should be at least 2 pages or more. A CV is detailed work experience and it should reflect like that.
  • One should always edit their CV before sending to check for grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • Make sure that the font size and font style you have chosen is easy to read and not very stylish.
  • Ariel, Calibri, Times New Roman, between the font sizes of 10-14 works best for a formatted CV.
  • Always make sure that your CV has good formatting.
  • Each section should be divided carefully and with precision.
  • Always include your contact information in the CV.
  • Make sure to not miss mentioning any of your achievements in your CV.

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Best CV formats

There are various CV formats like Professional, Modern or Standard CV formats. These are the best CV formats, however, it is often difficult to decide which one is the most suitable for your purpose. The CV sample formats as given below along with their discussion will be of great help for you to decide which CV format to go for while making your own.

CV Format Template


Professional CV Format

A Professional CV Format needs to be very defined and precise. It is used for applying to professional jobs and often is a very instrumental tool in deciding whether you will get a job or not. Hiring agents or officials often check one’s CV before calling them for interviews or considering them for jobs. Given below is an example of a Professional CV format.


Standard CV Format

A standard CV is your everyday, normal CV. It is a more detailed version of a Resume. Not only does it have all your details like bio-data, contact information, it also has a detailed summary of all the achievements and work you have done throughout your life. It is like a summary of your work life. A format is given below for better understanding.


Modern CV Format

Modern CVs are the new way to stand out from the crowd. Especially if one is interested in freelancing, a modern CV can do wonders for them.  Modern CVs have a professional look with a detailed summary of your work done. It is more flexible than other modes of CVs in the sense it gives you the freedom to express yourself more. A Modern CV format is given below for reference. 


UK CV Format

UK CV format required one to follow UK English, first of all. In the UK, the focus is more on achievements and academics and what you have done. There is no need to provide a lot of personal details. In fact, apart from Name, contact information is often enough. The focus remains on your achievements and qualities which make you valuable for a university. A UK CV format and sample is given below.


US CV Format

CV Formats in the US can differ from CV formats in other countries. The length of the CV in the US should be longer than two pages.  It should be a detailed overview of your academic and curricular achievements in order to be considered by the University of your choice. In the USA, one muse uses US English in the CV.

A format and sample of the US CV are given below.



✅ What is the CV format?

Ans: The best format for CV ideally depends on the purpose for which one is preparing the CV. A professional CV format is followed when applying for a professional job. For students, they can use CV formats based on the country in which they will be applying. The best format is what you require out of the CV.

A CV format is a format used to make one’s CV. A CV is longer than a resume which is normally only one page long. The CV is more detailed and underlines the work one has done during their life and their achievements at various levels in life, be it work or during studies.

✅ How do you structure a CV? 

Ans: One should structure a CV very professionally and in a detailed fashion. There should not be any unwanted spaces, ornate fonts or font’s sizes which are hard to read. There should be enough space between each line. The CV should look neat and not cluttered.

✅ How many pages should a CV be? 

Ans :A CV should always be more than one page. It should ideally be around 2-3 pages as it contains a very detailed overview of the work you have done throughout your life. It should be long enough to give an informative overview.

✅ What should not be included in a CV?

Ans: A lot of things should not be included in CV such as bad grammar, slangs, bricks, physical description, irrelevant job experiences, any objective which does not match with the institution you are applying to, any private information or an extensive list of hobbies, etc.

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