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Experience Letter – Format, Samples, and Templates

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Mon, February 24, 2020 12:02 PM   Updated on Fri, October 27, 2023 12:27 PM   11 mins read

Experience Letter – Format, Samples, and Templates

An experience letter is a letter that is given to the employee by his/her employer for the work done in his time period in a particular organization. This letter is given to the employee usually when they are leaving the company. The term “Service Certificate” is often termed in place of the letter.

Source: SMART HR

Work Experience certificate helps to that the specific employee had the skills and intelligence for the work and was associated with the company. This piece of paper is not simple but holds a very important role and if often demanded during interviews when a person switches companies.

What is an Experience Certificate Letter?

The Experience letter or Experience certificate a letter from your employer detailing the length of your employment, the key duties you were allocated, the skills you learned, and your overall performance evaluation. When you are moving jobs, the experience letter is usually necessary. In basic terms, an experience letter is an official piece of paperwork provided by a supervisor or employer based on their best understanding of the length of time an employee has worked for the organisation. An experience letter is written in such a way that the reporting manager mentions the individual’s experience and talents. It also includes crucial input from the company’s supervisor or president.

Usually printed on a letterhead issued by the organization, the Letter contains the following:

  1. The name of the organization issuing the Letter.
  2. Date of issuing the letter. 
  3. Name of the employee, along with their role/title/designation and service tenure.
  4. The employee undertakes roles and Responsibilities during their association with the organization.
  5. Date of joining and date of leaving the organization.
  6. Last drawn salary.
  7. Official signature from the concerned authorities or stamp of the organization.

What are the Contents of an Experience Letter?

Mentioned information must be included in your experience letter:

An experience letter includes details such as –

  • Your job title and responsibilities
  • Date you joined/started working for the company,
  • Abilities and experience you’ve obtained
  • The date you resigned.

Who writes a work experience letter?

The organization’s HR department is in charge of writing the work experience letter. Before preparing the experience letter, HR normally gathers information from your reporting manager.

Why is a Work experience letter important?

Work experience letters are vital and requested by job searchers since they serve as proof that you worked for X years in a company, at what level, and for what pay. It also highlights your abilities and knowledge.

What should a work experience letter contain?

  • Letterhead: It must be typed on the letterhead of the firm. It makes it official and verifiable that you worked for that company.
  • Date of publication: On the second line in the upper right corner, the date of issuance is written.
  • Details about the employee: The employee’s title, roles, responsibilities, talents, and tenure must all be included.
  • Employee’s Personality: This section contains your bosses’ negative and favourable feedback.

Experience Letter Format

The format of an experience letter should always be maintained. The structure of the experience certificate should be in such a way that all relevant information is mentioned accurately.

The company’s letterhead should be stated in the experience certificate. As discussed earlier all the important information should be stated and the format should be followed accordingly.

Sample 1

Sample 2

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Experience Letter Sample

The Experience Letter Sample state the dates of service and the job positioned. An experience letter is given by the employer of the company to the employee. Do mention all the important information because this letter will be important to the employee for his whole life.

Experience letter samples:

Teacher Experience Certificate

Contact Details
To Whom This May Concern

This is to report that Sumit Kumar has been teaching Mathematics to classes 9-12 at our school for the past four years. Mr kumar is passionate about imparting information to his pupils in a nice and honest manner. His teaching techniques have always been confident in their ability to provide the most trustworthy catering concepts, and his general behaviour with the students and other employees is commendable. We’ve witnessed his dramatic growth over the years, and we feel he’ll continue to advance in his work.

Institution Name

Request for Experience Letter

If you request for Experience certificate Letter from the company, you can contact the Human Resources Department and they issue you one. You may also contact the concerned department if they might need any other documents for your whole verification purpose.

Tips for drafting a request letter for your Experience Certificate

  1. Know whom to address. Ideally, someone in the HR department or the head of your department should be addressed.
  2. Be sincere but not overly flattering towards the organization.
  3. Be concise and brief in your letter. Do not beat around the bush.
  4. Check for grammatical or punctuation mistakes before sending them.
  5. Keep the letter formal.
  6. Avoid the use of emoticons or abbreviations in the letter.
  7. Clearly state the purpose of the letter.

Sample for Requesting for an experience certificate letter:

Internship Experience Letter

The perks of completing an internship are the Internship experience letter that states how the candidate has the potential and the skills required for the job. The internship is the greatest opportunity for an employer’s company to find possible and skilled employees, termed as interns.

This internship is mostly done by students who are still in their colleges or universities. This internship only lasts for a period and on completion of that internship, students might even get hired.

