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MBBS which is the study of medicine and health sciences has been rapidly growing over the years among the youngsters in India. Nowadays many students are applying to study MBBS abroad which is very much greater than last year. This is because the government seats in India are very limited in number. The fees of the private medical colleges in India are very high leaving the only option to study MBBS abroad for the Indian students.

Every year, a time arrives when you get to see lakhs of Indian students anxiously standing outside the examination centers to grab their seats for one of the most competitive entrance exams of the year, NEET

But are you aware that out of these 1.3 million aspirants, only 60,000 get through and receive the chance to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor

What happens to the rest of the students who cannot make it through just yet because of whatever reasons? Some drop out for a year to prepare again, while others who are smart enough to already think of a backup option are reading this article right now.

With so much competition in India, every single mark counts, and not being able to make it because of a single error can be disheartening. But what if I told you that there is a different option available for you to be able to pursue your career in the field of Medicine and Surgery, with so many advantages that will make you feel motivated immediately. Yes, the better option than dropping out for a year is to complete your MBBS education from abroad.

MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

  • According to the MCI (Medical Council of India), there are 542 total government and private colleges in India which has 79,855 seats in total. Every year 15 lakh students register for Net-UG. NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the only mandatory examination which the students have to clear get admission in the government and private medical college of India.
  • So, the total number of medical seats offered by MCI is just a fraction of the total number of candidates that give the examination of NEET UG. 
  • Hence MBBS Abroad is the only choice of students who can’t clear the exam. The advanced quality of the medical universities and the world-class faculty make studying abroad the best choice for students.
  • Studying abroad provides students an international exposure with the advantage of practicing in a foreign land which is a very good advantage of studying MBBS abroad over India.
  • The Indian students need not pay any type of additional money or donations to the universities Abroad. They should only pay the fees of the university to get admission to the top colleges of a medical university Abroad.

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Why Study MBBS Abroad?

With benefits like international exposure, better studying conditions, and lower tuition fees, the number of students flying abroad to study MBBS has been rising in recent times. Considering this option of studying abroad rather than looking for alternative options in similar fields is always so much better because you ultimately become a doctor.

The listed advantages will assure you that getting your MBBS degree from a foreign country is a very good option that needs contemplation:

Multinational Exposure

The kind of lifestyle you will experience while studying elsewhere rather than in India promises a new and updated experience. Not only will you be culturally exposed to the new country that you will go to, but you also will experience the cultures of your fellow peers. They will be flying down to your university from different nations. The personality growth you will notice in yourself cannot be achieved while living in the same place you completed your high school.

Lower Tuition Fee

It is a well-known fact that completing MBBS from India without achieving a high rank is often financially tiring. The number of available scholarships at your bay when applying for foreign universities is immense, some even offering 100% wave off from your tuition fee. On top of this, the cost of living in certain countries is comparatively low.

Developed Infrastructure

The quality of facilities in International Medical Schools and Hospitals is way more progressive than India’s infrastructures. So, you not only get practical training from some of the world’s best but also have access to the best equipment and facilities to enrich your skills with.

Joint Degree Programs

Some universities in countries like the Philippines offer courses that allow you to graduate with dual degrees in the same amount of time when your peers will complete their MBBS Degree. This makes to competitive amongst your fellow graduates and allows you to nourish your experience in two fields of your liking.

World Wide Recognition 

Having completed your MBBS from a renowned university proves your worth as a doctor in India and showcases your expertise around the globe because most universities that accept international students are MCI and WHO certified. You not only receive overwhelming recognition in India but also in countries abroad. 

How to study MBBS abroad

To study MBBS abroad an order is passed by the medical council of India from March 2019 according to which it is compulsory for all the students of India who want to study MBBS abroad to appear in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). The students who want to pursue MBBS abroad should also appear in the English Proficiency test which tests their knowledge about the English language. The candidates can give various exams depending on the requirements of the university like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, OET, etc.

After fulfilling all the eligibility requirements, the candidate can take the next step which is the application process to study MBBS abroad. The students should select the MBBS university according to their choice and then they should fill the online international student application form by which he/they can start their process of admission.

