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List of Top Colleges for MBA in Germany without GMAT – 2024

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Tue, January 16, 2018 8:25 AM   Updated on Fri, January 12, 2024 7:00 PM   10 mins read

Germany attracts a steady volume of International Students from around the world. While world-class facilities, excellent universities and great industrial interface are amongst the many reasons that make Germany a great study abroad destination, the low or no tuition fees is another major factor.

It’s great, that you wish to start your management career soon after your graduation. Read here to know about whether work experience is necessary for MBA or not. 

Luckily for you, you have a couple of options at hand. You can either go for a Masters in Management which is a great fit for recent grades or a specialized Masters which requires less work experience and is a good fit if you are sure you want to go into a particular field, such as Marketing, Finance, and Supply chain and so on.

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Top Universities for MBA in Germany without GMAT Requirement in 2024

These are the best universities in Germany that do not require GMAT:

  1. Technical University Of Munich
  2. Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  3. University Of Kiel
  4. University Of Tubingen
  5. University Of Stuttgart
  6. Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg
  7. Akademie Würth Business School
  8. Berlin School of Economics and Law
  9. Cologne Business School (CBS)
  10. Dresden International University
Top Universities for MBA in Germany without GMAT

Technical University Of Munich

This University is amongst the best there is in Europe, having three green and technical sound campuses in Garching, Freising-Weihenstephan, and Munich. They have an Executive Education Center at the Technical University of Munich (Germany), where they specialize in three different part-time Executive MBA programs designed specifically to meet the needs of many different yet confluencing and harmonious career paths.

Be it an applicant with an engineering background or an already Bachelor’s in Management; this course will provide with all the relevant skills required to stand apart in the industry.

Course length: 2 years

Course Description

The Executive MBA in Innovation and Business Creation program amalgamates an excellent academic, managerial education along with start-up advisory, providing the applicant with an enormous opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills.

It is aimed at entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and own-venture founders who are interested in learning about management where the focus would especially be on innovation management and business model development.

Tuition Rs 25.03 Lakhs

Other + Rs 8.21 Thousand

1st-year total fees– Rs 25.24 Lakhs

Ludwig Maximilian University Munich

They specialize in Masters of Business Research (MBR) where Their post-graduate Master of Business Research (MBR) program where the emphasis is laid on high-quality research. Ph.D. students who attend the MBR program are taught on the crux of high-quality management research, along with equipping the candidate with transferable skills for a career mostly in academia.

Along with Masters in Business Administration, it also provides for the Masters of Science in Economics which is an equally lucrative course for someone eyeing for a good financial manager post, equity handler or portfolio investor in any of the BIG four firms.

Course Length: Both the courses are a two-year masters program.

Course Description

The programs are best suited for the students who wish to continue their focus on research and project-driven studies.

The Faculty of Business Administration has a high-quality programme in research and apprenticeship, focussing more on excellence rather than curriculum.

The faculty is demarcated according to their specialization into five fields, namely Accounting, Marketing and Strategy, Innovation and Leadership, Human Resources and Finance.

Tuition Rs 0.00

Other + Rs 1.07 Lakhs

1st-year total fees- Rs 1.07 Lakhs

University Of Kiel

This University provides you with a Masters in Business Administration which is a two-year programme, along with other Masters in management like Masters in Quantitative Finance as well as a Masters in Economics.

Course Length: 2 years

Course Description: The Masters in Business Administration aims at increasing critical thinking to interpret business data. The program is an amalgamation of tradition MBA curriculum along with soft skills and human side of management.

Tuition Rs 0.00

Other + Rs 98.04 Thousand

1st-year total fees- Rs 98.04 Thousand

University Of Tubingen

The university has a Masters of Science in International Business at the apex. The best thing about this university is that it doesn’t charge a single penny as tuition fees.

Course length: 2 years

Course Description: Students should eye for this university for a good career as business leaders, with a curriculum able of absorbing and skilling a batch of highly motivated bachelors, thus also providing you with a share of cultural learning.

Tuition Rs 0.00

Other + Rs 2.01 Lakhs

1st-year total fees- Rs 2.01 Lakhs

University Of Stuttgart

The modularized curriculum of Stuttgart University includes a Master’s Study Program that builds upon the Bachelor’s Program, and hence are called “consecutive,” owing to the picking up of skills and content from where a bachelor left off earlier in his/her undergraduate course. The University provides a Masters of Science in Business Administration.

