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Every year, a time arrives when you get to see lakhs of Indian students anxiously standing outside the examination centers to grab their seats for one of the most competitive entrance exams of the year, NEET

But are you aware that out of these 1.3 million aspirants, only 60,000 get through and receive the chance to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor

What happens to the rest of the students who cannot make it through just yet because of whatever reasons? 

Some drop out for a year to prepare again, while others who are smart enough to already think of a backup option are reading this article right now.

With so much competition in India, every single mark counts, and not being able to make it because of a single error can be disheartening. But what if I told you that there is a different option available for you to be able to pursue your career in the field of Medicine and Surgery, with so many advantages that will make you feel motivated immediately. Yes, the better option than dropping out for a year is to complete your MBBS education from abroad.

Why Study MBBS Abroad?

 With benefits like international exposure, better studying conditions, and lower tuition fees, the number of students flying abroad to study MBBS has been rising in recent times. Considering this option of studying abroad rather than looking for alternative options in similar fields is always so much better because you ultimately become a doctor.

The listed advantages will assure you that getting your MBBS degree from a foreign country is a very good option that needs contemplation.

Multinational Exposure

The kind of lifestyle you will experience while studying elsewhere rather than in India promises a new and updated experience. Not only will you be culturally exposed to the new country that you will go to, but you also will experience the cultures of your fellow peers. They will be flying down to your university from different nations. The personality growth you will notice in yourself cannot be achieved while living in the same place you completed your high school.

Lower Tuition Fee

It is a well-known fact that completing MBBS from India without achieving a high rank is often financially tiring. The number of available scholarships at your bay when applying for foreign universities is immense, some even offering 100% wave off from your tuition fee. On top of this, the cost of living in certain countries is comparatively low.

Developed Infrastructure

The quality of facilities in International Medical Schools and Hospitals is way more progressive than India’s infrastructures. So, you not only get practical training from some of the world’s best but also have access to the best equipment and facilities to enrich your skills with.

Joint Degree Programs

Some universities in countries like the Philippines offer courses that allow you to graduate with dual degrees in the same amount of time when your peers will complete their MBBS Degree. This makes to competitive amongst your fellow graduates and allows you to nourish your experience in two fields of your liking.

World Wide Recognition 

Having completed your MBBS from a renowned university proves your worth as a doctor in India and showcases your expertise around the globe because most universities that accept international students are MCI and WHO certified. You not only receive overwhelming recognition in India but also in countries abroad. 

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS Abroad

  1. Must have scored 50% marks in PCB subjects in 12th Board results.
  2. The minimum percentage of English should be 50%. Some counties require certifications like IELTS.
  3. Your age should range between 17 to 25 years.
  4. Must have cleared the NEET-UG Entrance Examination.

Admission Procedure to apply for MBBS abroad

Select your country of choice

Research the countries that have universities that allow MBBS students from India. You should also pay attention to details like cost of living and language requirements in your preferred countries. 

Narrow down the universities

Once you know the country, you are aiming for, list down the University options available. Make sure to look out for universities that are MCI-Approved, which means the Medical Council approves them Of India because that is the only way you will be able to practice as a doctor in India after you complete your education.

Check the eligibility criteria.

Once you have found your university of choice, check out all the application and admission guidelines, and collect all the required documents beforehand.

Look out for scholarships and grants. 

It is best to search the universities and the countries’ respective scholarships and grants available to aid you financially. Read through their application procedure and apply on time. Do not miss out on such opportunities.

Book your seat

After being accepted by any university, the final task is to book your seat and fly down to the country, complete your studies, and become a doctor. 

Popular destinations to study MBBS abroad


With over 45 MCI approved medical schools, China has been the top destination for MBBS aspirants from India who want to study abroad. With affordable tuition fees and the English medium of education, this nation has been the first choice of students before the pandemic came through.

Average Tuition Fee (for the entire program): 20-30 Lakhs (without scholarship)


Another popular destination for MBBS aspirants is the Philippines, with over 40 MCI-approved universities. With the added benefit of the medium of education being American English, the curriculum is easier to understand and comprehend. The average tuition fee is also less than Indian Medical Colleges, making it one of your top choices.

Average Tuition Fee (for the entire program): 25-40 Lakhs (without scholarship)


The country with the best Medical Colleges and world-class medical equipment, this country is the one which has universities certified and approved by all major organizations in the world, including MCI, making it a preferred destination amongst the Indian Students.

Average Tuition Fee (for the entire program): 25-38 Lakhs (without scholarship)


With nature’s bounty to its fullest and low cost of living, Nepal is one of the best options to think of. The ease of Visa approval because of shared borders makes it a popular destination for MBBS aspirants.

Average Tuition Fee (for the entire program): 30-40 Lakhs (without scholarship)


An affordable option to complete your education to become a doctor, this place has lower tuition fees, low cost of living, MCI-approved universities, world-class infrastructure, and eligibility to get admission solely based on your 12th marks. I mean, what more could get better.

Average Tuition Fee (for the entire program): 17-25 Lakhs (without scholarship)

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