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A Master of Science is a master’s degree awarded in the field of science. The field of science is a broad spectrum. The field of science is comprised of a variety of subjects or disciplines. These disciplines include engineering, medicine, earth and physical science, mathematical disciplines and other branches of sciences.

The MS program is the standard qualification of master’s dealing with branches in the arena of science and technology. There is a huge variety of courses in Science and Technology which will be discussed later in the article.

Originally, a Master of Science degree was considered as the highest level of qualification. Now, because of the introduction of various courses at an advanced level, an MS degree is now known to be as a ‘second cycle’ degree.

This means that this degree is related to the corresponding undergraduate program and it is something which you would study before pursuing the doctorate degree. The doctorate degree is considered as the Ph.D. degree which is the higher research degree.

A Master of Science degree generally offers a curriculum of higher quality and expertise in greater excess as compared to an undergraduate degree. It equips one with the kind of expertise that lies beyond the entry level, the kind that undergraduate programs don’t generally offer.

Hence, in today’s times, it has become crucial for one to pursue an MS degree in the respective field of science in order to have a lucrative career.

Top 5 Countries to Study MS:-

  1. United States

    A few of the popular US colleges offering MS -Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    California State University
    Stanford University
    Harvard University
    Southern Illinois University
  2. United KingdomA few of the popular UK colleges offering MS -University of Glasgow
    University of Oxford
    University of Nottingham
    University of Birmingham
    University of Salford
  3. AustraliaA few of the popular Australian colleges offering MS -Queensland University of Technology
    The University of Adelaide
    Charles Darwin University
    The University of Sydney
    University of Canberra
  4. GermanyA few of the popular German colleges offering MS -Technical University of Munich
    University of Bayreuth
    Technical University of Berlin
    Dresden University of Technology
    Braunschweig University of Technology 
  5. CanadaA few of the popular Canadian colleges offering MS –Western University Canada
    University of Toronto
    University of Windsor
    University of Ottawa
    University of Alberta

Requirements for the course

There are some qualifications which need to be taken into consideration in order to apply for an MSc / Ms Degree. One needs to have pursued the relevant undergraduate program in order to be qualified for the same. If not the case, then any lower degree result can work but it shall have relevant experience. Hence, one does not necessarily need to have an undergraduate degree in order to pursue a Master of Science degree. The MSc / MS degree is a widely recognized post graduate degree across the world. Many universities offer the postgraduate program in various fields. They ideally follow a universal or general format but the admission guidelines are likely to differ. The procedure of applying for a postgraduate program is different everywhere. Apart from this, a university may not offer the same in a particular field of study that the other university does. Hence, postgraduate programs are similar everywhere across the world but they vary at certain levels. Most foreign universities require the scores of knowledge-based tests such as SATS, GRE, or tests showing proficiency in English language, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc.


The benefits that come with the pursuit of a master’s program are limitless. It is true that pursuing a master’s degree abroad invites a lot of financial burdens. The cost of the same can be huge and not everyone, in their personal capacity, can manage to pay for the tuition. Hence, there’s a reason why there are financial aids and scholarships, especially for international students. These financial aids and scholarships have proven to be a boon for a lot of students aspiring or who have already completed their post-graduate programs abroad. There are several types of grants available which can reduce the academic expenditure of a student. For example, some universities have their own grants in the form of aids and scholarships. A student is supposed to fill certain criteria in order to be eligible to avail the same. Many governments across the world have these provisions for students who can avail the aid or the financial grants. Similarly, there are private financial institutions everywhere across the world that function for the same purpose especially to empower the student community.