Course Length: 1.5-2 years

Course Description: The academic curriculum aims at nurturing occupational employment opportunities for highly motivated individuals who can take up leadership roles either in their start-up ventures or any other highly reputed firm in their area of interest.

Tuition Rs 0.00

Other + Rs 2.20 Lakhs

1st-year total fees- Rs 2.20 Lakhs

Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg

Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg is a renowned institution in Germany. This institution is mostly preferred by the majority of students who think of pursuing MBA in Germany.

This business school focuses on Business Management studies and research. This business school as been particular on applying apply high standards.  The business school has been maintaining its reputation as for years. The atmosphere here is warm and welcoming.

Akademie Würth Business School

This business school offers its students a unique education experience. The MBA program can be completed in 13.5 months and this business school encourages its students to explore beyond their academic studies.

The course mode is in English making it more comfortable for international students. Students here a trained with every knowledge they require, both theoretical and practical, that is essential for holding a higher position in this field.

Berlin School of Economics and Law

Berlin School of Economics and Law was founded on 1 April 2009. The Berlin School of Economics and Law is a much-reputed business school in its locality that has been successfully imparting education with a view of changing and shaping the future.

This business school has a strong international relationship with universities all over the world. It has over 150 partner universities all over the world.

Cologne Business School (CBS)

Cologne Business School (CBS) is a business school where every year a large number of students apply for a degree in MBA. Cologne Business School was established in 1993 and is located in the city of Cologne.

This business school was ranked among the best Three business schools in Germany that provides master’s degree programs. Cologne Business School has over 70 partner universities worldwide. This business school is one of the favorite destinations of international students for studying MBA in Germany.

Dresden International University

Another education destination that is most commonly preferred by many students to pursue MBA is Dresden International University.  This university is a public research university. Dresden International University is quite famous as it is the largest institute of higher education in the city of Dresden. This university is well known for its academic excellence

Ranking Of Top 5 Universities for MBA in Germany without GMAT

Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg335
Akademie Würth Business School330
Berlin School of Economics and Law133
Cologne Business School236
Dresden International University151

What is the cost of MBA in Germany?

Though there is no tuition fee for bachelor programs across Public Universities in Germany since October 2014, a few universities do charge for special master’s programs and MBA is one of them.

The Universities in Germany are entitled to and charge some fees like the Semester Fees, Student Union Fees, Semester Pass, Registration & Application Fee and even Social Contribution from all its students. These fees are prevalent for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including the MBA courses with no tuition fee.

Apart from the mandatory fees mentioned above, the students are also required to show proof of funds commensurate with the cost of living in Germany – at least for the first year of studies. This rule applies to MBA candidates as well.

Advantages of studying MBA in Germany in 2024

World-class Business Schools

Germany harbors some world-class business schools. The universities in Germany are renowned worldwide. Its b-schools ranked in the top 100 Global MBA Rankings 2023. The country has made its own reputation in the field of education.

A range of Specializations and Types of MBA

This is probably the main reason why many international students prefer to go to Germany for pursuing a degree in MBA. This country offers all possible specializations such as:

  1. Marketing,
  2. HR,
  3. Finance,  
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship,
  5. Leadership,
  6. International Marketing,
  7. Global Management,
  8. International Healthcare Management,
  9. Technology Management,
  10. Entrepreneurial Management,
  11. Information Management, etc.

Affordable MBA Programs and Living Cost

When it comes to studying abroad the main issue is funding it. Many students worry about the expenses that they might have to bear while they study abroad. Tuition fee for pursuing MBA programs in Germany is comparatively lesser than USA and UK. In addition to the cheaper tuition fees, another advantage is that living cost  is also less here.

Excellent MBA Education

The business schools in Germany are renowned for their quality of education. Its university has excellent Professors and faculties. They have a perfect equation of theory with practical learning. Doing an MBA course from Germany will help students have both practical and theoretical knowledge.

Working part-time while studying

In Germany, International students are allowed to work.  Students who pursue MBA in Germany will have the freedom to work while studying which benefits them by helping them get exposure while being able to earn as well.

MBA is a course has been trending in recent times and many students want to pursue this course. There has been an increase in the number of students applying for this course in recent times.

Employers seek high qualifies candidates and having a degree in MBA will do you good. Universities in Germany have a huge reputation and is well known for its excellence in the quality of education.

Germany has may specialize in MBA courses to offer its students. Studying MBA in Germany will be a fruitful experience. Read here to know how to avoid common mistakes in B-school Application and how to avoid them.

What are your views ion MBA in Germany without GMAT? Do share in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to give your suggestions and feedback.

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