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Intakes in Canada : Get all the Important Details (2022)

Written by  Vishesh Chogtu

Published on Fri, April 22, 2022 11:30 AM   Updated on Thu, May 12, 2022 12:39 PM   18 mins read
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As Canada is a famous study destination, every year a large number of students want to study in Canada Universities to achieve their dreams. To provide equal opportunities for all the Students throughout the World the Universities have 3 intakes They are the Fall intake, Spring Intake and Winter Intake. These intakes in Canada are having different deadlines so that students can apply whenever it is possible. The most famous intake is Fall, all the top universities along with normal colleges offer a wide range of courses for international students. 

And in Winter intake, the maximum number of colleges offers seats to students but the specializations are limited. And the least is Spring intake. Moreover, only a few Universities offer courses like diploma courses, short-term certificate courses to students in this Intake in Canada.

To know more details about all 3 intakes like their deadlines, Universities available, Benefits and demerits of each intake in Canada read the below article.

How many Intakes in Canada?

Canada has a total of 3 intake periods for International  students applications. They are Fall Intake, Spring Intake, and Winter Intake. The Fall Intake is the most popular most preferred Intake and it starts in September. Next, is Winter which is the best alternative for Fall . And it starts in January. The least anticipated Intake in Canada is Spring Intake which is called Summer Intake in Canada. Only few courses are available in this Intake in Canada as many students prefer to take Spring Break than to study in Universities. 

Intake timeIntake durationIntake description
Fall IntakeSeptember to DecemberIt is the first intake in Canada Universities. Many Universities open applications for international students and also provide all the courses or study programs at this Intake period.
Spring IntakeMay to August It is the least preferred intake in Canada universities. And very few Universities offer courses at this Intake. Students also do not have much choice of courses at this intake in Canada.
Winter IntakeJanuary to April It Is the alternative to fall Intake in Canada. Students who lost the chance to study in Fall Intake will apply for this Intake. And many Universities are offering full courses at this intake too in Canada.

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Fall Intake in Canada

Fall Intake which is also Known as September Intake is most popular and most preferable Intake in Canada among International Students.As it is most preferable, the flow of application to Canadian Universities are very high. The fall Intake starts in September and ends in December. Students need to gather all their required documents before 3-4 months time period to apply at Universities in this Intake

The following is the list of some Universities that offer courses for students in Fall Intake in Canada :

Steps to study in Fall Intake in Canada

As the Fall intake in Canada starts in September month International students need to gather all the required documents and check the eligibility criteria and exams to be taken before the starting of Fall intake.

Follow the mentioned steps and get your seat at your desired University in Fall Intake in Canada.

  • Step 1: As the fall intake in Canada starts in September, students need to shortlist the Universities related to their desired courses from February Month(2022).
  • Step 2: Crack the required exams like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, etc that are required for your course between January to March( 2022)
  • Step 3: However, the English proficiency exams like TOEFL, IELTS, etc need to be taken by students one month before the application time for Intakes in Canada starts.
  • Step 4: Submit the application forms for the Universities you have shortlisted and upload all the documents like letters of Recommendation, Statement of Purpose, Transcripts, etc are required by them between February to March month(2022)to join in the Fall intake in Canada.
  • Step 5: Next, wait for the response from the university as it takes time to process the application forms. It may take 1 month from April to May(2022).
  • Step 6: In this one month, the universities may ask you to give an online Interview. Give the Online Interviews within the time to join the universities in  Fall intake in Canada.
  • Step 7: After receiving the Offer letter from the Universities, Choose the best University and pay the admission fee to the University as a deposit.
  • Step8: Apply for a student visa and also search for scholarships and student loans to finance your fees between May to July months (2022).
  • Step 9: Finally, after completing all the Visa processes and scholarship processes, book your flight tickets and arrive at the University one month before the intake in Canada starts July to August 2022)

Admission Timeline for Fall Intake in Canada

As previously announced, institutions in Canada have already begun taking applications for the Fall intake 2022. Understand the September admission schedule in Canada to stay on track during the application process:

