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Master in Australia 2022 – Top colleges, Fee, Scholarships

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Often called the Great Outdoors, Australia is a charming country full of scenic landscapes. It has an extraordinary healthcare and education system. It is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world. With more than 40 universities, Australia is a goldmine of educational institutions. It offers an education that is globally recognised so students who are looking to pursue their Master’s abroad should definitely consider Australia. Australia is an incredibly welcoming country for international students because of which students get to experience the magic of the country while studying. 

If you want to start a profession career are looking for Master in Australia , this blog will present you with major top institutions that provide proper Master course

Why study in Australia?

Globally Recognised Education

Australia provides students with an excellent education with degrees that are globally recognized. Due to this, international students do not have to worry about their degrees being invalid in their home countries. 

High-Quality Education

Australian Educational Institutes are regulated by the Federal Government of the country ensuring that all universities/ institutes provide high-quality education to all students. Because of its high-quality education, graduates do not face any difficulties while looking for a job.

Work while studying

Australia allows students to work and study at the same time. International students in Australia are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week. Students can gain valuable work experience and earn some extra cash on the side while studying. 

High paying jobs

Australia has an abundance of career opportunities for everyone. It has a growing number of high-paying jobs that come with many perks. According to the Bureau of Statistics of Australia, the average full-time salary of Australians is upwards of 90,000 AUD per annum. 

Top Universities for Master in Australia 

Australia has a whopping 43 universities. These universities offer high-quality Bachelor’s, Master’s, and postgraduate certificate programs.

Let us take a look at the top universities for Master in Australia

The University of SydneyMaster of Management
The University of MelbourneMaster of Supply Chain Management
Monash UniversityMaster of Business Administration
Deakin UniversityMaster of Creative Arts
The University of AdelaideMaster of Accounting
Curtin University Master of Finance

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Fees for Master in Australia 

We have listed some popular Master in Australia programs and their fees below:

Master of Creative ArtsDeakin University22,600 AUD per annum
Master of Business LawThe University of Adelaide89,000 AUD for two years
Master of Data ScienceMonash University44,900 AUD per annum
Master of PhysiotherapyThe University of Sydney59,000 AUD per annum
Master of Information Technology The University of Melbourne37,184 AUD for two years
Master of Management (Accounting)The University of Melbourne71,373 AUD for two years

Masters in Australia Cost 

The total cost of pursuing a Master in Australia is made up of other smaller costs like cost of living, pre-arrival costs, language test costs, etc. We have listed each cost separately for your easy understanding. 

Pre-Arrival Costs

The pre-arrivals costs for a student include expenses like visa charges, supporting documents fees, etc. 

Visa – The student visa application costs 630 AUD. On the other hand, the work visa application costs start from 315 AUD. The cost of procuring supporting documents is an extra cost that students may have to bear. 

Language Proficiency Test Costs 

International students have to take Language Proficiency Tests and submit the scores to the Universities they are applying to. Each University in Australia accepts a variety of Language Proficiency Test scores like that of GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. The cost of these tests in India is mentioned below.

Cost of Living 

According to the official student resources website of Australia, the Study Australia website, the cost of living for an international student is around 21,041 AUD for a year. This includes the cost of food and beverages, the cost of public transport, and entertainment costs. Let’s take a look at the per-week expenses. 

  • Food/ Meals cost – Upwards of 160 AUD per week
  • Public Transport – Between 30 AUD80 AUD per week
  • Entertainment costs, internet, other costs – Upwards of 100 AUD per week

Accommodation cost 

The cost of accommodation varies for each region of the country. It also depends on the type of accommodation that a student chooses.

  • For Hostels and Rentals Upwards of 100 AUD per week 
  • For Boarding Schools – Between 11,000 AUD and 22,000 AUD 
  • For On-campus stay – Between 110 AUD to 280 AUD

Master in Australia Eligibility 

A student must meet a specific list of requirements to be eligible for pursuing their Masters in Australia. Generally, these requirements are mentioned on the website of the universities however we have mentioned some of the common eligibility requirements that a student has to fulfil.

  • An undergraduate/ bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised University/college. 
  • Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • GMAT/ GRE scores (some programs require it)
  • Work experience (required for some programs)

Requirements for Master in Australia 

Now that we have looked at the eligibility requirements, let’s take a look at the documents required. A student must gather the specified documents before applying to the University of their choice. For applying for Student Visa or Work Visa, a student may need to submit documents like proof of acceptance into a recognized University, proof of financial stability, proof of good health, proof of payment of tuition fees, etc.

  • Academic transcripts and certificates (From Grade 12 to Bachelor degree)
  • GMAT/GRE Test Scores – Above 650 for GMAT and above 75th percentile for GRE.
  • Language Proficiency Test Scores – IELTS (above 6/6.5), TOEFL (above 80), PTE (varies)
  • Two professional references or Two letters of recommendation
  • Proof of work experience
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume/CV

Master Courses in Australia 

Australia has a wealth of specialized Master’s Courses and programs that attract students from all not only within Australia but also outside of Australia. We have mentioned a few top master’s courses in Australia below.

  • Master of Data Science – Monash University
  • Master of Information Technology – Deakin University
  • Master of Computer ScienceThe University of Wollongong
  • Master of Justice and Criminology – RMIT University
  • Master of Business Law – The University of Adelaide

Master in Architecture Australia 

The Masters of Architecture program helps students learn the important design and other skills required to become an Architect. It allows students to get deep insights into Architecture.

