How to Pursue an MBA in Australia for Indian Students?

They say it is futile to try and separate politics from other elements of society and they are correct. Over the past few years, there have been several changes in the political landscape of the world. The strict immigrant policies of the United States of America and Brexit are two of the most prominent ones. These two steps have added to the apprehensions of students looking to pursue an education in these two locations.

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As these apprehensions rise, they are bound to show in figures, as marked by the decrease in the number of students heading to USA/UK for education. However, this decrease has resulted in a rise in the number of students choosing other countries, the most prominent of those countries being Australia.

Australia is renowned the world over for its beautiful locations, making it a tourist favorite. However, Australia isn’t just renowned for its exotic spots, its economy is one of the most consistent and its education system is considered to be at par with UK and USA. Out of all of the courses students may choose to pursue in Australia, MBA is probably the most popular one.

There are plenty of reasons why one could choose Australia for MBA.

MBA In Australia For Indian Students

Australia is one of the leading destinations for foreign students to graduate. As for the QS list, it is one of the top five research destinations for foreign students who want to pursue an MBA abroad. Nowadays every graduate wants to seek an MBA (Master of Business Administration) to give him a lift. Pursuing it from a popular foreign destination would certainly hold one ahead of the league.

It also offers MBA practitioners a head start in their careers. However, candidates face the dilemma of the method of applying to international universities. In this post, we will notify you of the application process, the approximate cost and length of the course, and the eligibility requirements for the application of the MBA program in Australia.

Best MBA Colleges In Australia for Indian Students

Here is the list of MBA Colleges In Australia for Indian Students:

  1. University of Sydney Business School – Global Executive MBA
  2. University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBA Full MBA
  3. Melbourne University (MBS) – MBA
  4. University of New South Wales (AGSM) – MBA (Executive)
  5. University of Macquarie (MGSM) – MBA
  6. University of Sydney Business School – MBA (full time)
  7. University of Western Australia – MBA Full Time Intensive
  8. University of Curtin – MBA (Advanced)
  9. University of Monash – MBA (B6016)
  10. Sydney University of Technology – MBA
  11. Adelaide University – MBA
  12. QUT School of Business – MBA
  13. University of New South Wales (AGSM)-MBAX
  14. University of Bond – MBA

MBA Fees in Australia for Indian Students

Current year charges for the nation’s most costly (Non-Executive) MBA, offered through Melbourne Business School, have not been discharged. The University of New South Wales (Australian Graduate School of Management) MBA was up more than $6,000 to $87,820 with Macquarie University’s Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) leaving their full course cost of $80,000 unaltered from a year ago. College of Western Australia and Monash University adjusted the best five.

According to, the cost of MBA in Australia has risen by 5.6 per cent from 2017 to 2018. Therefore, always consider multiple factors that add to the cost of the project work, such as course fees, lodging, travel expenses and study. Subsequent to expanding from $44,200 in 2015 to $44,866 in 2016 and $47,500 in 2017 the normal MBA for full charge paying local understudies expanded more than $2,500 in 2018.

Read here for help on how to go about funding study abroad. There are presently just 10 MBA programs for under $40,000.

Here’s a list of best MBA colleges in Australia fee:

University Name Fee
University of Sydney Business School$97,500
University of New South Wales (AGSM)$87,820
Melbourne University (MBS)$85,470
University of New South Wales (AGSM)$84,135
Macquarie University (MGSM)$80,000
University of Sydney Business School$75,000.00
University of Western Australia$73,500
Curtin University$71,200
Monash University$65,600
University of Technology Sydney$62,784.00
University of Adelaide$60,000
QUT Business School$57,600.00
University of New South Wales (AGSM)$56,520
Bond University$56,373.00

Eligibility For MBA In Australia For Indian students

Some of the basic requirements for admission to the top Australian university/institution are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree: Applicants must have completed a Bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized university.
  • IELTS: Students need to get a good IELTS score to get an Australian visa. Students from non-native English-speaking countries need to demonstrate their English-speaking skills in order to be admitted to the university.
  • Job experience: While it is not necessary nor has at least two-three years of work experience, it certainly appears to be beneficial for candidates. Many universities offer preference to applicants with 2-3 years of work experience in their profession.
  • GMAT: Most Australian universities and colleges recognise GMAT ratings for entry to the MBA programme. A good GMAT (Graduate Management Entry Test) score is expected to join the top university to pursue an MBA. However, the average GMAT score for entry to an Australian university is 590.

Apart from this, there are very few universities in Australia that need GMAT, since they rely mainly on the candidate’s realistic (work) background. Australian institutions are requiring that applicants retain continuity in their academic history and receive high scores in all high school and bachelor degree programs. Criteria for eligibility vary from university to university.

