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Student CV - CV Samples

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read

Student CV - CV Samples

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read
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CV Sample

A CV is used as a contraction for Curriculum Vitae. If a professional announcement demands a CV, that is a clue that the company expects a good amount of work experience and undertakings, as well as education, innovative research, demonstrations that you have delivered and documents or records that you may have had printed. The sample of a good CV must contain details of the applicant’s occupation record, experiences, schooling, and roughly some private information. It demands photos, the most recent salary information, and date of birth. CVs are frequently custom-made to alter the importance of the data according to the specific job for which the applicant is appearing.

CV sample for job

Note down your communication specifics on the CV first of all. Select a specialized summary or career objective aimed at the individual statement. Adjust your CV pattern for the occupation in your job experience unit using the correct keywords. Flaunt your schooling and services. A CV sample for the job should enclose particulars like connexion details, job experience, schooling history, experiences, prizes and integrities, and specialized links.

Professional CV sample

The professional CV is your main form to define how you are a fact for the job role that you are appearing for. The sample of a good CV must contain details of the applicant’s occupation record, experiences, schooling, and roughly some private information.

If a professional announcement demands a CV, that is a clue that the company expects a good amount of work experience and undertakings, as well as education, innovative research, demonstrations that you have delivered and documents or records that you may have had printed.

The professional CV sample should enclose particulars like connexion details, job experience, schooling history, experiences, prizes and integrities, and specialized links.

CV samples for students

It’s common for a scholar having almost no job experience to get flabbergasted by CV text, but a pronounced student CV is only an art of flaunting the most of what you consider important in you. Having nil job involvement will not make you under-qualified.

As an alternative, concentrating on nil involvement in a scholar CV is precarious. In your Services piece emphasis on the abilities, you gained in college, through events and diversions, or else through the various self-aided voluntary job.

These movable abilities hold worth. The CV samples for students should have samples that should enclose particulars like connexion details, job experience, schooling history, experiences, prizes and integrities, and specialized links.

CV Student Sample

A CV (Curriculum Vitae) is a detailed document describing your academic credentials and achievements. A CV is the most important aspect of your job interview. It is a professional history of your educational skills, abilities, and achievements. A well-written CV can determine whether one is suitable for a job position as it is the first thing evaluated by the employer.

Writing a CV in the correct format is very important as it indicates that one has made an effort to present themselves. A CV is different than a Resume in the way that it is more detailed while a resume is a brief summary of your skills and experience.

To write a good CV, you need to make sure that it is written in the correct format. You should begin your CV with a personal objective, highlighting your achievements and abilities without boasting about them. Include only relevant details, work experience related to the job, and those skills that fit the job description. Use the space efficiently and write in an acceptable font type and size. You should organize your CV according to a professional template, which is easily available online.

Here is a sample template of a good CV-

Full Name

Address                                                                                                                   Telephone

City, State, Country                                                                                                 Cell Phone


Personal Information (If required)

Date of Birth

Place of Birth



Marital Status (optional)

Professional Summary

It is a broad overview of your professional background and acts as an introduction to the CV. Write about one main idea that makes you suitable for the job position. Write about your professional experience that highlights your specific skills and qualities.


  • Mention your skills relevant to the job description
  • Always write it in bullet points
  • Write in the present tense
  • Don’t use punctuation
  • You need not mention too much detail about your skills
  • Have clarity on what skills you want to present to the employer
  • Include at least 5-7 skills


Write in reverse chronological order, recent experience first; mention the job position and dates. Write about your work history, internships, research projects.

Sales manager, 03/2016 - 07/2019

XYZ Enterprises

  • Describe your job responsibilities and accomplishments you achieved while working at this position while also keeping in mind the requirements of the job you applied to
  • Write in bullet points and don’t use punctuation
  • Try to be specific and detailed at the same time. Highlight your most important achievements and skills. Include numbers and statistics to showcase your abilities.
  • Include all the relevant jobs, internships, research projects, fellowships or volunteer work.


Write in reverse chronological order. Mention the dates, details of degree, school and university names. You can also write about any specific details or achievements throughout your education.

Professional Qualifications

Mention any certifications and accreditations, skills that make you most suitable and desirable for the job.

  • Certificates and Accreditations
  • Language Skills
  • Computer Skills
  • Other relevant skills or qualities

Hobbies (if required)

Mention your interests and hobbies that reflect your personality. Don’t get into too many details.