August to October 2021Use this time to investigate institutions to which you want to apply and come up with at least 6-8 names.
Gather information on entrance criteria, the deadline for fall intake in Canada, and so on.
December 2021You must select and decide on the institutions to which you will apply.
Use this time to study for the standardised examinations necessary for admission..
January to March 2022Take the standardised examinations and apply to the universities that have been shortlisted.
April 2022Apply for a student visa in your native country and attend the visa interview there..
May to July 2022Attend any interviews or group discussions and wait for a decision on admission.
If approved, you must confirm your acceptance and finish the enrolment procedure. You will also be informed whether you are a candidate for any admission scholarships..
August and September 2022Examine your student visa documentation and apply for any external scholarships or student loans. Also, make arrangements for lodging in Canada and begin moving your belongings!

Spring Intake in Canada

The Spring or Summer intake is the least popular Intake in Canada among International students. Most students who want to study short-term courses, or any special degree courses choose this Intake in Canada Universities. This Intake is popular among students who have delayed their results for some specific reason. 

The following is the list of Some Universities that allow students to study in Spring Intake in Canada.

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Steps to study in Spring intake in Canada

As, like the Fall and Winter Intake in Canada, students need to check all requirements and eligibility criteria to join the University in Spring intake in Canada. As many students want to join Diploma courses or short-term Courses in this Intake in Canada, students need to check the availability of courses to join this intake in Canada Universities.

The following are the steps to follow to study in Spring Intake in Canada for International students:

  • Step1: Firstly, students need to shortlist the Universities they want to join, because very few Universities offer courses in Spring intake in Canada.
  • Step2: Attend all the required exams like PTE, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, etc as per the course requirement. ( August to September)
  • Step3: Apply for the Universities which offer your desired courses and wait for a reply. 9 October to December)
  • Step4: Moreover, Universities ask you to attend calls or interviews in the process of Application verification. ( December to January)
  • Step5: Within one month after the application verification, University gave an offer letter to join in the Spring intake in Canada.
  • Step6: Pay the admission fees as a deposit to the University to which you want to join in the Spring intake in Canada.
  • Step7: later, check for the visa process by applying for Canada Student Visa and also search for the scholarships to finance yourself. ( January to February)
  • Step8: After completing all the procedures, book your flight ticket to fly to Canada and join the University in Spring intake in Canada.

Winter Intake in Canada

The next best opportunity to apply to Canadian Universities after the fall/September Intake in Canada is Winter/ January Intake. Almost all Universities offer courses at this Intake in Canada. The application flow for this Intake in Canada is low when compared to September Intake.

The following is the list of some well-known Universities that are allowing International students for Winter intake in Canada :

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Steps to study in Winter intake in Canada

As the Winter Intake in Canada starts in January, students who are unable to join the Universities in Fall Intake in Canada have a chance to apply in this intake. To apply in this Intake in Canada, students need to gather all the documents and check the Eligibility criteria from the Universities which are offering courses in this Intake in Canada. 

The following are  the steps to study in Winter Intake in Canada for International Students.

  •  Step 1: Shortlist the Universities which are offering courses in the Winter intake in Canada.
  • Step2: Attend the exams like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, ACT, SAT, etc based on your course requirement in Canadian Universities.( July to August)
  • Step 3: Apply for the shortlisted Universities and upload the documents asked by the University Authorities. ( August to September) 
  • Step4: Wait for the response from the Universities and also give the interview if the University required it.
  • Step5: Students will receive the acceptance letters from the University to join in Winter intake in Canada within 1 month from the application period.( September  to October)
  • Step 6:After receiving the invitation letter from the University, apply for the Canada student Visa and Scholarships or student loans to join in Winter Intake in Canada.( October to November)
  • Step 7: Finally, ready to fly to the university to join in Winter Intake in Canada.

Admission Timeline for Winter Intake in Canada

The deadline for January admission in Canada can vary by institution. Keep a watch on the university’s official website to see when applications are open, since admissions are on a first come, first served basis for the January 2023 intake in Canada.