Universities can be divided into three major groups, based on their admission requirements:

Class 1: These colleges need applicants to have a strong GMAT score, a high degree of work experience, and an IELTS score as a necessary prerequisite.
Class 2: These colleges need applicants to have either a strong GMAT score or job experience and an IELTS score.
Class 3: In this category, colleges offer admission only on the basis of student academic scores and IELTS scores.

Cost Of MBA In Australia For Indian Students

Tuition rates differ based on the subject you chose to study, the degree level, and the institution you participate in.

Training for foreign students:

Bachelor’s degrees: Between 20,000 – 45,000 AUD a year.

Master’s and PhD degrees: Between 22,000 – 50,000 AUD a year.

Average Student Cost of living in Australia:

International students living in Australia require between 1,400 and 2,500 AUD a month to cover all their living costs, including lodging, food and social events. Bear in mind that when applying for a student visa in Australia, you would need to show that you have the financial means to live and work in Australia.

Check the average budget you’ll need for some of Australia’s most popular student cities:

  • Sydney: starting at 1,900 AUD a month
  • Adelaide: beginning at 1,300 AUD per month
  • Brisbane: beginning at 1,400 AUD a month
  • Melbourne: starting at 1,500 AUD a month
  • Canberra: beginning at 1,400 AUD a month

Accommodation in Australia

Most colleges have a limited number of student dormitories with on-campus lodging. That’s so many foreign students chose to share a private home or travel with a local family (homestay).

Average prices of different accommodation options:

  • Homestay: 450 – 1,200 AUD a month
  • Student halls of residence: 440 – 1,100 AUD per month
  • Rent an apartment: 750 – 1,700 AUD a month
  • Share your rental apartment/house: 380 – 850 AUD/month

Apart from renting, the housing needs additional fees, such as:

Utilities: around 200 AUD a month
Internet: 70 – 120 AUD per month

Food Cost In Australia

Grocery stores are available in local supermarkets and typically take about 500 – 1,000 AUD each month. You can save more money by buying in the cheapest stores, such as Aldi, Coles and Woolworths.

The average cost of a meal in a cheap restaurant is 18 AUD, while a three-course lunch for two is 80 AUD. You can also select from a range of Asian, Greek and Italian restaurants to taste their unique cuisine.

Additional Charges

Books and other sample materials: between 500 and 1000 AUD a year. Health insurance: premiums start at 30 AUD a month.

Executive MBA in Australia

Executive MBA, or EMBA, is an alumni scholastic degree in business administration outlined particularly to work business professionals and senior executives. Executive MBA thinks about giving an abnormal state of attractive information and abilities inside the business segment, with a high level of specialization. The attributes of EMBA degrees incorporate adaptability, a shorter report term and a concentration towards more connected learning. Business professionals normally pursue executive investigations with the end goal to propel their business insight, higher administration positions, and also compensation increments.

Executive MBA degrees are among the most costly scholarly projects, yet are often financed by bosses. Business schools and universities offer both in-class and online courses and give different bleeding edge fixations. EMBAs incorporate investigations in back, showcasing, procedure, activities administration, human asset administration, data innovation, business enterprise and some more. Graduates get exceptionally specific information and attractive aptitudes especially esteemed by real bosses.

EMBA projects convey a thorough inclusion of business and administration themes, help bolster authority abilities, encourage organizing advancement and speak to a general transformational encounter for directors. EMBA graduates seek, after an extensive variety of cutting-edge competition, administration vocations out in the open and private associations for positions such as the head of organization divisions, senior leaders or CEOs.

The Executive MBA (EMBA) in Australia gives a great chance to professional individuals to get graduate business capabilities which are firmly adapted towards supporting their picked vocation way. The majority of the Australian EMBA projects can be finished in low maintenance mode, and this makes it ideal for fitting into a current calendar.

The Executive MBA programs are ordinarily conveyed to little classes of exceedingly gifted people who can impart to and bolster each other as a feature of an aggregate professional learning knowledge. The attention is on consolidating the coursework with the everyday working encounters of the different understudies, taking care of genuine business issues and creating skill through this.

The Australian EMBA along these lines fills in as a great reason for a future vocation in senior administration. The accentuation at each progression is to join the advantages of a professional business training with down to earth business encounter over a scope of ventures and circumstances.

An EMBA in Australia won’t just improve your current vocation, yet it can likewise help you on the way of another vocation as you begin your master professional zone and move into the positions of senior business administration.

What is the process to pursue MBA for students with work experience?

Most Australian business schools require at least a few years of work understanding. This is fundamental.

AMBA: Accredited MBA Programs: All AMBA certify MBA programs require at least three years of all-day work involvement.

What is the process to pursue MBA for students without work experience?