The following documents are required to be uploaded by the students which is a part of the procedure of application that can make their academic profile strong. The documents which the students have to include are:

  • Net scorecard
  • Resume
  • 10TH and 12th mark sheets
  • Medical Certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • School migration and school leaving certificate.
  • Passport size photos

Eligibility Criteria to Study MBBS Abroad

Mention below are the eligibility criteria to study MBBS in abroad

  • Must have scored 50% marks in PCB subjects in 12th Board results
    The minimum percentage of English should be 50%.Some counties require certifications like IELTS.
    Your age should range between 17 to 25 years.
    Must have cleared the NEET-UG Entrance Examination.

Admission Procedure to apply for MBBS abroad

  • Select your country of choice

Research the countries that have universities that allow MBBS students from India. You should also pay attention to details like cost of living and language requirements in your preferred countries. 

  • Narrow down the universities

Once you know the country, you are aiming for, list down the University options available. Make sure to look out for universities that are MCI-Approved, which means the Medical Council approves them Of India because that is the only way you will be able to practice as a doctor in India after you complete your education.

  • Check the eligibility criteria.

Once you have found your university of choice, check out all the application and admission guidelines, and collect all the required documents beforehand.

  • Look out for scholarships and grants. 

It is best to search the universities and the countries’ respective scholarships and grants available to aid you financially. Read through their application procedure and apply on time. Do not miss out on such opportunities.

  • Book your seat

After being accepted by any university, the final task is to book your seat and fly down to the country, complete your studies, and become a doctor. 

Most of the universities abroad usually offer 2 intakes which are spring and fall intake.

Some universities also offer summer intake:  

USAFall and Spring intakeFall intake- Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, Princeton University, Duke university 
Spring intake-Pace university, San Francisco, Rutgers University, University of Arkansas, University of Connecticut
UKFall and Spring IntakeFall intake- University of Derby, London Metropolitan University, Swansea University, Kingston University, University of Bradford 
Spring intake- Hill University, Kingston University, Ruskin University, University of Sunderland, University of Chester, 
CanadaWinter and Spring IntakeWinter intake- Centennial college, Douglas college, Lambton college, Fanshawe college, Cape Breton university
Spring intake – Capilano Canada university, Brock University, Vincent university, New York Institute of Technology Lakehead University
GermanyWinter intakeWinter intake- Free University of Berlin, Heidelberg University, Technical University of Munich, Humboldt University of Berlin, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

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Abroad MBBS Fees

The average cost for MBBS abroad is from INR 15 to 60 LPA. The admission in foreign countries for MBBS is the basis of the various entrance examinations conducted by the different countries.

The fees of MBBS abroad of the top best countries are as follows:

CountryAverage Fees (INR)

MBBS Abroad in low cost

Medical programs like MBBS abroad can be very expensive for students because it also includes the living cost of the Indian students. But many public medical schools are cheaper than private institutions to study MBBS abroad. Students can also apply to various scholarships and grants given by medical universities.
Here is the list of popular universities which provides MBBS abroad at a low cost:

UniversityCountryTuition Fee (First Year)
Jinzhou Medical UniversityChinaINR 4.1 thousand
University of Northern PhilippinesPhilippinesINR 1.4 Lakh
Lyceum Northwestern UniversityPhilippinesINR 2.5 Lakh
Nantong UniversityChinaINR 2.8 Lakh
Hebei United universityChinaINR 1.3 Lakh
Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University (Nizhgma)RussiaINR 4.6 thousand

MBBS Abroad Colleges

The top 10 medical colleges in the world with their fees and country are:

CollegeCountryTuition Fees
Harvard University USA59,800$
University Of TorontoCanada$23,090
Duke UniversityUSAINR 38.3 L
University of MelbourneAustralia120000 AUD to 222000 AUD
University of OxfordUSAINR 37.2 L
University of CambridgeUKINR 58.7 L
University of North CarolinaUSA29,954 USD
University College LondonUK9,000 GBP
University of Michigan, Ann ArborUSA$41,790

MBBS Abroad vs MBBS in India

There are more parallels than differences between obtaining MBBS in India and pursuing MBBS abroad. The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) has become a requirement for admission to all medical institutions in India and overseas. While MBBS in India takes 5.5 years to complete, including a year of clinical internship, MBBS education overseas can take up to 6 years to complete, including a year of clinical rotations (internship). Read about the Benefits and Drawbacks of MBBS Abroad.

Students who pursue their MBBS degree abroad benefit from more global exposure, access to big university campuses, enhanced laboratory access, and a lower student-to-teacher ratio. Candidates who want to study abroad can also work in the host nation and eventually settle there. All of this, and much more, is available to students studying abroad at a very low cost.

