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Healthcare Management Courses UK : Top universities, Admission process, Scholarships (2022)

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Healthcare Management courses in UK are high sought-after because of the quality of education and global exposure provided to students. In the United Kingdom, Healthcare management courses include a one-year course curriculum that covers public health theory and practice, epidemiology and statistics, research methodology, healthcare management, integrity, and medical aid. Indian student will have to pay between 20,000 and 45,000 Euros for pursing this course. Healthcare Management courses are offered by Top colleges in UK. An Indian student’s annual tuition expenses might range from 18 lakh to 40 lakh.

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Healthcare Management Courses UK for Indian Students!

Why should you study Health Management courses in the UK?

A diverse range of Health Care System Management has been established in the UK in a variety of domains as a result of the expansion of healthcare management in today’s world beyond health facilities. 

This would be an ideal career path for international students pursuing an MSc in Health-care Management in the UK. By 2026, it is anticipated that increased health awareness, better and more advanced medical technology, and legislative changes would result in a 20% expansion of the field of health management in the UK. 

A Master’s degree in healthcare management could provide the more seasoned and qualified professionals that the growing demand will require.

Top Universities for Healthcare Management Course in UK

Check out the top universities for Healthcare management Course in UK:

QS World Ranking 2021UniversityFees per Annum (Euro)
University of Oxford534,970
University of Cambridge745,864
University College London1025,800
The University of Edinburgh2025,000
The University of Manchester2720,500
King’s College London3127,900
The London School of Economics and Political Science4923,460
University of Bristol5821,800
University of Warwick6228,520
University of Glasgow7723,000

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Admission process for Healthcare Management Courses in UK 

The website of the university or the programme is where international students who wish to enrol in UK universities can submit their applications. UCAS portal applications are accepted by some institutions. The typical application price for institutions that offer an MS in Healthcare Management is between 50 and 90 Euros.

Eligibility criteria for Healthcare Management courses in UK

  • In order to be considered, candidates must have at least an upper second-class honours degree in a field related to their application, such as medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, pharmacy, biological sciences, statistics, geography, politics, psychology, or social science, among others.
  • Candidates with outstanding undergraduate academic standing who have also shown a commitment to public health through job, volunteerism, or research will be given preference.
  • Additionally, students who previously took a module in math or statistics as part of their undergraduate degree, at A-level, or in a comparable setting will be given preference.

Documents Required for Healthcare Management in UK

  1. Resume or CV
  2. Academic Mark Sheets 10th and 12th standard.
  3. Academic Transcripts
  4. Letter of recommendation
  5. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  6. Work Experience or Internship Letters
  7. English proficiency test scores: IELTS/TOEFL
  8. Certificates for extracurricular activities, social work, volunteer work, community service, etc. should also be included. 
  9. Updated Passport
  10. Photo
  11. Completed Application Form

Cost of Studying Healthcare Management Courses in UK

It is always good to have an idea about your estimated expenses for your education in the UK. Note that the following table provides an approximate cost of living for your Healthcare Management degree in the UK.

Pre-arrival cost 

Type of ExpenseCost (Euros)
Visa application fee348
IELTS fee180
TOEFL fee163
UCAS Application20 (for one course)
Airfare425 – 638
Health Insurance150

Post arrival cost

ParticularsAverage monthly Cost (GBP)
Mobile Phone30
Stationery Items40

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Scholarships for Healthcare Management Courses in UK 

The government and private universities also give scholarships for study in the UK. Additionally, international students can finance their education on their own through loans or by working while attending school. Working while studying is permitted for up to 20 hours per week for international students with a UK student visa.

Check out the table below for Scholarships for Healthcare Management Courses in UK :

ScholarshipsAmount Granted (euros)
Felix Scholarships100% Tuition Fee Waiver15,840 towards living cost
Rhodes Scholarship at University of OxfordCovers tuition fees, travel expenses, health insurance, accommodation
Cambridge Masters Studentship12,000/year
Gates Cambridge ScholarshipTuition Cost Covered
Warwick Chancellors International ScholarshipsTuition fees, maintenance stipend covered
Hilde Himmelweit ScholarshipThree awards 2,000
David Vowles Postgraduate Scholarship2,000
Great Scholarship11,000 for one year only
Think Big Scholarship5,000-20,000 Tuition fee rewards

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Jobs & Salary After Healthcare Management Courses in UK

The pay range for healthcare managers in the UK is 37,888 to 42,870 Euros. Studying in the UK to earn an MS in Healthcare Management degree may be the solution to the growing need for an experienced and specialised staff.

Check out the table for job after Healthcare Management Courses in UK: 

Job RolesAverage Salary (Euros)
Healthcare Administrator25,183
Healthcare Manager34,756
Healthcare Consultant33,859
Public Health Educator27,500
Health Information Management34,343
Facility Manager32,514
Nurse Manager39,496
Hospital Administrator19,632

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Is healthcare management in demand in UK?

Ans: Healthcare management is in significant demand throughout the UK, in hospitals, clinics, consulting businesses, insurance companies, and other private and public healthcare facilities. Additionally, graduates are frequently hired by public institutions like the NHS.

What can you do with a healthcare management degree UK?

Ans: You may work in human resources to provide staff training, support, and recruitment within a large medical organisation like the NHS or you could pursue a career as a clinical manager overseeing a team of medical experts to deliver patient care.

Is Hospital Management a good career?

Ans: There is a huge demand for hospital management. Hospital management pays high salaries. The average compensation for new hires is greater than 5 Lacs.

Why should I study healthcare management?

Ans: When it comes to maintaining healthcare institutions, like hospitals, operating efficiently and safely, healthcare management is crucial. The seamless and efficient operation of the medical sector is up to healthcare management. As a result, patients obtain more effective care.

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