Some notable Australian colleges do acknowledge understudies who have lesser work experience or no work experience into their MBA programs. Truth be told, some Australian colleges even offer two renditions of the program – the ‘Executive MBA’ for hopefuls who have critical work involvement and a non-Executive MBA for different understudies.. You should discover answers for genuine business issues while working with numerous individuals from various foundations, planning plans and consulting with different partners. This is a unique path for you to get a vibe of how things happen in a real workplace. It is likewise an extraordinary lift to your resume and an angle you can feature in your future prospective employee meetings.

The confirmation necessities change from college to college. The imprints that you have anchored in your college degree will be the most essential criteria in many colleges.

A few colleges will think about a mix of components. For example, low checks in your Bachelors certificate can be offset by a decent GMAT score. The qualification criteria for the MBA program at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a decent case of this. It plainly expresses that understudies need a GPA of 2.75 OR get the required GMAT score OR have at least 4 years of work understanding.

Nonetheless, given this is a MBA program, most confirmations officers will investigate an all encompassing take a gander at your application and will consider various components – your additional curricular exercises, your mission statement, your English dialect test scores (IELTS/TOEFL scores) to give some examples.

Ensure you put in a great deal of thought and exertion into your application. It ought to mirror the most ideal rendition of you.

Many other B-schools offer MBA programs to students without work experience.

Top MBA colleges in Australia

  1. Melbourne Business School, The University of Melbourne.
  2. AGSM MBA, University of New South Wales.
  3. College of Business and Economics, Australian National University ANU
  4. La Trobe Business School, La Trobe University.
  5. Monash Business School, Monash University.
  6. UQ Business School, University of Queensland
  7. Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong.
  8. Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Macquarie University
  9. Graduate School of Business and Law, RMIT University
  10. UWA Business School, University of Western Australia

It is essential to make the right choice while choosing a B-school, here’s a guideline to help!

Jobs After MBA in Australia

While the colleges in USA and UK are well known and Singapore picking up force, understudies still stay in a befuddled states about colleges in Australia for their MBA. We go for investigating the past data to comprehend the prospects and life after a MBA from Australia.

In the first place, top universities in Australia have always ascended the positioning outlines. A portion of the B-schools in Australia like the Melbourne Business School and AGSM are uniquely high in rankings. In addition to the fact that they are recognized crosswise over nations and by the best of industry, what is imperative is to pass judgment on how the MBA scorecard charges for occupation prospects in Australia.

Give us a chance to start by understanding the pay figures. According to the QS TopMBA Jobs and Salary Trends Report 2014/15, Australia is the Top Payer. The normal remuneration for MBA Jobs in Australia remains at US$133,100 with rather attractive extra conditions tossed in. The nations other than Australia with a comparative middle pay is Switzerland and Denmark. What is critical to note, anyway is that the middle MBA compensation require not really alludes to understudies moving on from the MBA universities in Australia. A great deal of MBA moves on from Asia Pacific area likewise get takers in the landmass nation.

To finish up, Australia offers a reasonably sheltered place to put your cash in for a MBA. The schools are great, the methodology streamlined and moderately simpler. Remaining in Australia offers a fair picture and in addition the urban communities rate among the most secure and coolest understudy urban areas on the planet. What remains, in any case, is the individual exertion that you put into your MBA. In the event that you drive towards greatness, Australian Universities offer you a reasonable opportunity to discover a place for yourself and expand on a vocation.

Australia is extraordinary compared to other nation for MBA program . Top colleges of Australia offering MBA projects, for example, Melbourne business schools and AGSM are most noteworthy positioning colleges. In addition to the fact that they are recognized crosswise over nations and by the best of industry, even they are appraised best for employment prospects in Australia.

Other than these best colleges in the event that you seek after MBA from Australia even from different colleges and schools at that point likewise work prospects are high relies upon your specialization, generally speaking profile and experience . The normal pay for MBA Jobs in Australia remains at US $ 100.000 – US $ 130.000.

How to apply for jobs after MBA in Australia?

Any global understudy looking for passage or authorization to stay in Australia with the end goal of business will regularly require a work allow. This implies you have to discover a business who will support your work allow.

It is difficult to land positions in Australia after a MBA program, in the event that you are not from a best school. A vocation is much more troublesome for understudies who don’t have any work understanding before their MBA.

On the off chance that you are a global understudy, you ought to be in best 10% of your class in execution to enhance your odds of landing a position.

Various business schools have a vocation office that aides understudies and help them in discovering potential managers. Some Australian business schools additionally hold vocation fairs where understudies can connect with potential bosses.

The application process can be long and tedious; it is essential to execute it to perfection.

Various understudies imagine that they can work in South East Asia after their MBA program in Australia. Be that as it may, this isn’t commonsense. While the Australian MBA degree is substantial and perceived around the world, it is difficult to apply and land positions in a nation while you are examining and remaining in another nation.