Here is the schedule for Canada’s winter intake in 2023:

January to April 2022Begin your search for institutions that offer your preferred degree, as well as information on deadlines for January 2023 admission in Canada, qualifying requirements, and scholarships available.
July to August 2022Prepare for and take entrance tests. Determine the institutions you will apply to. Submit your application for a student visa..
September to October 2022Submit admissions applications and gather all supporting documentation..
October to November 2022Wait for a decision on admittance. If you are approved, you must complete the admissions confirmation procedure and pay the enrollment fees. Apply for any available scholarships or student loans. Make housing arrangements..
December  2022 to January 2023Prepare your luggage for a trip to Canada..

Intakes in Canada: Course availability

Many students prefer to join in Fall intake in Canada as the Universities offer Wide range of Courses like MBA, Master, etc or any Undergraduate courses for international students. Later, Universities prefer Winter intake in Canada to fill their remaining seats in specific courses or offer some new courses to students. However, students who want to join in Short-duration courses or do any diploma courses appear to universities in Summer Intake in Canada.

Intake Courses
Fall intakeAll Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduate Courses in any University
Winter IntakeOnly a  limited number of Specializations either in UG or PG
Spring/Summer IntakeOnly Diploma courses. Short-term courses

Application deadline for different intakes in Canada

Deadlines for applications are based on the availability of courses, Intake period in Canada, University. Almost all the major courses are available for International students in Fall and Winter Intake in Canada. Only, MBA and some short term courses are available in Summer intake in Canada Univeristies.

The following are the Deadlines for Different Courses along with Intakes in Canada :

Different CoursesIntake periodIntake deadline
Undergraduate CoursesFall IntakeWinter IntakeDecember to MarchSeptember to November
Postgradute CoursesFall IntakeWinter IntakeDecember to marchSeptember to November
MBARound 1: Fall IntakeRound2: Winter IntakeRound 3: Summer IntakeDecember to marchSeptember to NovemberFebruary

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Pros and Cons of different Intakes 

There are 3 intakes in Canada for international students to apply to Universities, but every Intake has its own benefits and Cons based on availability, weather conditions, etc. So, students need to clearly understand all the Pros and cons of every Intake in Canada and apply for the University based on their needs.

The following table shows the benefits and Demerits of all intakes in Canada :

Intake namePros/benefitsCons/ de-merits
Fall IntakeGood Environment for studyingStudents will have enough time to apply for scholarships as there are many scholarships available at this intake in Canada
Students can apply for any courses as there is the availability of a wide range of courses in Universities.This intake has a long duration of 4-5 months to think and choose wisely among courses.
Lots of Competitions will be here during this intake in Canada.
Most international students try to apply to universities in this intake period.
Winter IntakeStudents get time to prepare their student Visa and work permit when applying for this Intake.And also, students can arrange scholarships for student funds as there is enough time to apply to Universities.The Winter in Canada is very hard to handle.Very few international students apply for this season.
Limited courses are available in Universities.
Spring/Summer intakeVery less competition for applying to the UniversityStudents have a high chance to get an offer from the UniversityOnly diploma or short-term courses are available.Few universities only offer courses at this intake in Canada.Many students prefer to take Summer break.

Intakes in Canada: Documents required 

As students want to join famous Universities for studying purposes in Canada. They need to check the intake in Canada along with the documents required by the Universities and the eligibility to apply for the university. Whatever the intake in Canada, all the Universities require some common documents from international students when they apply for the Universities.

The following are the documents required by the Universities in any Intake in Canada.

  • Students need to submit English Proficiency exams like TOEFL, PTE, IELTS, etc exams scorecards.
    Along with these, students need to submit scorecards related to GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, etc.
    Copy of Passport
  • And also, Letter of recommendations
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Academic related certificates lke Diploma certificates, School certificates, etc
  • Certificates related to Extracurricular activities.
  • And also, CV or Resumes.
  • Financial statement related documents.

Scholarship for Winter Intake 2022

Universities provide Scholarship facilities for international students in almost every intake in Canada. As,the Winter Intake in Canada is the better choice next to Fall intake most students prefer to join the Universities in this intake in Canada. 

