List of Best MBA Programs in Canada Without GMAT (Updated 2019)

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MBA also known as Masters of Business Administration deals with the management of a business organization and people associated with the business. The course is becoming very popular among students.

One thing is very common for every student who wishes to pursue MBA, that he/she wants the best programs for a great placement in the business field. Read this guide here if you are confused whether to choose a one year MBA program or a two year MBA program.

Pursuing an MBA degree abroad is a great advantage to the student. Read here for the utility of an MBA degree abroad.

Many students, want to take admission at MBA programs abroad but many things come into their mind as problems; the biggest is GMAT. You will be delighted to hear that you no more need to worry about this if you want to take admission in abroad MBA programs because there are certain MBA programs in Canada for MBA without GMAT.

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What are the Best Colleges and Universities for MBA without GMAT in Canada?

There are some institutions for MBA program without GMAT given below:

Ivey Business School

This School is known for business programs. It is situated in Ontario in Canada. This school is located at the University of Western Ontario.

How is MBA at Ivey Business School?

Ivey has the best full-time MBA program without GMAT including undergraduate Honors Business Administration (HBA), MSc, and Ph.D. programs. This school was founded in 1950 as the School of Business Administration and later in 1955, the name of the school changed as Ivey Business School.

The MBA program was founded in 1948 at this school for the first time and it allowed foreign students to take admission here.

Ivey Business School was updated as the 12th best MBA programs in 2012. It had been ranked as the top school in Canada and the best international business school outside of the US in 2015. According to Financial Times MBA, Ivey Business school was ranked 88th of the 100 business school 2016.

How to apply for MBA at Ivey Business School?

Although a GMAT Score is not a criterion, a well-detailed resume is mandatory for applying, along with a proper SOP. Ivey has some of the world’s most renowned faculties and the college itself specializes in courses like the full-time MBA along with graduation in Honors Business Administration (HBA), MSc and Ph.D. Established in the 1950s, it has been ranked high in Canada, with Financial Times MBA ranking it on the 88th spot as far as top business schools of the world are concerned (2016 rankings).

DeGroote School of Business

How is MBA at DeGroote School of Business?

This business institution was founded in 1952 and the MBA program was established in 1968, just after 16 years of starting the institution. There is a preference for experimental studies in the business field.

The MBA program is running in a different manner due to co-op and this is a full-time course of 28 month. Read here for the official site of the school.

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 Rotman School of Management

The full name of this business institution is Joseph L. Rotman School of Management. It is located at Toronto in Canada. This school was officially founded as a business institution in 1950 but it was offering undergraduate courses before 1950. It was named as Faculty of Management Studies in 1972.

How is MBA at Rotman School of Management?

Rotman has the best MBA program without GMAT for Indian students in Canada. ‘Financial Times’ ranked it 9th in the world for the best output research schedule in MBA programs in 2017.

Rotman School is running since 1901 with different names and courses. Firstly, diploma program in Commerce was focused on the study and later it got establishment in business management.

Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University

This university offers a GMAT waiver for its Finance course (Masters), whereby applicants are required to submit the required documents and transcripts post successful completion of their four-year degree. Along with this, the Masters in Administration is also a very lucrative seat that an aspirant can avail without going through the GMAT. An MBA course is around 16 months old and can be taken up by the working professionals if they apply for the weekend courses.

How to apply for MBA at Sobey School of Business?

While 12th score or GMAT is not mandatory, a GPA of 3.00 in the Bachelor’s and work experience of at least two years is strongly preferred, while those who had a three-year undergraduate degree, at least a three-year working experience is required.

Schulich School of Business

Its Executive MBA Program doesn’t require a GMAT score. However, the candidate needs to hold a class apart of academic credential, relevant working experience, and also the required compulsory transcripts.

It is a 16-20 months score, where students can gain skills in the field of interest through a rigorous selection of core areas of specialization, like the industrial sector, financial risk sector, entrepreneurial field, media and entertainment, and even the social sector management.

How is MBA at Schulich School of Business?

This institution of business administration is offering MBA admissions without GMAT for Indian students. Schulich School of Business is originally known as Faculty of Administrative Studies (FAS). The MBA program running in this institution is full time.

Wilfred Laurier University

How is MBA at Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Wilfred Laurier University?

This university offers a Part-time weekend MBA program not requiring a GMAT score, which makes it ideal for a person who doesn’t wish to leave his/her job yet go for a degree in Business Administration. However, for availing this benefit, you need to have completed your undergraduate degree in Canada.

What is the ranking of Best Colleges and Universities for MBA without GMAT in Canada in 2019?

Ivey Business School94
DeGroote School of Business255
Rotman School of Management86
Schulich School of Business3
Wilfred Laurier University885

How to do an MBA without GMAT in Canada?

These are steps to do an MBA in Canada without GMAT:

  1. Get a remarkable work experience : The first and foremost thing that an applicant should keep in mind before applying for an MBA in Canada without a valid GMAT score is to build upon a relevant work experience of at least 2 years for someone who has had a four year Bachelor’s degree, and three years for someone who completed a three year graduation. Also should be considered that the degree is completed in the recent past years and not dating back to more than a decade before applying for Masters.
  1. Providing for a CV: A CV securing all the professional details, be it a paid internship during Bachelor’s, a managerial post after graduation, or a technical role, needs to be mentioned in detail along with the work details that the applicant used to manage/was responsible for.
  1. Getting Recommendation Letters: Getting reference letters from at least 2-3 previous employers is a must to assess the potential of the candidate in a managerial position.

Eligibility to do MBA in Canada without GMAT

While most universities don’t ask specifically for a valid 12th score, some of them do ask for a good GPA from your Bachelor’s course. So, a GPA of 3.00 and above (on a scale of 4) is always a good option, and this should also be supplemented by an experience of 2 years in a managerial or technical post if the candidate has undergone a four year graduation course, or a three year experience in the relevant field if the candidate has undergone a three year graduation course.

Documents Required to do MBA in Canada without GMAT

  • Resume
  • Marksheet of 12th and Graduation
  • Letter of Recommendations from previous employers
  • Relevant Work Experience Certificate


Q. Are there universities in Canada that provide for an MBA without a GMAT score?

Answer: Yes, many reputed universities provide for an MBA program, as a weekend course or a course to go along with a professional career, where requirements may range from a good CV, relevant work experience and a good academic record starting from Graduation.

Q. What are some of the courses offered in MBA from Canada?

Following are the courses offered :

  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Operations Management
  • MBA in Social Sector Management
  • MBA in Entrepreneurial Studies
  • MBA in Human Resources
  • MBA in Engineering Management
  • MBA in Global Mining Management
  • MBA in Real Estate and Infrastructure
  • MBA in Organizational Management

Q. What are the fees that I’ll have to pay for an MBA in Canada?

The fees may range from around Rs 15.4 lacs to 22.6 lacs tuition fees along with expenses for the first year. Students should look for some scholarship programs after getting a GMAT waiver.

Q. Is it worth doing an MBA from a university in Canada?

Canada has an infrastructure for some of the world’s best affiliated and renowned private universities that seek applicants for their Master’s program from all around the world. Along with this, the strong alumni network and the infrastructure required to set up organizations thus provides new masters holder with a wide spectrum of opportunities to start their career. So doing an MBA from Masters will be both a new as well as a life-changing experience.

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