MBBS Abroad with Scholarship 

A scholarship is defined as a grant or payment made to support the student’s education. The scholarship is generally given by the college or the country. Different Scholarships and grants given by the various universities reduce the expenses of the students. Hence, they get the best education at a very low cost.

The list of different scholarships in different countries for MBBS are:

  • Scholarships in the UK for MBBS are Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship, Felix Scholarships, Chevening Scholarships, Chevening Shamdasani Foundation Scholarships.
  • Scholarships in the USA for MBBS are Fulbright -Nehru Fellowships, Tata Scholarship- Cornell university, Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships.
  • Scholarships in Canada for MBBS are Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships.
  • Scholarships in Australia are Australia Award Scholarship, Melbourne India PG-Scholarship, Australian Embassy Fully Funded Scholarships.
  • Scholarships in Germany for MBBS are Mawista Scholarship, Novus Biologicals Scholarship, QS Undergraduate Scholarship.

Abroad MBBS without Neet

Many countries like Ukraine, the USA, the Philippines, and Russia offer MBBS without Neet. With 542 total government and private colleges in India which have 79,855 seats in total, it is very hard for every student to fulfill their dream of pursuing an MBBS. Many students who don’t clear the exam can also pursue MBBS in various countries of the world. But there are many other requirements that a student has to fulfill to pursue MBBS. the various other requirements to pursue MBBS without Neet are:

  • 50% marks in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and should have English as a mandatory subject in 12th.
  • Should submit an Eligibility Certificate issued by the Medical Council of India.
  • Should submit the medical certificate at the admission time.
  • Must appear for an English proficiency test to test their knowledge in the language. Various universities and colleges have different exams required for admission like TOEFL, OET, PTE, IELTS.
  • The student should have completed the Senior Secondary Examination from a well-recognised board.

Education loan for Abroad MBBS

MBBS Abroad is not a cheap affair at all. But when a student gets a medical seat abroad, he or she has a choice to take an education loan which will make it easy for him/ her to pay the fees of the medical college. Secured education loans are given on the basis of collateral. Some of the main banks which offer loans with collateral are Punjab National Bank, Bank of Baroda, SBI, etc. The interest of a study abroad loan is decided by the basis of the Marginal Cost of Funds Based Lending Rate. The interest rate of the government bank education loans generally ranges from 8%to 10%

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With over 45 MCI approved medical schools, China has been the top destination for MBBS aspirants from India who want to study abroad. With affordable tuition fees and the English medium of education, this nation has been the first choice of students before the pandemic came through.

Average Tuition Fee : 20-30 Lakhs (without scholarship)


Another popular destination for MBBS aspirants is the Philippines, with over 40 MCI-approved universities. With the added benefit of the medium of education being American English, the curriculum is easier to understand and comprehend. The average tuition fee is also less than Indian Medical Colleges, making it one of your top choices.

Average Tuition Fee : 25-40 Lakhs (without scholarship)


The country with the best Medical Colleges and world-class medical equipment, this country is the one which has universities certified and approved by all major organizations in the world, including MCI, making it a preferred destination amongst the Indian Students.

Average Tuition Fee : 25-38 Lakhs (without scholarship)


With nature’s bounty to its fullest and low cost of living, Nepal is one of the best options to think of. The ease of Visa approval because of shared borders makes it a popular destination for MBBS aspirants.

Average Tuition Fee : 30-40 Lakhs (without scholarship)


An affordable option to complete your education to become a doctor, this place has lower tuition fees, low cost of living, MCI-approved universities, world-class infrastructure, and eligibility to get admission solely based on your 12th marks. I mean, what more could get better.

Average Tuition Fee: 17-25 Lakhs. (without scholarship)

The various top medical colleges with their eligibility and fees are given below: 

Medical CollegeEligibilityTuition Fees 
Shantou University China50 % marks in 12th (PCB) and neet qualifiedINR 4,60,000
Nanjing Medical UniversityNeet score above 60 % set y NTA and 70 % or above in 12 the (CBSE)INR 3,88,280
Amur State Medical AcademyNeeT qualified, Class 12th with PCB 3,404 USD
Altai State Medical University50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology aggregate and Neet qualified4,000 USD
Dhaka National Medical CollegeMinimum 60% in PCB and neet qualified5,000 USD
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