Additional Information

CV Sample for Job

A CV is the most important document when applying for a job. A CV is tailored according to the company profile, job responsibilities, and skills required by the employer for a particular job. A CV can make or break your chances of being selected for a job, so it should be written carefully and professionally. A well-structured CV can make you stand out from other candidates and make you more suitable for the job. If you are a fresher, write a skill-based CV where you can focus on your attributes. Writing a good and professional CV is the first step towards getting your dream job, so make sure to articulate it properly.

A CV for a job interview must be at least 2-3 pages long, giving details of your skills, achievements and work experience. Never hold back important information or lie in your CV as it can create a bad impression. Mention those attributes that make you stand out from the crowd and more appealing. Always edit and proofread. Also, finish your CV with a cover letter when applying for a job, to make it look more professional.

Here is a sample of a CV for a job-

Shreya Singh

Address                                                                                                             Telephone 011-66444777

New Delhi, India                                                                                             Cell Phone (+91) 5555555555

                                                                                                                           E-mail- [email protected]

Professional Summary

Ambitious and creative graduate with an MA in Publishing. Interested in gaining further experience in the publishing sector through an engaging, full-time job at XY Publishing House. Well-learned and well-versed in design, marketing, editing and proof-reading through various previous roles at Y Publishing House and Z magazine. Outdoes when working with a team to deliver innovative and promising projects and individual ventures. Eager to develop professionally, apply the acquired knowledge and work for a dedicated publishing team.


  • Excellent Written and Oral communication skills
  • Editing and grammatical skills

  • Skilled at operating desktop publishing

  • Able to multitask

  • Good at meeting deadlines

  • Strong leadership skill


Editorial Marketing Intern, 06/2019- 08/2019

Y Publishing House

  • Worked with the Sales and Marketing team to develop new strategies to improve product reach online.
  • Created content ideas, topics, and strategies to expand the reach of the content to masses.

Editorial assistant, 11/2017- 02/2019

Z magazine

  • Worked closely with the editorial team to create interesting and expressive stories.
  • Revised articles after submission from writers and edited for spellings, grammar and other errors.
  • Worked with the visual layout team to help design eye-catching layout.
  • In charge of maintaining the social media pages and accounts.


Masters of Arts, Publishing, 09/2018-12/2019

University of Delhi

  • Publishing Contexts
  • Editing, Writing, and Communication
  • Illustration and Publishing

Bachelors of Arts, English Language, and Literature, 09/2014- 06/2017

University of Delhi

  • Modern and Post-Modern Literature
  • Text Words Theory
  • Narrative Voice and Techniques

Professional Qualities

  • Languages- English and Italian
  • Proofreading
  • MS-Office
  • Digital Editing

Professional CV Sample

A professional CV follows a prescribed format and structure that is used for a job interview. Different professions and job positions demand a different CV format that is tailored according to the job and company requirements. An effective professional CV written in an acceptable format helps you get noticed by the employers. The CV should establish you as an aware professional, keeping you at par with the changes in the documentation of a CV. 

 A Professional CV should be written with the utmost attention. Always remember to proofread the document as it reflects your professional attitude and knowledge. Make sure your information and the CV format is up-to-date. Your CV should not only be written professionally, but it should also look good and properly edited to attract the employer. Use prescribed font style, bullet points, highlight important points. Try to keep the sentences short and simple. Research the company before writing a CV to include the achievements and abilities they are looking for.

Manav Chopra

Commercial Finance

Address                                                                                                           Telephone 011-67445888

New Delhi, India                                                                                            Cell Phone (+91) 3333333333

                                                                                                                         E-mail [email protected]

Professional Summary

Commercially smart CPA Certified Accountant, with over 10 years of experience in providing high-quality commercial finance and accounting support services to companies across India within Management Consultancy, Financial Services, and Telecommunication. Ensuring businesses under my guidance are equipped with tools necessary to meet the required sales and growth plans. Expert at financial analysis, forecasting, pricing strategies, and identifying new market opportunities to ensure the best results and minimum business risks.


  • Commercial Finance
  • Business Strategies
  • Forecasting
  • Risk Management
  • Business Development
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Operational Efficiency


Senior Financial Consultant, Aug 2017- Mar 2019

XYZ Company

  • Implemented organizational management programs aligned with the business’ strategy.
  • Consolidated and validated data for quarterly results to improve the accuracy of information with detailed supporting analysis.
  • Provided crucial financial and organizational expertise to the marketing and sales manager during negotiations to secure a contract with ABC Enterprises worth in excess of $1m over 2 years.
  • Won a sales award in May 2018, and Employee of the month Dec 2018.