Scholarship for MBA in Australia

Australia is the costliest goal on the planet. What’s more, in the event that you are intending to examine MBA in Australia, things could just get more troublesome, particularly in the event that you aren’t off, on the grounds that MBA as far as it matters for its is considered as a part of the most costly seminars on offer.

There are multitudes of scholarships available over the world, specially for Indian students. In any case, the best colleges in Australia have started many MBA grants in Australia that are intended to draw the best gifts in Australia and from over the world.

Here we present to you a portion of the mainstream MBA grants in Australia for outside understudies that are offered by best positioned colleges in Australia.

ANU College of Business and Economics International Graduate Scholarship:

This profoundly aggressive MBA grant for remote understudies in Australia is accessible to universal understudies looking for first-time admission to ANU College of Business and Economics postgraduate coursework program. The feature of the honor is it conceals to half educational cost charge.

An aggregate of 10 grants are on offer, one each for Latin America, Europe, Asia, South East Asia and Eurasia, while the staying five are open for worldwide understudies from over the world.

MBA (Global) Scholarship

Created by Curtin University, the MBA (Global) Future Leaders Scholarship looks to empower and bolster extraordinary understudies to think about MBA (Global) at Curtin University. The grant is saved for future understudies and is available to both local and universal understudies.

In the event that you are looking for MBA grant in Australia, the legitimacy based MBA (Global) Scholarship should be at the forefront of your thoughts. The most extreme number of grants on offer is two.

Curtin Humanitarian Fund (International Students)

This grant is offered to understudies from a displaced person like foundation and with constrained assets to self-fund higher examinations. The Fund mirrors Curtin’s commitment towards morals and social equity.

The grant is accessible to future national and global understudies in the fields of Science and Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, and Management. Being a need-based grant, every understudy will be made a decision on an individual premise while giving assets for this unique MBA grant in Australia.

BHP Billiton MBA Full Time Scholarship

The University of Western Australia offers the BHP Billiton MBA Full Time Scholarship to urge high accomplishing possibility to seek after MBA (by coursework and paper) at the college.

A remarkable thing about the grant is that it very well may be held simultaneously with different grants. It is a standout amongst the most liberal MBA grants for outside understudies in Australia, with stipends coming to up to $68,500.

UWA Business School MBA Full Time Dean’s Scholarship

This grant is another famous MBA grant in Australia for remote understudies and is offered by the University of Western Australia to understudies with exceptional scholarly qualifications. Despite the fact that the grant is available to both national and universal understudies, worldwide understudies are given first inclination.

A list of 10 best scholarships in Australia has been compiled here.

Requirements For MBA in Australia

  • Bachelor Degree: Most Australian business schools acknowledge the three-year graduation framework for passage into the MBA program. Thus, on the off chance that you have a three-year four-year college education like Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) or Bachelor of Science (BSc), this is worthy as it is viewed as comparable to an Australian Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree.
  • Work Experience: Most Australian business schools require at least a few years of work understanding. This is fundamental.
  • GMAT: GMAT is acknowledged and suggested by numerous colleges. There’s a long-standing debate on whether GMAT is more suitable and helpful for MBA as compared to CAT.  
  • TOEFL/IELTS: You have to take either the TOEFL or IELTS for admission to an MBA program in Australia. This is required for all colleges.
  • Essential: IELTS is a mandatory necessity for an Australian understudy visa for understudies from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and numerous different nations. So regardless of whether you get a confirmation without IELTS score, you won’t get an understudy visa without IELTS score.


Q. How much does the MBA thesis in Australia cost?

Ans. Australian MBA Fees Top $58,000 in 2020. The average regular MBA fees in Australia rose by about 2% from 2018 to 2019, with the average package currently costing about $58,384, up from 54,140 last year.

Q. Which MBA exam is required in Australia?

Ans. IELTS Test or TOEFL – Students must take one of the exams for entry to an MBA course in Australia. Letter of Reference – It is mandatory to send a letter of reference from the university lecturers or the authority concerned, which increases the admission process.

Q.Is Australia a safe venue for Indian students?

Ans. Australia draws most Indian students because of its wide range of courses and degrees. International students of any area can easily find their preferred program in Australia.

Q. How much will an Indian student receive in Australia?

Ans. Students with a student visa are entitled to a minimum salary of $18.23 per hour or $719.20 per 38-hour week before tax) for campus and off-campus jobs during their full-time study period.

Q. Is Australia secure for Indian students?

Ans. Australia is a safe country for Indian students. Relative to other Western developing nations, cases of abuse or offences against students are uncommon and Australia is an open community. Macquarie University boasts a diverse student body of 40,000 students from over 100 countries.

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