The following are some of the Scholarships offered by the Universities for International students in Winter Intake in Canada:

Scholarship nameAmount granted
Lester B.Pearson International Scholarship program (  at University of Toronto)Full Tuition fees
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship ( Vanier CGS)$50,000 per  year
University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship $15,000 per year
Humber College International Entrance Scholarship$1500-$ 4000
University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships $18,000
Waterloo International Masters Award of Excellence$2,500 per term

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Which Intake in Canada to choose

As the Canadian Universities are taking international students in 3 different intakes. Students have confusion and doubt to choose which intake in Canada Universities. But, students can choose the best intake in Canada as per their course chosen, University preferred, availability of seats in University, Job opportunities offered for students ,etc. And every intake in Canada has its specific reasons to choose.

The following are the reasons why students should have a specific intake in Canada:

Fall Intake:

  • Most Universities offer Variety of courses in this Fall Intake in Canada.
  • The Universities have a high acceptance rate when compared with other intakes in Canada.
  •  Moreover, students who start their education in  Universities in Fall intake in Canada have an added advantage to apply for Job Opportunities as the job fairs and internships in Universities start in 2nd year.
  • During Fall intake in Canada, Universities offer most of their courses available in University for international students.

Winter Intake:

  • Like in Fall intake in Canada, in Winter Intake too, many Universities offer various courses but only 80% of courses are available for students as many of them are filled in Fall intake.
  • However, the acceptance rate of students in Winter intake in Canada is low when compared to Fall intake. But, more than compared to Spring Intake in Canada.
  • Students who choose to join Universities in Winter intake in Canada have less chances to attend the job fairs conducted in the University. Because, students are allowed to attend from their 2 nd year.
  • And also cant get best internships opportunities as they best opportunities are taken place in the Academic year starting.

Summer Intake:

  • Spring Intake or Summer Intake in Canada has less popularity among students and Universities and also only few Universities offer courses at this intake in Canada.
  • As students are interested in taking short-term courses or diploma courses they can’t attend any job fairs or internship opportunities in Universities during this intake in Canada.
  • And also the acceptance rate of students is very low as only few Universities open their application form for students.


However, when comparing all the Intake periods, Fall Intake in Canada is the best choice for students who want to enroll in their dream University and in their desired Courses with the best Job opportunities to work. But, when students choose to join Winter Intake in Canada, they will have a good amount of time to prepare themselves and their funding resources. Moreover, the Spring is famous for Diploma courses as it is a short intake in Canada.

intakes in Canada


✅ When should I apply for September intake in Canada?

Ans: As the September intake in Canada is known as Fall Intake in Canada, students can apply from August to October of the same year to join the Universities in September intake in Canada. But, Students need to check the deadlines of the Universities they want to apply to as in the September intake in Canada the competition is very high

✅ When should I apply for Spring 2022 intake in Canada?

Ans: As the Spring/Summer intake in Canada starts in May. Students who want to join the Universities need to apply for this Intake in Canada between October 2021 to February 2022. But, some colleges or universities have a deadline of October 2021 to December 2021. So, students should check the official website of the University before applying for this intake in Canada.

✅ What is the best time to apply for Winter intake in Canada?

Ans: The Winter intake in Canada is the next choice for students after the Fall intake in Canada. Students should apply to Universities from September to November. But, some universities also accept applications up to December as the deadlines for the Intakes in Canada are totally in the hands of Universities. However, the Winter intake in Canada will start in January. So, students should check the deadline period clearly before they apply for the Universities or colleges during the Winter intake in Canada.

✅ What is the most popular intake for MBA in Canada?

Ans: The popular Intake for MBA in Canada is both Fall and Winter intake in Canada. Students who want to join popular Universities to complete their MBA can choose between these 2 intakes in Canada. In the Fall intake, the Universities like the University of Toronto, York University, etc are offering MBAs for international students. And in the Winter intake in Canada, the Universities like Lakehead University, Fraser International College, etc are offering MBA courses to international students.

✅ Should I go for January intake in Canada?

Ans: If you don’t have your Exam scorecards or have a delay in the results of previous examinations. Then you can go for January Intake in Canada. And the January intake in Canada has enough  time to settle these things and apply for the University without any tension. But, students need to check the seats available for the courses in the Universities as most of them are filled in Fall intake in Canada. 

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