Sample for an Internship Experience Letter:

Internship Experience Letter

Work Experience Letter

Sample For Work Experience Letter:

work Experience Certificate Letter

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Experience Letter For Accountant

After the completion of the accountancy job/internship, the candidate is offered an Experience Letter for Accountant. The profession of an Accountant has many responsibilities for the financial sector.

The job of an accountant is quite in demand in the market right now. With the growing demand for accountants in the market right now, this is one of the job opportunities one can go for.

Sample for Experience Letter for Accountant:

Experience Letter For Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers need to get an Experience letter because of the various opportunities they might get. Civil Engineering is the stream where one can get more number of job opportunities. The discipline where engineers build, operate, and work on projects on building infrastructure is Civil Engineering.

Sample for Experience Letter for Civil Engineers:

Experience Letter for Teachers

The educational organization will give the teacher an Experience Letter on completion of their job. This letter will state the work tenure of the teacher and an evaluation of his or her work. A proper letter format for teachers should be maintained.

Experience Letter Format for Teachers:

Experience Letter with Salary

It’s pretty uncommon to find an Experience certificate letter with a specified salary. Ask the new company that you are joining if they need your letter with the mentioned salary too.

Sample for an Experience Letter with the Salary:

Things You Should Mention In Experience Certificate Letter

A work experience certificate letter will always help you out not only in getting new jobs but in other aspects too. The letter will be proof stating your experience that you did gain in your previous job.

This piece of the letter will state your job role in your work. If you are switching your job or even going to another country, then your letter of experience might even help you get a visa.

List of things you should write in Experience letter:

  1. The person/company is addressed to
  2. Purpose of the letter 
  3. Date of joining and leaving
  4. Any job promotion during your work tenure
  5. Your job’s role/designation
  6. Work details
  7. Date of issue of the letter 

Now, that we have learned the importance of an Experience in our work life, let us learn to write a proper letter.

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Relieving and Experience Letter

The term relieving letter is the letter given to an employee when he is going to leave the company or the organization. It is a formal letter that explains the employee that their request for resignation is accepted.

An experience letter is a letter given to the employee by the company’s employer. This letter is issued mostly when the employee is about to leave the company. This letter states the experience, work done, and any other relevant information that the employee has gained during their work.

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How to write a work experience letter?

It is divided into four sections:

An introduction: Rather than putting terms like ‘DEAR SIR/ MADAM ETC.,’ be sure to add the specified individual here.
What makes an excellent hire? Justify your position using relevant examples, including abilities, traits, and expertise.
Make sure you explain why you want to undertake an internship in your essay.
Finish on a kind note.

Experience Letter Template

Your address
Date of issuance

Subject: Work experience letter

To whom it may concern,

This is to verify that (name) worked as (position) from [Employee’s first DD/MM/YEAR] to [Employee’s final DD/MM/YEAR]. We can affirm that during his or her tenure with us, his or her contributions and devotion to the organisation and tasks were adequate. The choice of [employee’s name] to quit [name of organisation] is entirely his own, and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

Your name
Your designation
Name of your organization.

Difference between Relieving Letter and Experience Letter 

The relieving letter and the experience letter both have the same motive and almost the same format as the content. However, there is a difference between the relieving letter and a letter.

Here is the difference between an experience and a relieving letter is as follows:

Experience LetterRelieving Letter
An experience letter can be given
for other purposes like loans or
visa documents.
The letter was given to the
employees only when they are
leaving the company.
Addresses the experience, period
and position of work
States your qualities and analysis
Only for work-related
Can also be written for academic

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✅ What is written in an Experience Letter?

Ans. The following is mentioned in the Company’s Experience Letter:
1. Organization’s Letter Head
2. Date of Issue of the Letter
3. Salutation
4. Name of the Employee
5. Period of their work tenure
6. Their position in the company
7. Performance
8. Signed by the Authority

✅ How can I get an experience certificate?

Ans. Companies usually print the Experience Letter on a letterhead that is simply a template that is first approved by the concerned authorities in a company and then handed over to the employee. For employees who are leaving an organization, this document is given as a part of its formal procedures.

Still, in the case of ex-employees, the company needs to be informed of issuing a letter. While the template or the body of the letter remains the same for every employee, certain minor changes, including duties and responsibilities, can be done based on the employee’s request.

✅ How can I get an experience certificate?

Ans. The experience certificate is issued by the employer. You can request them for a certificate of experience. You can write a formal letter requesting them for a Letter of Experience.

✅ What is Work Experience Certificate?

Ans. Often termed as the ‘Service Certificate’, this letter is to certify the employee of their work done and the experiences they have gained in the company. 

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