It goes without saying that a postgraduate degree pursued from a recognized university abroad adds immense value to the CV. The same opens a door to vast career opportunities in multinational and local companies. Many educational institutions across the world have tie-ups with renowned corporate houses and business. Some of these are fortune 500 companies. Hence, at the time of placements, the candidates are introduced to these commercially advanced global companies and are able to perceive the current market scenario. They come to know about the necessary skill set in order to sustain in the corporate world and also, the most desired skills. Hence, pursuing a master’s degree abroad becomes a platform for many constructive things. The students are exposed to an entirely new different market. Hence, there are many positive effects of the same on one’s CV. Pursuing a master’s degree abroad can introduce the student to quality internship and high ranked programs enrolling for which one can acquire the necessary skill set.

Studying abroad can help one to find out their passion. Apart from the main subjects under the postgraduate program, a student gets an opportunity to learn different things which are not essentially aligned to the curriculum. For example, one may get an option to go for political science as a secondary/ optional elective. Other such optional electives include national literature, history programs, politics, language, etc. So if one is pursuing a master’s degree in Germany, one can very easily get a chance to learn the German language, the place’s history and politics. Hence, one always gets to experience new things in a different environment. One gets to expand their horizons by studying in an environment. Studying abroad has countless benefits. A student in his own field can always branch out and try something new. Coming from a different place and background, one learns how to look at new things objectively. People who have been exposed to many things are less judgemental in nature. Communication plays an important role here. Communication can do away with all the language and cultural barriers that stand in the way of achieving new goals in a different environment. There are also personal benefits that accrue to the students pursuing the postgraduate programs abroad.

MS Abroad

There are many countries which offer the MS degree programs in a number of fields of study. They have major reputed universities that hold a significant value elsewhere in the world. USA has been the most prominent and most preferred country for pursuing MS degrees. Given the fact that the country has Silicon Valley, there is a huge scope of studying and learning for some belonging from a scientific and technical field of study. The colleges in the USA provide flexibility, quality education, internships, a huge variety of education options, funding, etc.  Colleges in the USA offers courses which fall under the category of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Students who fall under this category get a 3 year OPT period to work and recover the expenses that have been incurred for their pursuit of the postgraduate program. The chances of recovering the same are higher since the rate on investment is very high in the States.

In the case of MS in Computer Science, the best places to study at would be USA and Canada. These two places have renowned institutions offering varied courses. One is recommended to visit the websites of the colleges that offer the STEM courses and follow the guidelines accordingly. A good GRE score can help you get into good schools in these countries. OPT can be a great help while acquiring knowledge and the necessary skills in the US. Some of the best universities for computer science in the US are MIT, Stanford University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania and The University of Chicago.

Some of the best countries to study civil engineering from are places like New Zealand, Canada, USA, and the UK. Canada has some great institutions that offer high end and qualitative postgraduate courses in civil engineering with exceptional research and teaching methods. When it comes to seeking job opportunities, one shall look for jobs in the countries where the infrastructure is developing or in a transforming stage.

Coming to pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Germany is considered as the mecca for mechanical engineers. Germany has the best universities to pursue mechanical engineering from. One interesting fact about studying in Germany is that the number of Indians going to Germany is lesser than the number of Indians going to the US. Hence, there’s less competition.  When it comes to pursuing electrical engineering, Canada ranks as the best country to pursue the same at. University of Windsor in Canada is one such place that has a highly efficient electrical engineering post graduate program.

When it comes to pursuing chemical engineering abroad, Scotland, Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden are some of the best places that have widely recognized technological institutions. USA is the best country in the world to pursue MS in information technology. MIT is one of the world’s top universities in the IT sector. One can also find immense job opportunities in the US itself after completion of the MS program since the world’s biggest IT sector is in the States.

Russia is regarded as the best country to pursue an MS program in aeronautics and aerospace engineering. Russia being an immensely developed country provides numerous learning and working opportunities to the ones interested in aerospace engineering and aeronautics. Netherlands and France are considered to be the two best countries for data science programs.

The USA is again the best country for pursuing a post-graduate program in biotechnology. Hence, pursuing an MS degree abroad comes with a lot of positive effects and benefits.


Hence, the Masters of Science is a relevant course that adds depth to one’s knowledge base, as marked by its popularity the world over.

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