Regional Commercial Finance Manager, Jun 2016- Jun 2017

  • Supported EDF Company senior leaders in China with financial expertise- financial modeling analysis and financial reporting.
  • Facilitated all negotiations between clients and the business.
  • Increased sales by 12% through excellent client services and effective pricing strategies.

Commercial Manager (Contract), Sep 2015- Jan 2016

  • Led a project to expand the companies’ market reach in Singapore.
  • Led all critical project components- strategy, budgeting, forecasting, and cash management.
  • Implemented a financial reporting system.
  • Provided regular progress reports to the board.
  • Successfully set-up and managed the corporate services function for the Singapore project.
  • Negotiated favourable commercial contracts.


  • Masters of Business Administration, IIM Indore, 2016
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Business, University of Delhi, 2014-2015
  • B. Com (Hons), University of Delhi, 2011-2014

Professional Qualities

  • Languages- English and Spanish
  • Certified Practising Accountant (CPA)

CV Sample for Students

Making a good first impression for students or fresh graduates looking for jobs is important for their career and experience. As a student, you may not have the desired professional experience most companies are looking for. Writing a good CV is a crucial step to kick start your professional career. To make an impact right from the beginning, write your CV in a prescribed format that makes you look more professional and aware. Also, to make up for your lack in work experience, you can write in detail about any internships or volunteer work you have done, extra-curricular activities, and any relevant coursework that you studied in university.

As a student, write a skill-based CV where you can focus more on your attributes. Write about your skills and abilities drawn from life experience. You should also mention any professional qualities like computer skills or any language you know. You can include any awards or certifications you received in the years of education. Focus on your interests and hobbies and write about skills that make you a desirable candidate for the job. Include any clubs or society you were a part of in your university. Also, mention your GPA in the education section. Here is a sample of CV for students-

Mithali Bansal

Address                                                                                                     Telephone 011-55558888

Mumbai, India                                                                                          Cell Phone (+91) 6464646464

                                                                                                                  E-mail- [email protected]


Ambitious and hard-working college student seeks employment, willing meticulously follow guidelines and instructions. I will work diligently to achieve employer goals and objectives.


  • Great communication skills
  • Attentive to details
  • Able to multitask
  • Highly skilled in MS-Office
  • Good at meeting deadlines
  • Strong leadership skills


Content Writer (Internship), Sep 2019- Dec 2019

  • Created relative content for the website.
  • Edited, Proofread and revised content for the writing team before submission.

Sales Customer Service, Nov 2018- May 2019

  • Wrote orders for the customers.
  • In charge of maintaining bills.
  • Answered phone calls to provide assistance.
  • Provided customer service.

Paediatric Ward Volunteer, Aug 2018- Sep 2018

  • Entertained young patients with art and crafts.
  • Ran errands for the staff.

Library Volunteer, Nov 2017- Apr 2018

  • Assisted students to search and select for relevant material.
  • Operated the cash register.
  • Maintained the bookshelves.
  • Kept up the inventory.


B.A. Economics (Hons), 2nd year undergraduate at XYZ University, Mumbai

  • GPA- 8.1

Activities and Achievements

  • Member of the Economics Society
  • Writer for the college magazine

  • Photographer for the college magazine

  • 1st prize in a poetry competition

  • Basketball team, Vice-captain


Q1. How do I write a good CV?

Ans. To write a good CV always follow a prescribed format of writing a CV. You can download a sample template online and follow it. Include your personal details, professional summary, your key skills and abilities, work experience and your educational qualification. Make sure that these details are correct and up-to-date to avoid any problems later. Always edit and proofread to avoid any mistakes.

Q2. How do I write a CV for my first job?

Ans. If you are a fresher, follow a skill-based approach for your CV. Emphasize more on your skills, abilities and achievements as a student that makes you a better choice than the others. Also, focus on your educational qualifications, interests, and hobbies that can attract the employer to hire you. Mention only the details that are relevant to the job description and company profile.

Q3. What should not be included in a CV?

Ans. You should not include personal details like marital status, citizenship, place of birth, age, etc. unless asked to. Avoid using personal pronouns. Your CV should not have excessive formatting, fancy fonts, images, graphics, keep it simple and approachable. Also, don’t include salary information or expectation, or reasons for leaving your previous job(s). Your photograph should also not be included unless specifically asked to.

Q4. How many pages should a CV be?

Ans. A CV should be at least 2-3 pages (A4 size) long. You should not get into details about the information that is not relevant to the job description.

Q5. Should I put references on my CV?

Ans. Avoid including references unless your employer asks you to. It is not a necessary step, where most employers ask for a reference in person.

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