  • Master of Architecture – The University of Sydney
  • Master of Architecture – RMIT University

Master in Public Health in Australia 

Because the healthcare industry is growing rapidly, it makes sense for students who want to work in this domain to pursue their Masters in Public Health. Be it admin jobs or managerial jobs in healthcare, the master’s program aids students to become better healthcare professionals.

  • Masters of Public Health – The University of Melbourne
  • Masters of Public Health – Deakin University

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Master in Physiotherapy in Australia 

Masters of Physiotherapy programs in Australia enable students to practice as professional physiotherapists after completing their program. 

  • Masters of Physiotherapy – The University of Sydney
  • Masters of Physiotherapy – University of Technology Sydney

Master in Management in Australia

Individuals with a master’s in Management are one of the top earners of Australia. And even in global settings, Management jobs are growing exponentially. Thus, the Masters of Management programs of Australia allows students to secure high-paying jobs and grow their career.

  • Masters of Management – The University of Melbourne
  • Masters of Management – The University of Sydney

Master in Finance in Australia 

The Masters of Finance program exposes students to the domain of Finance. Students can then take up jobs as financial consultants or advisors.

  • Masters of Finance – The University of Melbourne
  • Masters in Finance – The University of New South Wales

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Master in Nursing in Australia 

Masters of Nursing programs allow students to practice as registered nurses once they complete their program. This medical program is highly sought after in Australia.

  • Masters of Nursing – The University of Sydney
  • Masters of Nursing – Deakins University

Master in Engineering in Australia 

Australia has a high number of Engineering programs. Students can choose from Universities like Monash University and the University of Melbourne and choose the specialization of their choice.

  • Masters of Engineering (Various Specializations) – The University of New South Wales
  • Masters of Engineering (Various Specializations) – The University of Technology Sydney 

Master in Digital Marketing in Australia 

Digital Marketing programs in Australia help students learn the ropes of digital marketing and all the latest advancements in the field of Digital Marketing.

  • Masters of Digital Marketing – The University of Melbourne 
  • Masters of Marketing Management – The University of Canberra

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Master in Business Analytics in Australia 

The Masters in Business Analytics program helps students become good data scientists and analysts. Students learn to analyse and comprehend complex data and figures.

  • Masters of Business Analytics – Deakins University
  • Masters of Business Analytics – The University of Melbourne

Master in Project Management in Australia

The Masters of Project Management program empowers students to take on job positions like a project manager and other management roles

  • Masters of Project Management – Victoria University 
  • Masters of Project Management – The University of Sydney

Master in Psychology in Australia 

The Masters of Psychology is a two-year-long course that allows students to practice as a registered psychologists once they graduate.

  • Masters of Psychology – Deakin University
  • Masters of Clinical Psychology – The University of Sydney

Master in Social work in Australia

Students interested in social work and development of the society can pursue their Masters in Social Work.

  • Masters of Social Work – Griffith University
  • Masters of Social Work – The University of Newcastle

Master in Law Australia

The Masters of Law program of Australia is a diverse course that prepares students to take on various roles in the legal domain like a lawyer, paralegal, etc. 

  • Master of Law (One year program) – The University of Queensland
  • Master of Law (One year program) – Macquarie University

Master in Accounting Australia

Masters of Accounting programs in Australia prepare students to understand accounting and find employment in the industry as a professional accountant or for similar roles. 

  • Master of Professional Accounting – The University of Newcastle 
  • Master of Management in Accounting and Finance – The University of Melbourne 
  • Master of Management in Accounting – The University of Melbourne 

1-year Master programs in Australia

There are many one-year Master’s programs offered by Australian Universities. These master’s programs are of diverse domains giving students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and acquire knowledge.

  • Full-Time MBA program (Fast Tracked) – Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne 
  • Masters of Science Research The University of Southern Queensland 
  • Master of Science in Global Subsea Engineering – Curtin University 
  • Master of Science in Information Technology – Carnegie Mellon University 

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Master’s in Australia Scholarships

There are loads of scholarships available for students who are pursuing their Master’s in Australia. All of them have different requirements. They vary in the number of rewards they offer. Some of them are for Indian students too.

master in australia


✅ What should one do if he does not meet the academic requirements for a particular Master’s program in Australia ?

Ans: A student can take the help of Academic pathways which allows them to enrol in a course even if they do not meet certain requirements. These academic pathways may require a student to enrol in certain courses for extra credit.

✅ Can an international student work while studying? What kind of jobs can they do?

Ans: International students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week. They can work at malls, supermarkets, and other establishments.

✅ Is having insurance necessary for international students?

Ans: All international students are mandated by law to have Overseas Students Health Cover for the entire duration of their stay in Australia.

✅ Can an international student change his/her major?

Ans: Yes, changing majors is allowed for international students, however, students have to meet with a student advisor who will guide them. The visa requirements and financial condition of the student will be considered by the advisor.

✅ Is Masters in Australia free?

Ans. There are several scholarships available that will allow you to pursue a master’s degree in Australia for free. The University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships are the best accessible, and they are especially beneficial to master’s students. This award is for master’s students and lasts for two years.

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